Bedroom Gallery Wall

I have been wanting to get some things hung on the walls of my bedroom / closet for the past several months. It was to the point that the bare walls were really driving me nuts.

Bedroom Gallery Wall | Inspired by Charm

So, fortunately when I was at T.J. Maxx last week with my mom, I noticed their sizable selection of frames. I have a fairly large, blank wall space above the dresser in my closet that I envisioned as an ideal place for a gallery wall. I knew that I needed a few smaller frames and was able to find a few options that might work. Without thinking too much about it, I picked out six frames that fit my color and texture palette for the room and checked out. I figured I could return anything that didn’t work.

Today, armed with my new frames, plus some old ones and a mirror I bought a while back, I was ready to tackle this blank wall.

Bedroom Gallery Wall | Inspired by Charm

Now I know there are many ways to create a successful gallery-style wall. I decided to abandon those tried-and true techniques and just go for it. However, there was a little method to my madness. Let me show you what I did.

First, I came up with a rough scheme for the frames. Gold-y/Copper-y metallics (based), whites, and woods. Next, before I started hanging things on the wall, I laid out all of the frames on the floor.

Bedroom Gallery Wall | Inspired by Charm

I had a sizable collection to choose from, so I just played around until I found a design I liked. For this particular wall, I wanted something that looked very collected and mismatched. Different shapes and textures are great for creating this type of look. I also decided to include a woven wall hanging I picked up in California.

Bedroom Gallery Wall | Inspired by Charm

Once I had a good layout, I started to hang things on the wall. I began with the large mirror and worked from there. Since things didn’t need to be perfectly spaced, I honestly didn’t do too much measuring. I just figured out where things would go by looking. I did need to move two things, so I’ll need to touch up two holes. Not too bad.

You’ll also notice that the final layout of things changed, too. Clearly I measured wrong and ran out of space. Oops! However, I’m truly glad this happened since this layout looks so much better.

Bedroom Gallery Wall | Inspired by Charm

With a little styling on my dresser to tie everything together, my new gallery wall is complete!

Bedroom Gallery Wall | Inspired by Charm

Now, I will say one thing: 90% of the art and photographs will be changed. It totally works the way it is, but I want to inject a bit more color. The goal was to get the frames on the wall. Now I can go back and fill in with the prints and photos I want.

Bedroom Gallery Wall | Inspired by Charm

I would have left the frames empty, but I’ve learned from experience that it’s no fun to see my empty frames when they are shared on social media.

Bedroom Gallery Wall | Inspired by Charm

The goal with this wall is to keep things light and fun. For example this tattooed muscle man print will stay and represents how I want this wall to look. A bit more quirky and colorful.

Bedroom Gallery Wall | Inspired by Charm

But I figured one step in the desired direction is better than no steps. Right?

Bedroom Gallery Wall | Inspired by Charm

Bedroom Gallery Wall | Inspired by Charm

That wraps up another project. What do you think of my new gallery wall? Have you tried one in your space yet?

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  • Bonnie at

    I love the gallery wall as well as the way that you arranged your dresser. Great job!

  • Mimi at

    I have seriougly looked at a bazillion wall galleries on Pinterest and other sites. This is the best I’ve seen. Love it! Thank you!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      That’s such a wonderful compliment! Thank you!

      xo Michael

  • Susie Carranza at

    LOVE this! I’m working on getting a gallery style wall in my bedroom, and this will totally be my go-to for inspiration! It’s fun & eclectic.

  • Becky at

    I love the mixture of color and texture and that lamp is amazing. Great steps forward to spicing up that wall.

  • Stephanie at

    This is perfection!

  • girlfromwva at

    love how “put together” your gallery wall is. i am going to do one in the bedroom of mirrors i have gotten from thrift stores from 50 cents to $1.50. i am going to follow your idea of laying them on the floor to see where i might place them!

  • Vanessa at

    This is so great!! And I love the “eat cake for breakfast;” so cute! That’s the motto at our house during “birth week” and really every day! Super Cool!

  • Guerrina at

    Love it! Every time I think about doing a gallery wall, I am immediately overwhelmed!

  • beverly e at

    That looks fanTAStic! I would agonize for weeks over what goes where… Great job and I love the whimsical Muscle Man!

  • Bonnie at

    Love how you chose to place the mirror off-center!

  • Sheila at

    Wow! Huge difference and vast improvement. Love TJ Maxx. I would have agonized over trying to select frames, etc. for a wall. Impressed you didn’t give much thought to these purchases. Your home is already lovely so I am surprised how all these little projects are really making an impact. Thank you for sharing.

  • Elle at

    I love how this turned out. Your method works!

  • Jenny at

    I just found your blog through your #sodomino entry and you have a new fan! Love your home

  • Kristina at

    Wow, so much better. I love gallery walls!

  • Brittany at

    This looks great!! I am so intimidated by gallery walls!

  • Arli at

    I REALLY like the gallery wall. Whet a difference it makes!

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