Bird Wallpaper | Guest Bedroom Makeover Update

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Looking for a beautiful bird wallpaper? Welcome to my guest bedroom where the walls are covered with a striking and whimsical bird wallpaper that’s certain to delight!

Bird Wallpaper Sanderson Woodland Chorus

Guest Bedroom Makeover Update

Welcome back to my home! It’s somehow been six months since I had one of my guest bedrooms wallpapered and I realized I never showed it to you. Ack! Sorry about that. (You can see ‘the before’ of this space HERE.)

Today, I’m inviting you into the space to show you my beautiful new bird wallpaper, share a few other decor finds for the space, and tell you about my future plans to get this room decorated.

woodland chorus wallpaper in bedroom
wallpaper in bedroom with chair

Sanderson Woodland Chorus Wallpaper

First, let’s start with the wallpaper. For this room, I decided on the Woodland Chorus Wallpaper in cream/multi. And when I say, “I decided on it,” I mean my Mom did the choosing! When my Mom comes to stay for a visit, this is “her” room. So, it was only natural for her to do the selecting and this is the pattern/design she chose. We both saw it on @vibekedesign via Instagram. When she suggested it, I knew it would be a winner.

Sanderson Woodland Chorus Wallpaper

Since I neither have the skill nor the patience to wallpaper a room, I hired out the task to professionals. They did an amazing job. I even had them wallpaper the closet which is just the cutest space.

wallpapered closet

Side note: Those of you with a good eye might notice that I’m missing outlet covers. Well, that’s because I want to replace the outlets and therefore, I didn’t put the covers back on. One project at a time.

Looking for more bird-themed wallpaper? Check out these:

guest bedroom decor with bunny art

Vintage Crystal Chandelier

Once the wallpaper was up, I knew I wanted a vintage crystal chandelier for the room, so my hunt began. About a month ago I found this chandelier at a somewhat local antique store and knew immediately it would be perfect for the space.

vintage crystal chandelier

The ceilings are rather low on my second floor (maybe 8ft or a little more), so I knew any chandelier was going to be a bit low. Thankfully it hangs above the bed, so I don’t think anyone will be bumping their head.

vintage crystal chandelier
wallpaper bedroom with chandelier

Original Bunny Artwork

As you might have suspected, I’m taking my time with the decor in this room. Ninety percent of what’s in this room is just pieces that I already owned. Things seem to work in the space and look pretty good, but the plan is to slowly swap things out as I find replacements.


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One thing I couldn’t pass up on was this beautiful original artwork of a bunny from one of my favorite artists, Sandi Hester. I’ve had my eye on this piece for a while and as soon as I selected this wallpaper, I knew this bunny needed to hop his way into this room.

wallpaper with bunny artwork
bunny paint by Sandi Hester

I just received the artwork about a week ago and was so thrilled with how well all of the colors matched. I think every color in this painting is somewhere in the wallpaper. It couldn’t be more perfect! I plan to get this piece framed, but for now, I think he looks quite happy just as he is.

bunny paint by Sandi Hester

Additional Details

Another little change I made was to swap out the knobs on the closet doors. I found these flower knobs and they couldn’t be more perfect. They add such a sweet little detail.

nena flower knobs
closet doors and wallpaper

I also wanted to mention here that the paint on the trim is the same as the rest of my house. It’s Sherwin-Williams Extra White (right out of the can) in a Satin finish. 

The existing chair in the room can be found HERE.

Future Plans

As I stated above, this room still has a long way to go in terms of decor. I’ve already purchased a new bed frame (this one here in white). I’ve had my eye on this for what seems like forever and can’t wait for it to arrive sometime in April.

Other things I’m looking to replace are:

  • bedside tables
  • dresser
  • bedding
  • chair
  • lamps

I think I’d also like to add a really small table/vanity under the bunny artwork. I think it’s always nice to have a desk space in a bedroom.

wallpaper bedroom with dresser
wallpaper bed and lamp

That’s a Wrap For Now

Well, I think that about sums up the little tour of my new bird wallpaper and a recap of where I stand on my guest bedroom update. Apologies again for taking so long to share the changes to this room.

Hopefully, I’ll make quicker progress with the next round of updates. I hope you enjoyed this little peek around my home.

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  1. Beautiful! Came here looking for ideas for my guest room. Wondering if you have a source for the roman shades? Having a tough time finding some woven wood/bamboo shades that I like and yours are great!

  2. Michael, I love the new paper in the guest room. The little birdies, vines and flowers are so whimsical. A perfect paper for your mom’s room.
    I understand your anxiety that comes in planning, preparing and executing for Christmas. I too experience the feeling. It can be paralyzing if we let it. I love doing everything except decorating the tree. So this year I am going to pay someone to do it for me, thus eliminating that worry.
    Best of luck with the purging and then decorating on a lighter, easier scale.
    I really enjoy your blog, especially the recipes. Many are pinned on my recipe Pinterest board.

  3. Michael I love your recipes, art, and decor. Every journey in life involves change and it takes time to figure out which direction you want to go. I am 67 and still trying to figure it out 😊 Trust your inner voice! I like that you are aware we have to much stuff and Thrifting is a great way to recycle that stuff. I look forward to all of your posts

  4. I’m going back and re-reading past posts. Such a fun way to have my coffee!! I love this room, it’s just gorgeous. And I love the gourd lamps, thought you’d found them to go with the wallpaper. What a beautiful room, I’m sure your mother loves staying there!

  5. The room is lovely and the wallpaper is very pretty. LOVE the bunny artwork! I’m curious tho, why not ‘wallpaper’ the outlets? or is that no longer done?

    1. You could certainly do that. I’m personally not a fan of wallpapered outlet covers, so that’s why I didn’t do it.

      xo Michael

  6. Love this post thank you Michael.
    I’m so happy wallpaper is at last getting popular here in the UK, reminds me of the time we were renovating a Georgian townhouse in Wales and I splashed out over £80 a roll (an awful lot of money then) for a beautiful zoffany paper for the bathroom!!! To this day my husband has no idea of the cost. Can you imagine my display whilst seated in the bathroom (you can work out where I’m sure) I discovered my decorator had hung the pattern wrong, instead of urns and tendrils repeating in a chequerboard they were neatly in columns and rows. It was the only wall of full drops too! After wiping my eyes and a few hours of popping back thinking how on Earth I could remedy the situation I decided to tackle the full bath myself as paper was only required above the panelling. It was hard work but an achievement for me.
    I love the way you share your home.

  7. This wallpaper is absolutely gorgeous. I used to have a lot of wallpaper in my house back in the late 70’s, but then it went out of style. Plus, every time my husband and I would put up wallpaper, it would almost always end up near divorce (LOL – just kidding). But it wasn’t much fun. So I think you are wise to have someone else do it.

    I am curious about the rattan-like roman shade window covering in the room. Where did you purchase it? I’ve seen some online, but your’s looks really rich.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas with us. P.S. Your mom has great taste in wallpaper.

  8. I am excited to see how you complete this room… the wallpaper is lovely. The bunny painting, chandelier and rug are great accents. And then you added a small but wonderful detail in the closet door knobs… simply perfect!

  9. Love the birdies, the wallpapered closet and the flower closet doorknobs. The lamps really pop against that wallpaper. And, of course, the bunny is sweet as can be. I’m sure mom will look forward to coming and won’t want to leave. Lovely job!