My New GAF Roof

Thank you to GAF for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are honest & completely my own.

You know you’re an adult when you get crazy excited about a roof replacement. Today I’m sharing all the details about my new GAF roof  from start to finish.

My New GAF Roof with Timberline Ultra HD Charcoal Shingles #newroof #shingles

When I purchased my new home earlier this year, getting a new roof was high on my priority list. According to the previous homeowner, the roof was over 25 years old. While I might have been able to get another year or two more out of it, it was definitely showing its age. Several areas of the roof were growing a “little moss garden,” and I was told that one corner of the roof leaked from this past winter when snow built up. Obviously, these are things you do not want in a roof.

GAF Roofing:

To complete this rather large project, I partnered with GAF and Lowe’s Home Improvement. Like me, you might not know much about roofing. After some research, I discovered that GAF is the leading roofing manufacturer in North America. I was also pleased to learn that they have products designed to help with my roof’s problem areas.

My New GAF Roof with Timberline Ultra HD Charcoal Shingles #newroof #shingles

I was excited to work with Lowes again. As you may know, I have worked with them on craft projects. I also collaborated with them on the decoration of the living room of one of my readers, so I knew my roof would be in good hands.

To get the process started, a Lowe’s Professional Service Exterior (PSE) associate came by for an in-home consultation. If you’re looking for a new roof, you can visit or call your local Lowe’s Home Improvement Store to set-up an in-home consultation, or schedule an appointment right on their website. The Lowes PSE person walked me through the process, from ordering to installation and educated me on the quality, durability, styles, and colors of GAF products.

When I was a teenager, I helped my dad install two roofs. Although I was mostly on clean-up duty, I saw the installation process from start to finish and learned how much time it takes and all the details that go into a good roofing job. Needless to say, I was happy to have someone else take on the replacement of my roof.

GAF Timberline Ultra HD® Shingles:

My New GAF Roof with Timberline Ultra HD® Charcoal Shingles #newroof #shingles

During the in-home consultation, I decided that the GAF Timberline Ultra HD® shingles in charcoal would be the best option for my roof.

I knew that I wanted a black or charcoal color. I thought it would work well with my home’s white exterior. I also really like the ultra-dimensional wood-shake look these shingles provide.

As my PSE explained, this particular shingle would also be a good choice to help with the moss and algae issue I had with my existing roof since they have StainGuard Plus™ Time-Release Technology. This technology uses specially engineered capsules to release copper over time for long-lasting, algae-fighting power. In other words, no more moss on my roof!

My New GAF Roof with Timberline Ultra HD Charcoal Shingles #newroof #shingles

One of my other concerns was that there was an electric ventilation fan in my attic. This fan kicked on anytime it got too hot in the space. I loved that it kept the attic cooler, but it was rather noisy, so I was hoping to find a solution for it.

The PSE suggested that I use the Cobra® Snow Country Advanced™ ridge vent. By installing this on the peak (or ridge) of the roof, I would be able to completely eliminate the electric exhaust fan and my attic would be properly ventilated and stay cooler. No more noisy attic fan.

To help with my leak issue from the snow, it was also recommended that I use GAF WeatherWatch®. This is the first protective layer that goes down over the plywood. WeatherWatch® is designed to keep water and ice out of vulnerable areas of the roof.

My New GAF Roof with Timberline Ultra HD Charcoal Shingles #newroof #shingles

Once all of these decisions were made, all the products for my new roof were ordered, and the installation date was scheduled.

The installation went wonderfully. In fact, the local construction company that did the work had 95% of the project completed in one day. They worked from dawn to dusk. I was very impressed.

My New GAF Roof with Timberline Ultra HD Charcoal Shingles #newroof #shingles
My New GAF Roof with Timberline Ultra HD Charcoal Shingles #newroof #shingles

The old shingles came off first. I believe there was just one area of the roof that needed the plywood replaced before they could get started laying down the new roofing system.

Before the new Timberline Ultra HD® shingles went on, they also added a layer of FeltBuster® to the roof. This is a polypropylene roofing underlayment that helps to prevent rain from infiltrating under the roof’s shingles (especially when it’s very windy). As you can see in the photo, the FeltBuster® was added on top the Weather Watch®.

My New GAF Roof with Timberline Ultra HD Charcoal Shingles #newroof #shingles

After that, a layer of starter shingles was installed and then the roof was ready for shingles!

After careful planning and lots of hard work by the construction crew, my new roof is complete!

Here’s a look at the before …

My New GAF Roof with Timberline Ultra HD Charcoal Shingles #newroof #shingles

My New GAF Roof with Timberline Ultra HD Charcoal Shingles #newroof #shingles

and the after!

My New GAF Roof with Timberline Ultra HD Charcoal Shingles #newroof #shingles

My New GAF Roof with Timberline Ultra HD Charcoal Shingles #newroof #shingles

I always love seeing a house get a new roof. Since I went with a similar color, the change isn’t overly dramatic. However, it certainly freshened up the look of my home. I also love the look of the Timberline Ultra HD® architectural shingles compared with traditional three-tab shingle. The former adds a lot of interest and texture.

My New GAF Roof with Timberline Ultra HD Charcoal Shingles #newroof #shingles

My New GAF Roof with Timberline Ultra HD Charcoal Shingles #newroof #shingles

Moreover, thanks to GAF, I am hugely excited about the fact that I no longer need to worry about my roof for many years. I’m now protected from leaks, moss, and algae, and my attic is well ventilated without the sound of a noisy fan.

