Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Quick tips and stylish front porch decor ideas you can do to create a welcoming curb appeal for your home!

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #front #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

I’m always amazed at how just a bit of decorating and styling can make a space feel more special. Even though most of my new home is still in disarray since moving in, the front porch now looks inviting thanks to my visits to HomeGoods, some quick front porch decorating ideas, and a few colorful plantings.

Today is another fun one, my friends! Like we did this past spring, my fellow HomeGoods bloggers and I have teamed up to bring you seasonal decorating inspiration.

Each of us (six in total) went on a #goFinding mission at our local HomeGoods to style an outdoor space for summer. Now, we are showing off our fresh new looks! I’ll link to everyone at the end of this post. Be sure to visit each blog and enter each $100 giveaway. Enjoy and good luck!

As you can imagine, I’ve been so excited to start adding more style to my new home. I have a number of big projects ahead of me given the fact that I sold most of my furniture with my last home. Just counting the outdoor spaces, I have the deck, the side porch, and the front porch.

I’ve already started planning for the deck and side porch, but I thought now was the time to make the front of my home more welcoming. This is the entrance most people use so it was begging for a little love straight away.

Front Porch Decor Ideas:

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

Even though there are exterior woes I will tackle later (touching up paint, trimming shrubbery, etc.), I was determined to get this front space looking fresh. I went on a #GoFinding mission to a couple of my local HomeGoods and found just what I needed: a bench, ceramic pots, a unique side table, a throw, pillow, and a cup (which, depending on the time of day, can serve coffee or a cocktail). Success!

I also stopped at a local greenhouse and picked up a few coordinating plants, hanging baskets, and potting soil.

And here’s what I came up with…

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #front #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #front #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

Pretty cute, right?

Yes, I love me a big front porch (and that’s one of the things I sacrificed when I chose this house), However, after living in an apartment for a while, I realized you can make any space look beautiful. The size of the space doesn’t matter.

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #front #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

Adding some seating here was a priority here because nothing beats some front porch sittin’. Being in a new area, it’s a nice way to be visible and meet neighbors. In fact, as I was styling this space, one of my neighbors stopped by to introduce herself and brought me some fresh lettuce from her CSA. That was so sweet of her! (I also immediately signed up for the CSA because the pick up is just down the street!)

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #front #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

Next, I added a “throw” on the bench. This throw is actually a Turkish towel I found hiding among the beach towels at HomeGoods. I love the subtle pattern and colors. Given that it’s a towel, I think it will wash up nicely and be able to stand up to the elements.

For a little coziness and texture, I tossed down a pillow. The pillow is not designed for the outdoors, but I think it will be okay. The porch seems to stay dry when it rains.

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

Opposite the bench, I wanted to create a plant and potted flower moment. I used this super cute wood table and a few ceramic pots.

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

I’m sort of a planter snob so I prefer clay, ceramic, terra cotta, metal, and baskets over plastic, resin, and manufactured materials. HomeGoods is my go-to place for planters. In the summer, they have an especially good selection. You can usually find matching planters, and you can’t beat the prices.

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

I love this gray trio with the unglazed dot details around the top.

If you happen to have a not-so-great planter, just slip it into a basket. This adds texture, and baskets weather nicely.

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

This stool was a fabulous find as well, I was so bummed when I saw a gal put two of them into her cart at the first HomeGoods I stopped at. To my luck and surprise, the second store had two for me. Yay! Gotta love the thrill of the hunt. (And yes, I bought two. Stay tuned to see where the other one ends up.)

I also added a jute doormat for more cozy texture and to bring in warm color. It’s amazing what a simple doormat can do. This one was just under $12.

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

With all that in place, I put up a couple hanging baskets and filled my new pots with a variety of plants, including ferns, begonias, ivy geraniums, and beautiful blooms.

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

I even decided to create a small “story moment” by filling this galvanized caddy with a couple leftover plants and a shovel. It’s little details like these that make a space stand out.

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

Although I still need to find the perfect front door wreath, my porch is officially ready to welcome visitors to my home and serve as another delightful spot for me to enjoy a cup of coffee and a magazine.

