Gradient Rainbow Christmas Wreath

First, thank you so much for the tree love yesterday. It means the world to me! I was very pleased with how the tree turned out and even more pleased that you love it as much as I do. Now, welcome back to the 12 Days of Christmas! Can you believe it’s already Day 5?

As you may have guessed from the title, I decided to make a wreath to match my tree. Check out my Gradient Rainbow Christmas Wreath!

How to make a Gradient Rainbow Christmas Wreath

So today, I’m going to quickly take you through how I put together this Gradient Rainbow Christmas Wreath.

DIY Festive Rainbow Wreath | Inspired by Charm #IBCholidays #12day72ideas

I started off with this wreath. It took me some hunting to find the wreath I wanted. These days wreaths tend to look so fake and cheap. I stumbled upon one at Target and fell in love. I think a variety of pine needles in a wreath makes it look much more natural, so I knew this would be a winner.

DIY Festive Rainbow Wreath | Inspired by Charm #IBCholidays #12day72ideas

I then gathered all off the extra ornaments I had from my tree, plus some new ones I had purchased. Again, I stuck with solid colors but mixed up the sizes and finishes.

DIY Festive Rainbow Wreath | Inspired by Charm #IBCholidays #12day72ideas

I quickly laid out the color arrangement on the wreath. I had this amazing turquoise ribbon (which I found at Walmart), so I knew I wanted blue at the bottom. Since I was working with six colors in all, I just spaced them out evenly around the wreath.

DIY Festive Rainbow Wreath | Inspired by Charm #IBCholidays #12day72ideas

I hot glued on one ornament of each color and then I just started filling in.

DIY Festive Rainbow Wreath | Inspired by Charm #IBCholidays #12day72ideas

I randomly added ornaments of each color and continued to fill in until I thought it looked good. When you’re adding ornaments, don’t forget the inside and edges of the wreath. This helps to give it dimension and fullness.

DIY Festive Rainbow Wreath | Inspired by Charm #IBCholidays #12day72ideas

After that, I whipped up a quick bow (I’m hoping to do a bow and wrapping tutorial one of these days. Stay tuned), attached it to the wreath, and hung it on my front door.

DIY Festive Rainbow Wreath | Inspired by Charm #IBCholidays #12day72ideas

I have to admit the red door really makes it pop. It kind of reminds me of the wreath on BHG’s December issue.

Gradient Rainbow Christmas Wreath

Gradient Rainbow Christmas Wreath

I decided to use glass ornaments which I realize is a little risky given the fact that they’re outside. However, my porch is covered so I think they will be okay.

DIY Festive Rainbow Wreath | Inspired by Charm #IBCholidays #12day72ideas

As you’ll notice below in today’s Quick Tip, I really like how this wreath ties together my indoor and outdoor decorations. Plus, it gives guests a little preview of what’s inside. Kinda fun!

DIY Festive Rainbow Wreath | Inspired by Charm #IBCholidays #12day72ideas

I’m loving it! What do you think?

DIY Festive Rainbow Wreath | Inspired by Charm #IBCholidays #12day72ideas

If you liked this wreath, be sure to check out my Gradient Rainbow Christmas Tree. Click here to check it out.

Gradient Rainbow Christmas Tree

Greetings of the Season!

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  • Kathy at

    Stunning!!! I am loving all the jewel tones!!! It matches your tree perfectly!!! I want to come sit in your house, drink hot chocolate, and stare at all of the beautiful decor! LOL! Thank you for sharing it with us. Such an inspiration!!!

  • Jodi at

    Michael – I wish that you lived with me so that all of these beautiful ideas would be at my house!! I love this wreath.

  • Laurel H at

    OMG!!! Loving this and the tree!! They are both so fun and fresh, kudos to you!!

  • Elle at

    Gorgeous! The different colors, finishes, and sizes of ornaments really add interest. Another winner:)

  • Mantha at

    I adore this! Saw it on Pinterest and had to check it out, Now I have to go explore the rest of your site.

  • Cheryl at

    Love, love, love your beautiful wreath!

  • Brandi at

    Just Beautiful! Almost want to give up my ho-hum decor and go rainbow. That wreath looks so real, nice choice!

  • Lisa at

    You continue to top yourself! This wreath is so lovely and a great companion to the tree. I would never have thought to keep the colors together… So glad you DID!

  • caroline [the diy nurse] at

    Hot glue! I should’ve known. I would’ve attempted this with wire only to end up twitching and on the brink of insanity!

  • Thistle at

    What an awesome pop of color! I love the color of the door, too!

    Absolute perfection!

    Happy day to you!

  • The Single Nester at

    Just bee u tee full! So doing this next year as I have tons of ornaments (all purchased after Christmas of course) in many colors.

  • Lisa at

    I love how you organized the colors 🙂

  • LaCosta Gaston at

    OMG…I love this wreath. I did several ornament wreaths for family and friends and I would have never thought about doing it like this. I also love the way you put those colors together. Beautiful!!!

  • Kris at

    Fabulous wreath to match your gorgeous tree and great tutorial, Michael! Thanks!!!

  • Donna / Funky Junk Interiors at

    Just when I didn’t think you could possibly top that tree, you went ahead and did it. This wreath is spectacular and every bit as whimsical as it’s twin tree! You sure make faux look amazing… exceptional tutorial!

  • Laura @ Finding Home at

    Michael – the perfect gorgeous partner to your amazing tree! Love it! And so loving your “quick tips” idea!

  • Donnamae at

    Your wreath is gorgeous…as is your tree! 😉

  • Julie at

    This looks amazing!

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