Festive Touches for Holiday Entertaining

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Today, we are moving on to holiday entertaining. Last Friday I showed you a fun DIY Holiday Art project I created for Staples. Well, during the process of coming up with that idea, I purchased a bunch of other random things that I thought I might be able to incorporate in future projects (A bad habit of mine).

I thought about returning the items, but instead I used them to create four ideas to add a really unique and personal touch to your holiday entertaining. Let me show you what I whipped up.

First, I found this chalkboard tape. Love it! I had no idea that this stuff existed, so I was super excited to give it a try.

Festive Touches for Holiday Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

Since I have way too many white plates and platters, I decided to add a piece of the tape to one of them. I thought the tape would be perfect for writing a holiday greeting or labeling food.

Festive Touches for Holiday Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

The tape went on easily. I decided on a fun diagonal line to break up the goodies on the plate. We have a winner.

Festive Touches for Holiday Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

Another great thing about this tape is that when the party’s over, it peels right off without damaging the plate. You can find the tape here.

Festive Touches for Holiday Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

Speaking of labeling plates, did you know that you can write directly on them with dry erase makers?

Festive Touches for Holiday Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

Again, this is another fun way to label your food, write a seasonal message, add some personalization, or even do all three.

Festive Touches for Holiday Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

Here, I left a little note for Santa with his cookies and milk. After his visit, the dry erase marker comes right off with a soft cloth. I should note that I prefer to write the message near the rim of the plate so the marker doesn’t come in contact with food.

For me, cocktails are essential at a holiday party. However, with a sizable group, folks are always forgetting which glass is theirs. The solution? Wine Charms.

Festive Touches for Holiday Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

I created some custom metallic wine charms using these key tags and metallic Sharpies. The big advantage to these is that you can completely customize them to your party or guests. Use various colored markers, draw on different designs, or write out guests’ initials to suit your party theme.

Festive Touches for Holiday Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

Cute, right?

Now, for my final idea. This past weekend I spent a lot of time setting up my Christmas trees and decorating the rest of my house for the season. I was decking out the shelves in my office and had completed all but one of them when inspiration struck. I’d create a candy tray and place it on that empty shelf.

Festive Touches for Holiday Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

I grabbed a wood tray I had on hand, added some bowls and glasses, and then filled them with Christmas candy. Instant party tray.

I don’t know the holiday customs in your part of the country / world, but around here at this time of year, people often stop by to chat, celebrate, snack, and check out your tree. (In Central PA, we call this “Treeing.”)

With that in mind, I thought it would be nice to have a tray of ready-to-go sweet seasonal treats for folks to nibble on when they visit.

Festive Touches for Holiday Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

Since everything is set up on a tray, I can just pull it off the shelf and take it to the kitchen if folks are gathered there for cocktails or pop it on the dining room table to serve as dessert after a casual pizza night or even slide it onto the coffee table for snacks while we’re watching a favorite Christmas movie. Pretty handy, right?

The season of celebrating is upon us. I hope these festive ideas will make your holiday entertaining even merrier.





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  1. Great idea for the key rings. I’ve also used them as tree decorations. Cut out vintage looking pictures from greeting cards, paste them on the key tags and hang on smaller Christmas trees. I also did it for Easter and Valentines day with vintage looking pictures and hung on trees Small photos of loved ones also works great and looks great.

  2. Just love the chalkboard tape on the tray. Going to steal your idea and use it as the tray base for lots of goodies and gifts wrapped up with cellophane, as in a basket, for Christmas gift. Love your blog sight and those cookies you pictured have me drooling.

  3. Michael, love the ideas that you have here. What I enjoy about them is that you can also get the kids involved in making these for little parties for them during the holidays. Simplicity, thanks.

  4. Cute ideas as always! Got to go look for some chalkboard tape. Do you have a Holiday Cookie Week coming? If so, the cookies on the plate for Santa look delicious & the recipe would be welcome!

  5. Whoa!
    When your creativity takes flight it just goes on and on~ Love the tags ( for any reason! ) and the trays are wonderful~ I must make the snowmen pops~ and looked back in your blog for them without success~ Can you share with us?
    One of the nicest things about your blog is your smile : ))))
    Merry Merry!!

    1. Cynthia – they are actually purchased from Shari’s Berries. However, you could easily make them by adding two cake balls to your stick and dipping them in chocolate together.

      Hope that help!

      xo Michael

  6. Oh my gosh Michael… leave it to you to walk into an office supply store and come out with an amazing spread done right. You never cease to amaze me. Office = food… would never have added that one up!

    I had no idea about the dry erase on dishes… I’m borrowing that one!!!

    So beautiful. Everything always is. It’s always a treat for the eyes to visit. One day I aim to sample what you create for real! It’s on my bucket list. 🙂

  7. Love the tray idea, Michael! My husband and I just made some trays for our annual holiday sale and the candy/treats would be perfect for showing off a tray or two. 😉 Awesome ideas as always! I also love the thought of “treeing,” maybe I should implement on my neighborhood!

    1. Not really. You just show-up during the holidays. It’s the best! People usually have plenty of snack, cookies, and drinks on hand!

      xo Michael