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I’m thrilled to share some exciting news: my original artwork is now available for purchase!

I’m delighted to inform you that I’ve started listing my artwork on Daily Paintworks (DPW). Over the past two years, I’ve been passionately cultivating my art practice. Reconnecting with my love for art, a passion that flourished during my high school and college years, has been an immensely rewarding journey. It’s a true joy to immerse myself again in this creative process, and I’m delighted to share this experience with you.

Original Oil Paintings by Michael Wurm Jr. of Inspired by Charm available for sale.

Currently, I’m adding about one to two new pieces daily and adopting an auction-style format for sales, similar to eBay. Each artwork is listed for five days during which time everyone can bid their preferred amount. You can see everything HERE.

At present, there are seven paintings up for grabs. You’ll also find a sneak peek of a few more that are set to be released in the upcoming days.

With DPW, I also have the option to sell artwork at a fixed price, which I might explore. For now, I’m experimenting to find the best approach for both of us. 


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I’ve created a special collection of bottle brush tree paintings, and I wanted to make them available before Christmas. This method allowed me to make that happen. Your patience is greatly appreciated as I fine-tune the best system. In the future, I plan to transition to selling directly through my website. 

Additionally, I’m looking forward to offering prints for sale. But for the moment, I’m taking it one step at a time. I’m setting aside some time next week, if not sooner, to start working on this.

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm as I embark on this exciting new chapter in my art journey! If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know in the comments section below. I always love hearing from you. 

Check out the full collection of art available now and be sure to check back for daily updates.

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