My Favorite Things to Buy at Target

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I can’t help myself. I love a shopping trip to Target! While there, I also enjoy seeing what’s in other people’s carts. Are there awesome goodies at Target that my eye didn’t catch or that I don’t know about? That’s why I decided to put together a post of my favorite things to buy at Target!

My Favorite Things to Buy at Target

Yes my friends, today we are shopping at Target.

I’ve been meaning to put together a post of all my favorite things to buy at Target for quite some time. Knowing it was going to be a big task, I’ve been procrastinating, but I finally got it together.

My Favorite Things to Buy at Target #target #shopping #haul #targetfinds

What you’ll find below is a roundup of the things I’ve bought at Target and things that I continue to buy at Target. These are products that I love and happily recommend to you. While I didn’t provide a detailed description for every item, each grouping of products has a “notable items” section so that I could comment about favorites in each category.

As you might know, some products are always stocked on the shelves, and others are seasonal. That’s why I will continue to update this post seasonally as things change. I will reshare this post to the top of my feed a few times a year after making any significant and/or seasonal changes to this list. Sound good?

Also, it’s worth mentioning that some of these items are not specific to Target. However, Target just happens to be the place I buy them so I wanted to include them on this list.

I don’t have a picture for every item I’ve linked below, but I did add in several. Most of the items are pretty self-explanatory, but I will continue to add images when I have them.

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Let’s go shopping!!

Target Finds – Seasonal:

As I mentioned above, this is one of those posts I will continue to update as the product selection changes at Target. I’m a big fan of Target’s seasonal offerings, so you can expect this particular section to be the most frequently updated. This is the only section that may contain items that I do not own but I do like and/or am considering purchasing.

Notable Items: It’s fall at Target! I’ve shared lots of my favorites below included decor, throws, pillows, and more!

My Favorite Things to Buy at Target #target #shopping #haul #finds



Target Finds – Home:

Over the past 10 years or so, Target has become a go-to for home decor. With lines like Threshold, Hearth & Hand, Opalhouse, Project 62, and many more, they offer really trendy home decor with pretty reasonable prices. Here are many of the pieces I own, love, and recommend.

Notable Items: All the frames I’ve linked below have been used in multiple places throughout my home. You cannot beat the price and they look great in so many spaces. They have a gallery look without the gallery price tag. Highly recommend.

My Favorite Things to Buy at Target #target #shopping #haul #targetfinds

Fall Decorating Ideas from Bayberry House #falldecor #hometour #fall #decorating #ideas #seasonaldecor

Fall Decorating Ideas from Bayberry House #falldecor #hometour #fall #decorating #ideas #seasonaldecor

Target Finds – Kitchen:

I wanted to separate the kitchen section from the home section because the list was just a bit too long. If you’re on a budget and looking to outfit your kitchen space, Target is a must. They have it all and their things look pretty chic! I’m also a big fan of white serveware and Target has basically everything I would need.

Notable Items: I have the marble utensil and paper towel holders in my kitchen. The design has changed slightly, but I still love them. Also, this set of black tableware is great. I love the design.

My Favorite Things to Buy at Target #target #shopping #targetfinds

My Favorite Things to Buy at Target #target #haul #finds #shopping

Target Finds – Clothing:

A few years ago, Target came out with the Goodfellow brand for men and they’ve done a really nice job with their offerings. It’s not groundbreaking fashion and I’m not sure these pieces will last a lifetime, but a few of the items have become an inexpensive go-to for everyday casual wear.

Notable Items: The Goodfellow t-shirts are a staple for me. I have them in many colors and they are great for just matching up with a pair of shorts in the summer. They also layer well if you’re looking for a fall/layered look.

Target Finds – Pet:

I can’t forget my sweet kitties. Here are just a few of the things that my cats love and that I’m constantly buying at Target. Most of these are items that need to remain in stock in my kitty pantry.

Notable Items: The Hartz SqueezeUp treats are a MUST in my house. My cats get one almost every day. I also linked the cat bed. There’s not anything “special” about it, but I have it on my desk and Leo is obsessed with it. It’s his go-to spot.

My Favorite Things to Buy at Target #target #haul #finds #shopping

Target Finds – Grocery:

Last but not least, I thought it would be worth mentioning a few of my favorite grocery finds. With this category especially, you can find a lot of these items elsewhere. The exception would be with Target’s Good & Gather and Favorite Day lines. While I’ve always found that Target has done such a nice job with their own grocery lines, these two new iterations have been my favorites.

Notable Items: Okay, so I’m strangely obsessed with the Broccoli and Cheddar Tater Tots. They are exceptionally good with a ranch dipping sauce. I’m also generally a big fan of the Good & Gather products at Target. While I typically stick to name-brand items, Good & Gather is one brand that I do trust over other name brands. Also, Tillamook cheese is the best.

My Favorite Things to Buy at Target #target #shopping #haul #targetfinds

That’s a Wrap on My Target Favorites!

Okay, friends, that’s a wrap … for now. I hope you found this list both interesting and helpful. As I mentioned above, I will continue to update this post when needed.

Now that you know my favorites, what are yours? Let me know your Target go-tos in the comments below!

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Michael— where did you get your dining room chandelier, that I can see in the picture looking from the kitchen into the dining room, above? I can’t seem to find a post about it.
    Also, I am considering inset kitchen cabinet doors like yours, but I’m concerned they may stick on more humid days. Do you find that to be a problem?

  2. I like the Broccoli Cheese Veggie Tots, but my favorite is the Cauliflower. I recommend it if you haven’t tried it. I bake a little longer to get a crispier crust, especially on the bottom. I feel healthy when I eat them! (smile)

  3. Just a quick note to say “thank you” for loving Oregon’s own Tillamook Cheese! It’s from a teeny-tiny town on the Oregon coast and has a wonderful cow-filled factory store right there in Tillamook, Oregon!

  4. Hi Michale, so many nice ideas here! I just bought three of the mid-tone wood frames at Target. Love them! I really enjoy your blog and creative ideas. ~Becky

  5. I love Target. Well, I love my local Target. The super Target has become unpleasant to me with crazy New Age music and strange layouts. Prices are reasonable and the items I buy seem to last a fairly long time. Can find salt free canned beans at great price, Tillamook anything is loved by my family, especially the ice cream! plus I adore the Opal House line. Easy to find great items and tweak them into my decor.

    Thanks for sharing your favorites. Your home is as warm and inviting as always.

  6. I love choosing Mrs. Meyers’ cleaning products in seasonal scents. Target often has what Mrs. M’s site has sold out! I have a stash of her Apple Cider all ready for cooler weather.

  7. Ooo, thanks for sharing that tartan plaid fall blanket! I just added it to my cart and now I can’t wait for fall and to put it out on our front porch! 😉