Coffee-Inspired Snackcuterie (Dessert Charcuterie Board)

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We’re making a Dessert Charcuterie Board today. I’m using pre-made sweets plus fresh berries to create a coffee (or tea)- inspired snackcuterie board that’s a delicious showpiece for entertaining, no matter the season or occasion.

Coffee-Inspired Snackcuterie (Dessert Charcuterie Board) #coffee #dessert #Snackcuterie #Charcuterie #desserts #pastries

Coffee-Inspired Snackcuterie: (Dessert Charcuterie Board)

Yes, my friends, there is such a thing as a snackcuterie. It’s a charcuterie board that’s loaded with snacks! What’s not to love?

I’m excited to share this delicious and beautiful snack board with you today. I created it in collaboration with my friends at HomeGoods. They featured it on their blog, and because I loved the idea and spread so much, I decided to post about it on IBC as well. I hope you enjoy it and are inspired to put a board of your own together.

Coffee-Inspired Snackcuterie (Dessert Charcuterie Board) #coffee #dessert #Snackcuterie #Charcuterie #desserts #pastries

Coffee-Inspired Snackcuterie (Dessert Charcuterie Board) #coffee #dessert #Snackcuterie #Charcuterie #desserts #pastries

You may have noticed that snack boards, charcuteries, and food platters have become popular in recent years. The reasons are many: They’re easy to put together. They offer a variety of goodies to please different palates. and the presentation can be striking.

Although charcuterie boards typically feature cheeses and meats, I decided to create a board full of sweets that can be enjoyed with coffee and tea.

NOTE:  In case you’re looking for ideas and inspiration to create a more classic meat and cheese charcuterie, I wrote a post all about that. You can find it HERE. I was thrilled with how that board turned out!

Coffee-Inspired Snackcuterie (Dessert Charcuterie Board) #coffee #dessert #Snackcuterie #Charcuterie #desserts #pastries

Want to know the best part of this snackcuterie? I purchased all of these treats in the Gourmet Food section at HomeGoods. No cooking or baking required! However, in creating your version of a Dessert Charcuterie Board, if you want to include some homemade treats, go for it! One of the best parts of a snackcuterie is that you can use the things YOU love.

Homemade Treats You Can Make for Your Charcuterie:

Since I’ve created quite a few charcuterie-style spreads when entertaining family and friends, I thought I’d use this post to share some tips and tricks that will help you in designing your board.

Coffee-Inspired Snackcuterie (Dessert Charcuterie Board) #coffee #dessert #Snackcuterie #Charcuterie #desserts #pastries

How To Create A Dessert Charcuterie Board:

1. Create the Setting

Since you’re putting together a board, you’ll want to start with a good base and small containers. I used a cutting board, which is a great base for big spreads like this. Keeping in mind what I would be serving, I then added bowls and glasses. If you don’t have a big cutting board, get creative. You can use a mirror, chalkboard, cookie sheet, or even a clean piece of slate. Just make sure that the base and containers are food safe.

I try to create an appealing set-up from the start, but I’m also flexible when I begin adding the goodies. Being willing to make changes to the arrangement, contents, and containers will give you the best results.

2. Add the Larger Elements

I find it helpful to place the largest elements first and then work around them. As you can see, I first added some of the larger cookies and treats. I spread them out in different sections of the board to keep things interesting and convenient

Coffee-Inspired Snackcuterie (Dessert Charcuterie Board) #coffee #dessert #Snackcuterie #Charcuterie #desserts #pastries

I recommend placing the big items first because it’s challenging to squeeze them in later when most of the board is covered.

3. Fill In with Different Shapes and Textures

When you’re considering the elements for your board, select items of different sizes, shapes, colors, flavors, heights, and textures. This will give your board visual variety and make it more interesting and inviting.

Coffee-Inspired Snackcuterie (Dessert Charcuterie Board) #coffee #dessert #Snackcuterie #Charcuterie #desserts #pastries

Looking around my board, you can see the array of things I selected. Like me, you probably want a nibble of each.

4. Add Freshness and Color

Since the bulk of items on my board were baked goods in shades of brown, I knew another element was needed to give the board a bit of color. That’s why I included a variety of berries. I even tucked in a few sprigs of mint for a touch of green.

Coffee-Inspired Snackcuterie (Dessert Charcuterie Board) #coffee #dessert #Snackcuterie #Charcuterie #desserts #pastries

I also think that a snack board needs a sauce, dip, or spread. (People love condiments!) For this particular board, I went with three different jams and jellies. But chocolate sauce or a cream cheese spread would have been delicious, too.

5. Fill In and Spill Over

I think the perfect finishing touch on any board is using one smaller element for “filling in and spilling over.” On this board, I scattered small almond cookies where there were “holes” and let a few of the cookies hang over the edge and onto some of the other treats.

Coffee-Inspired Snackcuterie (Dessert Charcuterie Board) #coffee #dessert #Snackcuterie #Charcuterie #desserts #pastries

This final step makes the board look full and give it lots of movement and interest. Using the same element across the entire board also helps tie everything together.

Coffee-Inspired Snackcuterie (Dessert Charcuterie Board) #coffee #dessert #Snackcuterie #Charcuterie #desserts #pastries

Dig into you Dessert Charcuterie Board!

With the addition of the almond cookies, my dessert charcuterie board was complete. I am so pleased with how it turned out! And aren’t those flowers the perfect backdrop? I picked them up at a local flower shop for my birthday. (Treat yo’ self!)

Coffee-Inspired Snackcuterie (Dessert Charcuterie Board) #coffee #dessert #Snackcuterie #Charcuterie #desserts #pastries

All that’s left to do is pour the coffee, sit back, and enjoy!

Coffee-Inspired Snackcuterie (Dessert Charcuterie Board) #coffee #dessert #Snackcuterie #Charcuterie #desserts #pastries

Coffee-Inspired Snackcuterie (Dessert Charcuterie Board) #coffee #dessert #Snackcuterie #Charcuterie #desserts #pastries

Although I used sweet snacks for my board, I hope these tips and tricks will help you create a snackcuterie that suits your specific celebration or event.

Remember to use treats you love and have fun with it! Happy entertaining.

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  1. Another great post Michael; Thank you!. We have various food allergies in our family; eggs, gluten, dairy and even vanilla! With this idea I can build a board(s) for everyone without driving myself crazy. And what fun for our family & friends to build their own customized desserts

  2. When thought goes into presentation like this, guests gravitate to explore its offerings, textures and tastes. Your board checks all the boxes and makes guests feel valued and special — and isn’t that what life’s about?!!. Love the insightful way you make things look easy and doable, Michael.

  3. Happy Birthday Michael. I love this! Never thought to do sweets like this. Will do for my next coffee get together or maybe just for me one morning. Keep up your awesome ideas


  5. What a fabulous idea! I’m going to take this idea to my birthday camping trip with our family! You must have just celebrated your birthday! Happy day!

  6. I love this! Whenever I have time, I browse the goodies on the gourmet food aisle at HomeGoods. So many interesting new things to try.
    This would be perfect for a girl’s gabfest! You have such talent for presenting food beautifully!