New Vintage Finds from my Antiquing Adventures

I’m excited to share some new vintage finds from my antiquing adventures. See what I found and how I used these treasures in my home!

If you regularly follow Inspired by Charm, you might know that one of my favorite hobbies is visiting antique stores to hunt for vintage finds to use in decorating my home. In addition to enjoying “the hunt,” I also love to share my latest finds with you. I do this for several reasons:

  1. It’s always fun to see what treasures other people are finding.
  2. I hope my finds inspire you to add vintage decor to your home.
  3. I want to share ideas and inspiration on what you can look for on your antiquing adventures.

Over the past month or so, I’ve been hitting up all of my favorite local antique stores. (If you’re in, near, or visiting the Pittsburgh area, I’ve shared a full list of my favorite places HERE.) I usually get the urge to antique and thrift whenever a new season is on the horizon. Typically, I’m able to find some beautiful, new-to-me items to switch up my decor.

With that said, I thought it would be fun to put together a blog post sharing some of my latest finds and show you how I incorporated them into my decor. I’ve actually found lots of new treasures so I may even need to make this post a two-parter!

New Vintage Finds from my Antiquing Adventures

1. Staircase Gallery Wall Art
As you might have noticed when I shared my entryway decor at Christmas, I’ve started to assemble a little gallery wall going up the wall next to my staircase. I had been picking up vintage art pieces whenever I found something I liked, but I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. Then, inspiration struck and I decided to do this fun gallery wall going up my stairs.

Starting A Home Decor Collection #homedecor #collection #collecting #vintagecollection #vintage finds #decorating

While I’m not limiting myself to strictly vintage pieces, that happens to be where I’ve been finding much of the artwork. If you look around, you can often find great prices on vintage artwork. And with a variety of styles available, you’re certain to find something to match your esthetic.

New Vintage Finds from my Antiquing Adventures #vintagefind #antiques #decorating #decor #antiquedecor #vintage #antiquing

New Vintage Finds from my Antiquing Adventures #vintagefind #antiques #decorating #decor #antiquedecor #vintage #antiquing

I have yet to hang all of my new pieces as I like to have a grouping of 5-6 pieces before adding more to my gallery wall. Some of my new finds include these framed beagle prize ribbons and this stunning watercolor.

2. Vintage Salvage Pieces
I’ve always had a love for salvage architectural pieces. I recently found three different pieces I really like. I hung one piece in my office, another in my entryway, and the third in my kitchen.

New Vintage Finds from my Antiquing Adventures #vintagefind #antiques #decorating #decor #antiquedecor #vintage #antiquingNew Vintage Finds from my Antiquing Adventures #vintagefind #antiques #decorating #decor #antiquedecor #vintage #antiquing

I hung the first two pieces above existing artwork. Before adding these salvaged pieces, the art felt a little lost and lonely. These extra pieces were the perfect finishing touch and they helped to better fill the spaces.

New Vintage Finds from my Antiquing Adventures #vintagefind #antiques #decorating #decor #antiquedecor #vintage #antiquing]New Vintage Finds from my Antiquing Adventures #vintagefind #antiques #decorating #decor #antiquedecor #vintage #antiquing

The third piece I hung in my kitchen. I have a corner in my kitchen where there are four different openings/doors so there are a couple of very small wall spaces. This piece fit perfectly between the opening to my family room and butler’s pantry.

New Vintage Finds from my Antiquing Adventures #vintagefind #antiques #decorating #decor #antiquedecor #vintage #antiquing

New Vintage Finds from my Antiquing Adventures #vintagefind #antiques #decorating #decor #antiquedecor #vintage #antiquing

The color of the piece is very similar to the wall and trim so I may eventually paint it, but even as it is, I think it adds a little something special to this space.

3. Brass Snail & Brass Bunny
For years now I’ve had a minor obsession with anything brass. While my obsession has mellowed out slightly, there are still pieces I just can’t resist, especially small brass animals.

New Vintage Finds from my Antiquing Adventures #vintagefind #antiques #decorating #decor #antiquedecor #vintage #antiquing

As you might have seen in some of my other recent posts, I have assembled a little brass animal collection on my living room bookcases. I even put a few of them under some glass cloches to make them feel extra special. The new additions to my little collection are a brass snail and an additional brass bunny. I’m especially fond of the snail.

New Vintage Finds from my Antiquing Adventures #vintagefind #antiques #decorating #decor #antiquedecor #vintage #antiquing

Starting A Home Decor Collection #homedecor #collection #collecting #vintagecollection #vintage finds #decorating

Want to start your own collection?

Speaking of collections, if you have any interest in starting your own home decor collection or want to read more about mine, I started a new series here on IBC that is all about collections. You can find the start of that series HERE. And be sure to sign-up for the Inspired by Charm Mailing List so you don’t miss future posts in the series.

4. Bunny Salt & Pepper
I’ve also expanded another one of my collections. In my butler’s pantry, I have a little spot reserved for seasonal salt and pepper shakers. If you’ve been following along for the past couple of years you may remember seeing a few of my seasonal salt and pepper shakers including some vintage football players (my personal favorite), a pair of birds, Mr. & Mrs. Claus, and a set of winter pine trees.

