Fall Decorating in My Dining Room

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I’m thrilled to invite you back into my dining room for an autumn tour. I’ve done a bit of fall decorating that I want to share in hopes that it will possibly inspire you to add a seasonal touch to your space.

Fall Decorating in My Dining Room #fall #decor #decorating #diningroom #styling

Fall Decorating in My Dining Room #fall #decor #decorating #diningroom #styling

Fall Decorating in My Dining Room:

It’s been a minute since I’ve shared my dining room with you, so I thought we’d do that today. As the weather has gotten cooler and the leaves have started to change colors, I have been inspired to transition my dining room decor to something a bit more appropriate for the season. With just a few simple edits, this space is ready for fall.

In case you’re curious about sources for items in my dining room, I’ve shared a full resource list at the end of this post. There are a lot of vintage items in this space, but I’ve linked everything I could. I hope that helps!

I also wanted to mention that if you’re looking for even more fall inspiration, I’ve started a new email series where I’m sharing my secrets and tips for creating a picture-perfect fall. There are decorating ideas, my favorite recipes, a shopping list, and much more. And the best part … it’s FREE! You can sign-up HERE.

Now let’s get on with the tour!

Dining Room Fall Decorating:

Last time we toured this space, I showed you my new vintage sideboard. It was an unusual find, and it’s been a beautiful addition to my dining room. I’m especially loving the extra storage space it provides.

Fall Decorating in My Dining Room #fall #decor #decorating #diningroom #styling

Since then, I’ve added a rug to this room. I’d been hunting for the right rug and finally stumbled upon this beauty. It’s soft and cozy, the colors are beautiful, and it has a vintage look. As you might notice in the photos, it always has an interesting color shift. Depending on how the fibers lay, the colors will be more or less intense. What a neat feature. I’m enjoying it and highly recommend it.

Besides adding the rug, I simply switched up the decorations for the season.

Fall Decorating in My Dining Room #fall #decor #decorating #diningroom #styling

On the table is a new runner. I topped it with a cutting board and large platter and filled things in with napkins, a vase, and a pitcher of flowers. Fall flowers are among my favorites so they are a must in my seasonal decorating.

Fall Decorating in My Dining Room #fall #decor #decorating #diningroom #styling

Fall Decorating in My Dining Room #fall #decor #decorating #diningroom #styling

Over on the sideboard, I added a punch of color with a big arrangement of fall leaves. I found these gorgeous leaves on Etsy. They are real leaves that have been preserved to retain their shape and color. I love that they are real. I’ve been told that they should last from one year to the next.

Fall Decorating in My Dining Room #fall #decor #decorating #diningroom #styling

Fall Decorating in My Dining Room #fall #decor #decorating #diningroom #styling

Home Accessories from Friends: Laurel-Dawn Corner Studio

Around the leaves are candles, green glass jars, ceramic pumpkins, and an antique demijohn because every space needs a touch of vintage. The art prints are from Laurel-Dawn Latshaw. I love her work!

As much as I love traditional fall colors (orange, red, yellow), I like using unexpected colors, too. The dark greens and deep teals work well in the space and coordinate with my new rug.

Fall Decorating in My Dining Room #fall #decor #decorating #diningroom #styling

On the opposite side of the room are shelves above my kitchen peninsula. I gave them some seasonal love as well.

For a while now, I’ve been collecting vintage crocks, so I displayed some of my favorites there. Tucked in with them are green pumpkins, feathers, more of those preserved leaves, and my original Miss Mustard Seed artwork. These shelves are now looking pretty cute.


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Fall Decorating in My Dining Room #fall #decor #decorating #diningroom #styling

Fall Decorating in My Dining Room #fall #decor #decorating #diningroom #styling

You need to check out this trio of fall candles. I ordered all three scents and highly recommend them. I love each of the scents, but my fave is probably the Spiced Pumpkin Chai (No surprise there!).

I also shopped the new Leanne Ford dining collection at Crate & Barrel (It’s fabulous!) and picked up this black bowl. That little spout on it is the best.

Opposite that, I have a narrow oak wood cabinet where I store many of my white serving pieces.

