Beautiful DIY Stamped Napkins for Chic Entertaining

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Just when I thought I’d wrapped up all of the details from my entertaining-inspired home tour, I realized there was one thing I’d forgotten: these Beautiful DIY Stamped Napkins for Chic Entertaining! I’m excited to show you how to make them!

Beautiful DIY Stamped Napkins for Chic Entertaining |

In case you’re not sure what I’m talking about, here’s a quick rewind. Several weeks ago I hosted a tour of my home dressed for fall with an entertaining twist. Over the past couple weeks I’ve been diving deeper into that post by sharing the recipes and DIY projects that were featured. These included Baked Pumpkin Donuts, Cream Cheese Caramel Apple Spread, Apple Pie Sangria, and Fall Harvest Pasta Salad. I even provided a more expansive tour so you could see other areas of my home.

Beautiful DIY Stamped Napkins for Chic Entertaining |

Now, I’m going to show you how to make these DIY stamped napkins!

( like creating my own napkins because it also allows me to tie an entire table together. Some times it’s hard to find just the right thing to fit your design. However, if you make an item yourself, you can easily customize it to achieve the look you want.

I started with these bold, marigold napkins from HomeGoods, but any cotton napkin will do. I decided to adorn them with falling leaves in varying shades of green to give a nod to fall and tie in the flowers on the table and the green cabinet in my dining room. When the project was complete, I had one-of-a-kind napkins to match my space.

Let me show you how to make them.

DIY Stamped Napkins Tutorial:

For this project, you will need:

  • Cotton napkins
  • Stamps
  • Pigment ink stamp pads
  • Iron
  • Scrap piece of fabric

Begin by ironing your napkins. When stamping, it’s best to have a smooth surface.

If you have an extra napkin or scrap of fabric, I recommend practicing on it. Get a feel for how the stamps work on the fabric and how your colored ink looks on the fabric.

After that, you’re ready to stamp. Load your stamp with ink and press firmly onto the fabric. (For this project, you’ll want pigment stamp pads since these work best on fabric.)


After you stamp once, you’ll need to load more ink before stamping again.


Continuing stamp until you’re happy with the completed design. Because of the way I was folding my napkins, I opted to stamp my leaves across the entire bottom of the napkin. The fun part is, you can choose whatever design, pattern, and location that works best for you.

Allow the ink to dry for at least thirty minutes. In order to be able to launder the napkins, you’ll need to set the ink. To do this, place a piece of scrap fabric over the design and iron on high.


With that, your DIY Stamped Napkins are complete, and the table is ready to set.

DIY Stamped Napkin |

As you can imagine, given the variety of stamps and ink colors available, your design options are almost limitless. No matter what the season or celebration, you’ll have the perfect napkin for your tablescape.

Beautiful DIY Stamped Napkins for Chic Entertaining |

Some of you have already figured out the process after seeing my DIY Stamped Snack Bags tutorial, but I thought detailing everything in one post might be helpful.

Also, a number of folks were asking about the stamps I used for both of these projects. The letter stamps came from Michael’s. I found the unique / modern stamps via Etsy.

Beautiful DIY Stamped Napkins for Chic Entertaining |

Talk to the Sun on Etsy has a beautiful selection of graphic and modern stamps. That’s where I purchased those awesome leaves. She offers hundreds of stamps that she has cut individually by hand, and she will do custom work.

Beautiful DIY Stamped Napkins for Chic Entertaining |

In fact, I recently commissioned her to make an IBC logo stamp. It’s perfection. I’ve been using it on letters and envelopes. I even made a couple IBC napkins.

Beautiful DIY Stamped Napkins for Chic Entertaining |
Beautiful DIY Stamped Napkins for Chic Entertaining |

She is based outside the United States so it does take a little longer for shipping, but it’s totally worth it. I also picked up a set of these pumpkins. I couldn’t resist.

Beautiful DIY Stamped Napkins for Chic Entertaining |
Beautiful DIY Stamped Napkins for Chic Entertaining |

I haven’t turned into a “stamping junky,” although I’m certainly having fun creating unique projects with these little guys.

Happy Stamping!

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  1. It doesn’t just look chic but pro also. If you have these stamped napkins during your Halloween party, it’s like you are eating in an elegant restaurant already. The idea is very unique and those stamps will sure be a trend this pumpkin season.