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed seeing my freshly styled front porch and gathered a few front porch decor ideas for your pace! . For more outdoor summer decorating inspiration, check out my fellow HomeGoods Bloggers’ posts. They are some talented women, so I’m certain you’ll find many inspiring ideas.

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Jessica – Four Generations One Roof: Fabulous Farmhouse Breezeway

Happy summer decorating!

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

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  • Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things at

    I love how welcoming you made that front porch! I just signed up for your email. I would use the $100 on some outdoor décor for my back deck.

  • Lou Clifton at

    I had a swing that came apart Idid replace with a bench and that is it. you have accomplished more in a short time than I have done on my porch in the past year. I would love to buy some accessories to create a welcoming entrance to my home.. You have such a welcoming porch.

  • Anne Weber-Falk at

    I would do just what you did. I would style my medium sized front porch. Thank you for the chance to do this!

  • Holley at

    Your porch looks great! I’d use mine to buy some accessories to refresh my guest bathroom! I need a new mirror, hand towels, and some art.

  • Barbara at

    I love pillows and HomeGoods always have some great ones so I’d love to find a couple for my new quilt.

    If I lived closer Michael, I’d bring you a housewarming gift of bread, salt and wine and the little verse that goes along with them: “Bread, that this house may never know hunger, salt, that life may always have flavor and wine, that joy and prosperity may reign forever.” Wishing you much happiness in your new home.

  • Julie Bettwy at

    Beautiful plants like you!

  • Alicia at

    You did a beautiful job Michael. Your entry is welcoming and full of charm. And I would love to spruce up my back patio with the help of HomeGoods

  • Christy at

    Love the porch! I recently updated my back porch furniture and would spend my gift card on items for a matching tablescape!

  • Sharon Wiseman at

    Love the porch! I also have a small front porch and a large deck on the back of my house. I would use the $100 to purchase pillows and/or a rug for the deck! thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  • Lisa Thoreson at

    Oh!!! Thank you for the opportunity. And….mmmm….I can’t narrow it down to just one choice I would use the gift certificate. So….counter stools and fresh kitchen towels, a lamp for my office, mirrors for behind the lamps in my bedroom. I could go on and on….thank you – and beautiful front porch space. I always love to see your updates.

  • Julianne at

    Love you porch. I would probably use the home goods gift card to add to my own front porch or my soon to be second guest room.

  • Terri at

    Hi Michael…
    I love Home Goods! Such a fun place to shop. We are downsizing but like you we sold or gave away much of our stuff in the process, but moving into an apt for the next adventure… and I would use the $100 for a table or chairs for the dining room. Love what your doing with the new place… The porch looks great! That stool is a keeper! Can’t wait to see your wood floors finally finished!

  • Kim Steinmetz at

    Love your porch and the accessories you have chosen! I would love a Homegoods gift certificate to spruce up my own porch!

  • Beth Van Pelt at

    I would seek and find a wrought iron table with a removable tray top for serving!


    $100 to Home Goods… be still my heart! I would be tempted to buy more cake stands, but I think I would invest in a pretty wingback chair for my “office”.

  • Theresa Queen at

    My front porch is about as plain as can be. I would use the Home Goods prize to give it a little pizazz!

  • Becky Harris Delson at

    Homegoods is so great. They are opening one nearby later this year and I canNOT wait. If I won a gift card, I would be elated! I’d love to find a fun porch stool like yours. It’s beautiful and our front porch is a little bit blah right now. I enjoyed wandering through your Instagram posts. Your home is lovely.

  • Robbyn Mendleski at

    My daughter just moved to her first home away from home. I would use the $100 to help her make a builder grade apartment feel like her “Junk Gypsy” style and more like home, less like a white box.

  • Maree Sperle at

    Love Homegoods for making changes to my tablescapes so affordable. Small changes making big impacts. Just adding new salad plates to white plates plus napkins to match.

  • Anne at

    I’d head straight to the bedding area and find some new linens.

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