Fall Decorating in My Dining Room #fall #decor #decorating #diningroom #styling

Fall Decorating in My Dining Room #fall #decor #decorating #diningroom #styling

They are nothing fancy but when grouped like this, they look special. To make the collection sing for the season, I added a few small orange pumpkins. Super easy and inexpensive!

Fall Decorating in My Dining Room #fall #decor #decorating #diningroom #styling

And with that, my dining room is ready for this new season. I wanted things to be simple and fresh yet festive. Did I meet my objective?

Fall Decorating in My Dining Room #fall #decor #decorating #diningroom #styling

Fall Decorating in My Dining Room #fall #decor #decorating #diningroom #styling

By the way, I am considering adding curtains to this room. What do you think?

It’s been over a year since this space got a makeover as part of my kitchen renovation, and it still feels as if something is missing. Eventually, I would like to add molding and wallpaper to this room, but in the meantime, I think curtains would be a lovely and cozy addition. Now I just need to find the right pair!

Fall Decorating in My Dining Room #fall #decor #decorating #diningroom #styling

Stay tuned for more fall decorating. I’m going to be showing you around my kitchen next. I had so much fun adding seasonal touches to my kitchen last year that I’m going to do it again this year. I may even whip up a new fall treat or two to share with you. Decorating and baking? It’s a dream come true!

Oh, and just in case you missed it, I posted about my fall family room earlier this week. You can find that HERE. It has lots more decorating ideas for fall.

Thank you so much for joining me today. Until next time!

Fall Decorating Dining Room Sources:

Paint Colors:
Wall Paint: Sherwin-Williams Snowbound SW 7004 (Emerald Interior – Satin)
Trim Color: Sherwin-Williams Extra White SW 7006 (ProClassic Semi-Gloss)

Dining Table: Vintage
Sideboard: Vintage
Chairs: At Home (no longer sold)
Tall Cabinet: Vintage

Dining Room Chandelier: Radcliffe 30″ Round Bare Bulb Chandelier (Oil-Rubbed Bronze)
Tall Lamps: HomeGoods

Fall Leaves: Preserved Oak Leaf Bunch (1/2 lbs)
Tall Teal Vase: Percy Teal Ceramic Vase
Green Glass Jars: Target (can not find online)
Teal Napkins: Helena Linen Napkin in Pacific
Small Tan Vase: Leavitt Mini Jug Vase
White Pumpkins: HomeGoods
Shelves: Trenton Shelves
Black Bowl: Range Small Serving Bowl
Fall Candles: Hand-poured Soy Candles 
Art Prints: Laurel-Dawn Latshaw
Black Frames: Thin Gallery Matted Photo Frame
Rug: Medallion Border Area Rug in Rust

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  1. Love your decor ideas/style! Thank you for sharing. Your kitchen is beautiful. It’s nice to hear your decorating is a work in progress, i too wait for the right piece, rug, curtain, etc. Happy Fall!

  2. My weekend treat is to stop by your latest post on a morning with my cup of tea in hand. I always love the coziness, color and collected look of your home. You inspire me with each new season! I do love your idea of curtains and think that would add to the coziness and color of your space. If I may make a bold suggestion, have you considered painting your dining chairs black? I think it could be the depth to the space you are after. Please forgive me for my boldness, I just feel as though we are old friends meeting for our morning tea together.

  3. The dining room looks charming and inviting! I love the look of no curtains and all the light that comes in, but I also love how curtains bring a softness to a room. You will find the perfect curtains, I’m sure! That rug and antique cabinet are gorgeous!

  4. It’s lovely! I especially like the teal & green. Thank you for sharing.

    And yes to drapes framing the windows/buffet. And maybe a potted plant/indoor tree?

  5. I LOVE how you used the teals/greens to signal fall, mixed in with just a touch of traditional autumn colors. Now I’m wondering what I have around my house I can utilize across more than one season… Thanks for the inspiration. : )

    Curtains: I really like naked windows, especially when they are trimmed out nicely like yours. But I agree – curtains would add a cozy factor to this room. I’ll be watching to see what you decide!