Gray Paint Color for my Living Room (Agreeable Gray)

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Welcome to the dramatic conclusion of my living room paint saga. Okay, maybe not a saga but definitely a struggle to find the right gray paint color for my living room.

Well, friends, as I alluded to earlier this week, it seems I’ve found the perfect gray paint color for my living room. It’s not what I had originally thought or planned, but I’m super pleased with the outcome.

To backtrack a bit, when I moved in, my living room was painted a basic beige. You can see that here:

I decided to freshen things up with what I thought was a light gray color. However, I ended up with something that looked baby blue. See below.

Painting my Living Room - Farrow & Ball Dimpse

After testing at least four more colors on the wall, I found something that I liked: Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray.

Agreeable Gray:

On my living room walls, this particular gray color felt like more of a putty or mushroom gray. It made me a bit nervous because it’s not what I thought I wanted. However, I happened to catch a Q&A that Nate Berkus was doing on his Instagram stories. In one of his answers, he mentioned that a putty brown/gray wall color works beautifully with an emerald green sofa. *aha moment*

With that little nugget of wisdom and my beautiful green chairs staring at me, I forged ahead.

Thankfully, I was able to repaint with just one coat, so in about two hours, I completed the entire room. Goodbye, frosty blueish gray. Hello, beautiful putty gray. Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray is definitely a winner!

Gray Paint Color for my Living Room - Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray #paint #graypaint #livingroom
Gray Paint Color for my Living Room - Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray #paint #graypaint #livingroom

It’s interesting how the wall color has a chameleon quality in this room. (I assume it’s because of the light.) It changes throughout the day and often looks different on one wall compared with another. But now I’m happy with how it appears from every angle.

Gray Paint Color for my Living Room - Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray #paint #graypaint #livingroom
Gray Paint Color for my Living Room - Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray #paint #graypaint #livingroom

Also, as Nate predicted, it works well with the color of my chairs. I even love how it goes with the pine garland on the mantel. (Please don’t judge me too harshly on the state of this room. After moving things around to paint and then starting to prep for holiday decor, it’s a bit of a mess. But that’s real life!)

I’m also loving how well it coordinates with my new blue entryway too!

Gray Paint Color for my Living Room - Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray #paint #graypaint #livingroom
Gray Paint Color for my Living Room - Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray #paint #graypaint #livingroom

Well, I think I can finally call this a painting win! It took me a couple tries to get there, but I’m loving the results.

What do you think?

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    1. I don’t know the details of the finishings / stain in this particular post. However, I did have the floor refinished after these photos were taken and I used Bona in Dark Walnut.

      xo Michael

  1. I stumbled on your blog looking for examples of Agreeable Grey (which I am considering for Master Bedroom) and I wanted to say how beautiful it looks! I love it with the warm floors and emerald accents. So pretty at any time of day, too. I’m sold!!

  2. I love the wall color and have chosen it for my home! I am currently trying to decide on a hardwood stain and would love to know what you used on your floors. TIA!

  3. I have that exact color in my bedroom and I love it! We have one large wall with no windows that we made an accent wall. It has rustic gray wood flooring on the entire wall, I think it looks stunning!

  4. Agreeable Gray was in my top 3! I finally settled on Front Porch and am happy with how it turned out too. Thanks so much for your many awesome ideas!

  5. Hi Michael,

    I am new to your blog and LOVE it! I great up in Pittsburgh, and it is so interesting how your front entry is the same flooring as my parents was – the beautiful slate. I feel as if I could recognize the neighborhood just by your house. Pittsburgh is a wonderful town that is very under rated and has so many cool areas to discover and enjoy. Your progress will inspire me as we have a to do list to get our home ready to sell. Thank you for the great content.

  6. The color is lovely and looks great with your antique cabinet (which I am coveting). I am enjoying watching your journey as I have a “project house” and am gradually making it mine.

  7. Michael, noticed a lot of sunlight on your beautiful green chair…you might want to watch that, as that will fade the color quickly. The paint color is perfect and much better than the original choice.