Caticorn Party!

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Today’s post is in celebration of YOU! We’re having a Caticorn Party here on the blog, and you’re invited to come as you are. Celebrate with Cake in a Jar, a FREE Caticorn Printable and more!

Let’s party!

Caticorn Party Ideas |

As you’ve probably guessed from the title of this post, it’s going to be a fun (and quirky) caticorn inspired day here on IBC.

What is a Caticorn?

To kick off the festivities, I created a  Caticorn mascot. Combining my affinity for cats with the uniqueness of a unicorn, I thought a caticorn would work perfectly.

A catircon is a mystical animal that is half cat, half unicorn. It has the head of a cat with a unicorn horn and the body of a cat with a unicorn tail.

Plus, if there was any “animal” that could teach us to be ourselves, a caticorn would certainly be it.

Caticorn Party Free Printable |

And this is where the inspiration for the rest of the party began. Is this caticorn not the best thing you’ve ever seen?

First, we’re going to need a treat. Of course, it’s going to be a sweet. And yes, it’s going to fit with our caticorn theme.

Come As You Are-ty |

Come As You Are-ty |

Caticorn Inspired Dessert (Cake-in-a-Jar):

I decided to make these cakes for the party for several reasons. (You can get the full recipe and more details here.) First, they’re something different and unexpected. Second, I thought I could have fun by varying the color between the layers of cake.

Serving it in a clear glass mason jar would showcase the layered colors inside. Finally, I had this crazy idea of gluing miniature cats to the lids to make sure this party stuck to it’s quirky theme. There’s a method to my madness.

I started by prepping the jars.

You will need:

  • mason jars with lids (I’m using the half-pint size.)
  • super glue (Gel works best.)
  • tiny cat figures
  • non-toxic paint (spray or craft).

Come As You Are-ty |

Begin by removing the ring and lid from your mason jar. Using a small amount of gel-based super glue, attach the cat figure to the center of the lid.

Once the glue sets, paint the ring and the lid the color of your choice. (Even though the paint probably won’t come in contact with the cake, I recommend using a non-toxic paint.) Allow the paint to dry overnight.

Come As You Are-ty |

Now these jars are ready to be filled with cake!

Come As You Are-ty |


If you want the recipe for these Mason Jar Cakes, you can grab that here.

Come As You Are-ty |

Come As You Are-ty |


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Now tell me, are these not the cutest (albeit slightly weird) things you’ve ever seen? I couldn’t think of a more appropriate treat for this type of celebration.

Come As You Are-ty |

Come As You Are-ty |

These will certainly be an unforgettable dessert for your guests. I also love that since these are packaged up so nicely, your guests can take their dessert or the empty jar home as a little memento of the party.

Every party needs a fun favor.

Come As You Are-ty |

Okay, just a few more things and we’ll be ready to celebrate.

Enjoying this celebration? Check out more of my party ideas:

When planning any party, I always recommend first selecting your color scheme. If there’s one thing that can unify party decor, it’s color.

I like to stick to 2 or 3 colors. With this party, I broke that rule and went for a rainbow of pastels. It seemed appropriate.

Come As You Are-ty |

With my color scheme in mind, I picked up party hats, party horns, and lollipops. I also shopped my own house for cake stands and napkins.

Come As You Are-ty |

Come As You Are-ty |

Come As You Are-ty |

Free Caticorn Printable Download:

My caticorn also made an appearance as a fun graphic element. And as a special treat to my lovely IBC readers, I’ve created a free 5×7″ art printable. I’m hoping this little guy will be a fun reminder to be exactly who you are. You can download my caticorn here.

Come As You Are-ty |

Come As You Are-ty |

Now it’s time for our final element: I’m serving a unique take on the classic cosmopolitan.

Come As You Are-ty |

Come As You Are-ty |

With its signature pink color, it’s the perfect choice for this celebration.

Come As You Are-ty |

If you’d like the recipe for this Carnival Cosmo, you can grab it here. It has a secret ingredient that makes it really special!

And with that, our Caticorn Party is complete! Cheers!

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  1. I love this idea and am trying to decide whether to use this theme for my 7 year old daughter or my fun group of adult girlfriends! Can you tell us where you found those cute colorful spoons? I’ve never seen anything like them- so cute!!!

  2. Oh my god….. How clever and what a nice idea for even a kids birthday party. Thank you for helping me see outside the box. This beats a cupcake! Doubles as a party favor! Guess you could also frost the cake prior to cutting.

  3. Okay, sir. This is too, too much! I’m not even a cat “person” but come on! I want THAT cat as my avatar. So many great ideas. Thanks,sweetie.

  4. This post totally made my day!! I was sitting here feeling like such an “unfun” mom and this has totally inspired me to have a come-as-you-are-ty with my littles. Thank you from saving my kids from boredom!! 🙂
    P.S. Is there any way I could get a larger file for the printable? I would love to use it in our play room.