Tips for Styling a Spring Coffee Bar

This post has been sponsored by Nestlé Starbucks Coffee. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Spring is almost upon us, which means it’s time to focus on bright and colorful things that energize us and delight our senses.

In today’s post, I’m so excited to show you how to style a spring coffee bar inspired by the new Limited Edition Starbucks® Blonde Sunrise Blend ground coffee.

Tips for Styling a Spring Coffee Bar #spring #coffee #starbucks #blonde #coffeebar

Tips for Styling a Spring Coffee Bar #spring #coffee #starbucks #blonde #coffeebarTips for Styling a Spring Coffee Bar #spring #coffee #starbucks #blonde #coffeebar

Whether you’re celebrating a spring holiday, hosting a shower, or simply inviting a friend over after the long winter hibernation, a coffee bar is a fun and tasty way to fill the occasion with color and conviviality.

How to Style a Spring Coffee Bar:

I’m going to walk you through four simple steps for creating a beautiful and flavorful Spring Coffee Bar. Let’s get to it!

Tips for Styling a Spring Coffee Bar #spring #coffee #starbucks #blonde #coffeebar

1. Select a Delicious Coffee

First, I started with this gold bar cart.

Next step: coffee! Since this is a coffee bar, having high-quality, great-tasting coffee is a must. I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of blonde roast coffee. It’s my morning go-to, and I usually get the blonde espresso in my lattes.

It’ll come as no surprise that I was extremely excited to see Limited Edition Starbucks® Blonde Sunrise Blend. With its bright, smooth, and subtly sweet taste, it’s ideal for spring! Since I prefer to make a full pot, I use the Ground Coffee, but the blend is also available in K-Cup® pods.

Tips for Styling a Spring Coffee Bar #spring #coffee #starbucks #blonde #coffeebar

Tips for Styling a Spring Coffee Bar #spring #coffee #starbucks #blonde #coffeebar

If you live in Pennsylvania like I do, you can buy the Limited Edition Starbucks®Blonde Sunrise Blend at your local Giant Eagle. Just look for the large cardboard display.

2. Provide Options to Customize

Although I typically take my coffee with just a splash of cream and a little sugar, I think it’s fun to provide lots of flavor options when setting up a coffee bar. Be sure to include basics such as cream, sugar, and sugar substitutes.

Tips for Styling a Spring Coffee Bar #spring #coffee #starbucks #blonde #coffeebar

Tips for Styling a Spring Coffee Bar #spring #coffee #starbucks #blonde #coffeebar

For my Spring Coffee Bar, I set out flavored syrups that I put in these cute little jars. I went for classic flavors: vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut. Depending on who you’re serving, you also may want to consider providing almond milk, honey, or agave.

3. Incorporate Sweet Treats

What’s a cup of coffee without a tasty treat or two? When I entertain, I often like to mix homemade items with store-bought ones to make things a little easier. For this particular coffee bar, I decided to make this scrumptious Cinnamon Walnut Bread.

Tips for Styling a Spring Coffee Bar #spring #coffee #starbucks #blonde #coffeebar

Tips for Styling a Spring Coffee Bar #spring #coffee #starbucks #blonde #coffeebar

To ensure there was a variety of tasty treats to choose from, I likewise offered wafer straws, chocolate covered espresso beans, stroopwafels, and espresso candies. These yummy things and many other bakery goodies can be purchased at Giant Eagle when you’re picking up your coffee. That’s what I did.

Tips for Styling a Spring Coffee Bar #spring #coffee #starbucks #blonde #coffeebar

4. Add Seasonal Flair

Once you have all of the essential ingredients, it’s time to decorate. Since is spring, flowers are a must. I created a couple quick arrangements using tulips. I thought the bright pink coral color worked beautifully here.

Tips for Styling a Spring Coffee Bar #spring #coffee #starbucks #blonde #coffeebar

Tips for Styling a Spring Coffee Bar #spring #coffee #starbucks #blonde #coffeebar

Next, I brought in coordinating napkins and a few bunnies and eggs for a sweet. whimsical touch. You could use similar things or come up with pieces that fit your own theme, celebration, or holiday.

And with that, my Spring Coffee Bar is complete! Isn’t she lovely?

Sidenote: I found this gold bar cart HERE.

Spring Coffee Bar:

Tips for Styling a Spring Coffee Bar #spring #coffee #starbucks #blonde #coffeebar

Tips for Styling a Spring Coffee Bar #spring #coffee #starbucks #blonde #coffeebar

I hope this post inspires you to create your own coffee bar this spring or refresh your existing coffee bar for the season. Savor the flavors and bask in the joy!

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  • Helen at

    Love all of your blog posts and especially the decor tips!!! Thank you for sharing your talent with us…what is the source for the picture above the cart?

  • Marco at

    I love this idea! I have something similar sitting on my kitchen worktop, the only problem is I can’t move it. This would be perfect so I could move it around my home depending on my needs.

  • Lily D. at

    Love your blog and all the beautiful ideas. Your detailed explanation and visual photo’s are perfect!
    I’ve made the pumpkin cheese balls for Thanksgiving. They turned out beautifully and were delicious.
    I’ve also made the martini in the clear Christmas balls. Love those! I have a video of the tray filled with them and actually pouring them into the glass. They were also a huge hit! And now the Spring Coffee Bar, it’s perfect dor Easter Sunday. Thanks you.

  • Lin at

    Loved your coffee bar. Can you please provide your source for the cart itself? It is just what I need to serve snacks on when I have guest.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Of course! Isn’t it great? I like it HERE for you.

      xo Michael


    Love your coffee bar with all of my favorites. Definitely says…good morning, Sunshine!!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Awww! Thank you! Mission accomplished! Have a great day, Shirley!

      xo Michael

  • Mary-Lee at

    Michael, I LOVE your blog…you and I share similar tastes with decorating and food. I made your sundried pasta salad and wow is it great! Keep doing what you do and I’ll be waiting excitedly for your posts!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      I love hearing this Mary-Lee! Thank you so much! <3

      xo Michael

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