New Vintage Finds from my Antiquing Adventures #vintagefind #antiques #decorating #decor #antiquedecor #vintage #antiquing

I didn’t have a set for spring, so when I saw this bunny pair I knew they would be perfect. I love their look and the colors work wonderfully in this space.

New Vintage Finds from my Antiquing Adventures #vintagefind #antiques #decorating #decor #antiquedecor #vintage #antiquing

5. Secretary Desk and Stool
One of my biggest purchases was this secretary desk and stool. I’ve been hunting for a secretary desk for over a year now and when I saw this one pop up on Facebook Marketplace I knew I had found a winner.

New Vintage Finds from my Antiquing Adventures #vintagefind #antiques #decorating #decor #antiquedecor #vintage #antiquing

It’s pretty old and much of it is assembled with tongue and groove and wooden pegs. In general, it’s perfect, but I’m not the biggest fan of its color and sheen. It’s a bit too orange and shiny. I think that when the weather starts to warm up, I’m going to try and refinish this piece to give it a look that better suits my home and style.

New Vintage Finds from my Antiquing Adventures #vintagefind #antiques #decorating #decor #antiquedecor #vintage #antiquing

New Vintage Finds from my Antiquing Adventures #vintagefind #antiques #decorating #decor #antiquedecor #vintage #antiquing

The desk didn’t come with a stool. I happened upon the stool about a month later. It suits the desk well. In fact, the color and finish of the stool are what I’m hoping to achieve on the desk.

6. Glass Rolling Pin
And finally, I added another rolling pin to my glass rolling pin collection. My grandma had a glass rolling pin (which my mom has now) and I always admired it. This particular style is pretty hard to find. A couple of years ago, my mom found one for me and the collection has been growing ever since. In addition to some wood rolling pins that I’ve collected, I now have three of these glass rolling pins.

New Vintage Finds from my Antiquing Adventures #vintagefind #antiques #decorating #decor #antiquedecor #vintage #antiquing

New Vintage Finds from my Antiquing Adventures #vintagefind #antiques #decorating #decor #antiquedecor #vintage #antiquing

One of the glass rolling pins is displayed with my rolling pin collection, another sits on the counter in my butler’s pantry, and my newest addition came with some cording so I hung it on a rack in my kitchen. The wood tones of the rack match the rolling pin perfectly. It was meant to be!

New Vintage Finds from my Antiquing Adventures #vintagefind #antiques #decorating #decor #antiquedecor #vintage #antiquing

Starting A Home Decor Collection #homedecor #collection #collecting #vintagecollection #vintage finds #decorating

That’s a Wrap: My Latest Vintage Finds

I think I will wrap up this post for now, but there are more vintage finds to come so stay tuned for more. Don’t want to wait? Then join me on Instagram at @inspiredbycharm where I’m often sharing my antiquing adventures and vintage hauls as well. You’ll get a sneak peek at my finds and a behind-the-scenes look at my antiquing hunting process. It’s a fun time!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my new treasures and how I’ve displayed them in my space.

See you again soon!

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  • DeeDee at

    What is the plant on the shelf with the brass bunnies, under the domes? I love it, and would love to purchase one like it

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      It’s actually faux. It was from Pottery Barn a few years ago. I’m not sure if they still sell it.

      xo Michael

      • DeeDee Clark at

        Thank you!

  • lynne at

    you have just the greatest taste in vintage finds!!! if you ever want to sell the recent architectural finds, please email me…. they are beautiful….. and the beagle award ribbons are exactly the type of items i love picking up…. whimsical… and no one else has them!!!!!!!

  • Kathy at

    Hi, I have never seen a glass rolling pin. Thanks for sharing the pictures of them. I have several of my grandmothers antique kitchen tools including wooden rolling pins but not a glass rolling pin. Now, I am really intrigued and will keep an eye out when I visit my local antique shops.

  • Ashley Fears at

    I’ve never seen glass rolling pins…how special are those!?! Now I’m going to be on the hunt for my own 😁 Love your other finds as well! I’m partial to the brass animals since I collect them too. Thanks for sharing,


  • beverly e at

    Great finds! Where did you get the large black and white art piece on the wall behind the secretary? I don’t remember seeing it before.


    Thanks for sharing your finds! I always admire the little brass & seasonal touches on your shelves and marvel at what your storage organization must look like. Before we downsized, I had a substantial number of bins, labled by season; it was such a joy to pull them out and swap out decor every few years. When we downsized, the number of bins was also reduced, but I kept my most treasured items and still feel the excitement each season when I get to “play” with a fresh look. Your post has motivated me to get out to the flea markets again in search of new treasures.

  • Donna at

    The glass rolling pins are very unique. I’ve never seen anything like that in any of the flea markets/antique stores that I’ve been to here in the Midwest. Very cool!

  • Shawn at

    Love all these little collections of yours. Perfect styling, as always, Michael. I do miss you taking us along on your vintage shopping excursions, and hope you can get back to that soon.

  • Muriel at

    You always find the BEST stuff! Love when you share your treasures!

  • Jackie at

    Love the photos! Lots of inspiration 🙂

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thank you, Jackie!

      xo Michael

  • LAURA at


    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Happy to have you, Laura. Thanks!!

      xo Michael

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