My New GAF Roof with Timberline Ultra HD Charcoal Shingles #newroof #shingles

My New GAF Roof with Timberline Ultra HD Charcoal Shingles #newroof #shingles

Also, because I selected GAF shingles and GAF accessories. I was eligible for the GAF Lifetime ltd. warranty. Since a new roof can be such a big investment, this was something that was extremely important to me.

I also have to mention how great it was to work with Lowe’s Home Improvement on this project. I’m big on communication, and they kept me updated every step of the way. There were zero surprises. I also felt the cost was appropriate and reasonable.

My New GAF Roof with Timberline Ultra HD Charcoal Shingles #newroof #shingles

Whether you are in the market for a new roof now or in the coming years, I highly recommend taking a look at GAF and reaching out to Lowe’s Home Improvement to set up an in-home consultation to see which GAF products are best for you and your home.

And thanks for joining me on my roofing adventure!

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  • Kate at

    Hoping you’ll see this three years later!! I have a very similar white house with black shutters and the same shallow roof angle (in other words, the roof is not prominent in any way). I am torn between the GAF Timberline HD Pewter Gray and the Charcoal. I wish there was an in between color! Your photos make the charcoal look rather light. It doesn’t look anywhere near as dark as it looks in the store or on the glossy brochure where they show charcoal on actual houses.

    So, would you say the charcoal is a dark gray or an actual black? I mean, REAL charcoal is black. I don’t think I want BLACK. I’m in the northeast so it’s not like I’m in the hot south or anything, but even being up north my second story gets way hotter in the summer than in the winter. Not sure if charcoal would make that a lot worse.

    The pewter appealed in the store, but I’ve not really seen it on a real house except for pictures again, but it is again darker in the store than what I see out in pics. It makes me wonder if the store shingles will always look darker, no matter the color, because it’s in a windowless store.

    Any advice? I do prefer darker, but I’m not looking for jet black. Thanks!!! Also, I have a dark red door which I LOVE with my white house and black shutters. In the summer I have black urns with red flowers all over. Very classic. Pewter might diminish that color palette I suppose. Currently my house has a lighter, more pewter color to it and I did always want to go darker. I just worry that charcoal is too dark.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Google “GAF pewter gray roof” and then Google “GAF charcoal shingles”. Look at the images. This should provide some clarity.

      To me, the pewter gray looks more blue and coastal. There is less contrast. The charcoal is more crisp and traditional. There is more contrast. Lighting affects everything so sometimes the charcoal looks a lot lighter and brighter and then other times is more black. I’ve personally never felt it to be too black or too dark.

      It’s a big decision. I’m not sure what’s right for you. I hope that helps.

      xo Michael

  • Karen Mary at

    Perfect choice for your stately, lovely home! We put a metal roof on our old Victorian a few years ago, and while there are big advantages (and I love the sound of the rain on it), I’m wishing we had gone more traditional. You have exquisite taste Michael!

  • Colleen at

    Looks good. We did the exact same roof this year on our newly built home ( here in Ontario) ! Even the same colour you chose. And yes, ..the lifetime limited warranty was important to us as well. I just noticed how big your yard is. Did you or do you have a riding lawnmower, Michael?

  • Melissa at

    Looks great!! Funny that I never noticed that bay window before you hacked your bushes down – hah! Do you think you’ll keep it or replace it?

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      All the windows will get replaced at some point. The bay window seems a little dated to me, BUT I really really love it. I’ll try and find a creative way to replace it when the times comes.

      xo Michael

  • Debbie at

    Love your home! We are in need of a roof also, thanks for all the tips!

  • Cathy at

    Our roof had moss growing on it this year. The power washer team treated the moss and then power washed the roof. After the moss turned white it fell off after about two weeks. Because we all have had so much rain this year areas of the roof that don’t get sun will grow moss. May never happened again but be on the lookout after a very wet spring. Who knew!
    Having a new roof is being able to sleep well in a storm, right? Beautiful job.

  • tracey alba at

    wow! such a nice roof. you make sure to free it from moss. looking beautiful. I will definitely contact with lowe”s and make my home improvement.
    thank you.

  • Albano at

    I see that you have new roof, congratulations!
    Did you ever asked the contractor or the salesman that , were is my ridge vent?, that’s the #1 key to GAF.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Yep! I talked about that in the post above. 🙂

      xo Michael

  • Carol H at

    Wow – I’m amazed that your old roof was over 25 years. I live in Minnesota and we replace roofs about every 10 – 15 years! Your roof does look very nice – it just looks fresher!

  • Kim R at

    I’ve been a homeowner for 36 years and have always been a fan of the Timberline shingles. Among other things, they do give a nice “shake” look to the roof.
    An old dingy roof really dates a house. Yours is looking fabulous now!

  • Pam Dana at

    Your house is beautiful! The new roof gave it even more personality!

  • Courtney O'Dell at

    Michael your house is always so stunning…. someday I’m going to make you come do my house 😉

    I love the crisp, gorgeous look from the new roof – it is really gorgeous!

  • Kara at

    While new roofing isn’t the most fun upgrade, it sure makes a difference! I love the color you used, it is perfect with your white house. It’s a classic look, and I think it looks fabulous! And of course it’s nice knowing you won’t have any leaks when it rains. 😉

  • Julie at

    It looks SO nice! Crisp and clean and even better your home is protected!

  • Emma at

    We’re probably gonna need a new roof in the next few years–our house is 18, so the roof is 18 too–so it is super good to know about GAF and the GAF warranty! I’m going to keep that name in mind when the time does come to consider a roof.

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