Abstract Art DIY Valentine

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Let’s turn abstract art into an adorable Valentine’s Day card. This Abstract Art DIY Valentine is fun, easy to make, and the perfect way to spread a little love this February 14th!

abstract art diy valentines

Let’s Make Homemade Valentines!

Grab some paper, paint, and scissor because we’re making some DIY Valentines! I created some fun and colorful abstract art and, with a little creativity, turned it into festive homemade valentines.

If you’re a faithful IBC follower, you might remember that back in December I did a similar project where I created abstract art to make some fabulous holiday gift tags. That little DIY project was so much fun that I was inspired to do it again, but in a new way for Valentine’s Day!

abstract art diy valentines

These DIY Valentine Cards were the result of that endeavor.

I couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out and I’m so excited to share the process with you. These cards are so simple to make and who wouldn’t like to get a homemade valentine versus store-bought? I’ll take homemade any day!

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abstract art diy valentine

And speaking of homemade cards…

Greeting Cards Beyond Valentine’s Day

I realize that Valentine’s Day is only once a year. However, another reason I love this project so much is that you can use it for any occasion or celebration.

Sometimes I find the greeting card aisle can be so disappointing. They never say the right thing and then when you do finally find the perfect card, it’s $8. Craft up a bunch of these cards and you’ll save yourself time, frustration, and money.

abstract art diy valentine

I love using these big punches. The 3″ inch size is perfect for this project. Here are a few additional punch shapes to consider for other holidays:

Yes, these punches can be expensive. If you want to save some money and you have a steady hand, just cut out your own designs with a pair of scissors. It may take a little longer, but it’s totally doable and will ease the strain on your wallet.

Okay, ready to get painting and crafty? Me too! Let’s get to it!

abstract art diy valentine

How to Make an Abstract Art DIY Valentine:

Before I share the list of supplies, I wanted to mention that the items that I used were based (other than the punches) on what I had on hand. There is no need to go out and buy all of the same things that I used. Simply use what you have as this project can work with a variety of supplies.


Additional (but not necessary) Art Supplies That I Used:


  1. Start by prepping your work surface with kraft paper. This will help to keep things clean while you create your art.
  2. Lay out a single sheet of paper or use a watercolor paper block as I did here.
  3. Begin painting!
abstract art
  1. Work in layers and continue to add paint, marks, splatters, etc. until you are happy with the look. I chose colors to match my wrapping paper. You can do the same or keep it more random.
  2. This is the part where you can let loose, have fun, and get messy. Allow the layers and paint to dry to avoid colors getting messy/muddy.
abstract art
  1. I used acyclic paint for larger marks of the different colors. Wax pastels and colored pencils were used for smaller rustic marks. I even used some Posca paint markers to add little dots.
  2. Let everything completely dry, then remove the tape.
  3. Use the large paper punch to cut out your hearts. If you don’t have a punch, you can cut things out by hand with scissors. I was able to create about 15 tags using 1 sheet of 12″ x 16″ paper.
large heart punch and paper hearts
  1. Next, you’re ready to attach the hearts to your blank greeting cards. At this point, feel free to add a little decoration to the front of your cards if you’d like. I used some paint markers (linked below) to add borders and stripes.
cards and paint markers
  1. Once your cards are the way you’d like, add three foam dots to the back of your heart. Then, press the heart onto the front of your card.
foam sticker dots on heart
foam sticker dots on heart

Project complete!

Voila! Your Abstract Art DIY Valentine is complete! All that’s left to do is write a little love note inside,… then sign, seal, deliver – I’m yours!

I am thrilled with my final product as I think the cards turned out SUPER CUTE! (And I am sure your’s will too!)

Wouldn’t these be a fun project for a Galentine’s Day party?

diy valentine heart cards
abstract art diy valentines

And remember, as I mentioned above, this idea can also work for holiday cards, all-occasion cards, birthday cards, thank you cards and so many more.

If you’re looking to have some fun and create something totally unique, I definitely recommend giving these Abstract Art DIY Valentines a try.

I hope you enjoy this creative project as much as I did. Happy painting!

abstract art diy valentine

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