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Of the many things I wish were easier to access where I live (e.g., beautifully crafted coffee beverages, artisanal cheeses, and Target), fresh cut flowers are pretty high on the list. I know I’m not alone in this. Within the past year, several fresh cut flower delivery services have popped up online. And while they offer beautiful options that are great for gifts, most of us can’t afford to have flowers delivered to our homes on a weekly basis.

How To Arrange Grocery Store Flowers |

In my dream world, I would be able to walk five minutes to the center of town, stop at my favorite coffee shop (where they know my order), eat a cupcake, and then on my way back home, pick up a warm loaf of bread along with fresh flowers. (Also in this dream world, it would be sunny and 70 every day, and carbs and sugar would be healthy, and I would have a six pack and be happily married. #DreamBig)

How To Arrange Grocery Store Flowers |

How To Arrange Grocery Store Flowers |

So, after going back and forth a few times about whether to just spend the money and get the beautiful flowers I wanted from an online vendor, I decided not to click “order.” Instead, I hopped in my car and scooted off to the grocery store. I bought twice as many “cheap” fresh cut flowers for less than $30. When I got home, I spent about 10 minutes preparing the flowers and arranging them in a half dozen vases that I spread around my house.

grocery store flowers

How To Arrange Grocery Store Flowers |

Obviously, “professional” photography helps to make these blooms and arrangements look extra special. Nonetheless, the photos do show that by using what you have and staying within your budget, you can still have beautiful things. Yes, I would prefer the silver dollar eucalyptus and ranunculus I saw online, but these arrangements are just as pretty. Plus, I have some spare change to buy a beautifully crafted coffee beverage.

As I think about it, there may be a bigger life lesson tucked in this story. Maybe it’s a reminder not to be so enthralled with the beauty of others that we fail to notice the beauty right in front of us.

You know what I mean.

arranging grocery store flowers

How To Arrange Grocery Store Flowers |

In case you also decide to buy grocery store flowers or pick some spring blooms from your garden, here are my no-fail quick tips for arranging flowers.

How To Arrange Grocery Store Flowers |

Flower Arranging Tips

1. Recut the stems at an angle (Cut off at least an inch.) before arranging.
2. Remove 95% of the leaves, especially any that would be below the water line
3. For taller arrangements, make your bouquet one-and-a-half-times higher than your vase.
4. Monochromatic arrangements always look great. Add interest by switching up the texture of the blooms.
5. Try using a short and stout vase. Pack the flowers in tight.
6. Use a large gathering of a singe type of flower for a big impact.
7. Change the water every couple days.

Naturally, you can break these rules, but they’re a good place to start.

How To Arrange Grocery Store Flowers |

Have a beautiful day, my friends.

“Arranging a bowl of flowers in the morning can give a sense of quiet in a crowded day – like writing a poem or saying a prayer.” – Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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  1. HI Michael, Thank you so much for your posts/blogs etc… you truly are an inspiration.
    I went a little crazy this past mothers day, and after grey skies in ohio for about a month I went to market district and bought a armload of flowers 4 sets tulips,1 colorful hydrangea, as well as 2 mixed bouquets of flowers.
    Stay healthy and great.
    have a great day

  2. I’ll add two tips for using grocery store flowers (which I use when I can’t get to Central Market):
    1–Add greenery to fill it out. All pro arrangements use nice greenery.
    2–Avoid carnations. There, I said it.

  3. I’d love to see the bunches of flowers you got at the store, how you divided them up and tips on forming tight nosegays…. I’m sure most of your “charmed” readers know how to whip an arrangement together, but some of us (me) need a little extra help.

  4. What an inspiring post. Thank you for the tips and reminding us to be thankful and appreciate the blessings right beneath our noses. Great post and makes me smile. And, if you don’t #dreambig, then why dream at all? ?

  5. Grocery Store Flowers … this is going into my keeper file … a tiny red flag will remind me not to delete. Lovely pictures and lovely flowers … So enjoyed the quote from Anne Morrow Lindberg. Her book A Gift from the Sea (1955) was a favorite of mine as a young woman growing up. Thank you for this Michael … you are a star!

  6. Michael, you have inspired me with this post. I do my grocery shopping at Wal-Mart ever Friday when I get off work. I always dread it. Not today. I intend to buy some of the flowers they have at Wal-Mart and I’m convinced with your tips I will have a pretty arrangement! Thank you so much! You have given me something to look forward to all day!

  7. “Maybe it’s a reminder not to be so enthralled with the beauty of others that we fail to notice the beauty right in front of us.” Absolutely!!! I love fresh flowers and try to have some at all times. If course, summer is easier here in PA to do that as I plant a cutting garden every year. Your post is spot on!

  8. This post is spot on and completely resonated with me. I loved reading this. I often get caught up looking at these beautiful photographs with fresh, stunning flowers and it always inspires me and makes me want to run out and drop some good money on them. Not just flowers, lots of things, but we all have to live within our means, right? The reality is, it’s not realistic that I spend 50-100 dollars on flowers, weekly. But I can find some beautiful bouquets for less than 20 dollars that are lovely and make me happy.
    What you said is so true. Beauty is everywhere and it can be fun to get creative and realize that it may not be up to your standard’s in a perfect, dream world and that’s OK.

  9. Lovely flowers. Like you I rely on my local supermarket, I have found though that buying lilies in white or pink scents my home far better than any artificial air freshener and they usually last 10 days!
    If using glass vases then add marbles or glass nuggets to the vase before putting in flowers these hold the stems and look attractive.
    Buy the most expensive that you can afford artificial flowers and then cover the stem with cling film (I think that is seran wrap in US), use your cheap supermarket flowers in vase and then your artificial ones to add a little luxury and pazaz but be sure they all work together.
    Most of all cheap or expensive enjoy the glory that is flowers and be glad that we can bring that beauty into our homes.
    Lucy Caitlyn, England