Beach Bum Terrarium


Technically, this isn’t a terrarium. However “Beach Bum Terrarium” (Say it out loud.) has a nicer ring than “Beach Bum Tabletop Garden.” Right?

Beach Bum Terrarium:

You probably don’t need a tutorial to put together a little garden, but I’m going to give you one anyway since this is such a cute project. As you’re sure to notice, this short tutorial is a lot like the one for my Tabletop Cactus Garden, but this time I’m using succulents.

This project was inspired by these model train people figures I found online. (You can find them here.)

Beach Bum Terrarium |

Beach Bum Terrarium |

The people are wearing bathing suits, bikinis, and Speedos. I love a touch of quirky in my home decor, so I had to find a way to incorporate the figures. This tabletop garden is my weird take on the fairy gardens that are popular right now.

Beach Bum Terrarium |

How to Make a Beach Bum Terrarium:

For this project, you’ll need:

  • a dish or bowl
  • soil
  • succulents
  • sand
  • green glass, blue glass, and natural stones
  • beach bums

Beach Bum Terrarium |

Start by planting your succulents in the soil.

Beach Bum Terrarium |

Beach Bum Terrarium |

With you’re succulents in place, create a beach with the sand and an ocean with the colored glass stones.

Beach Bum Terrarium |

Finally, insert some beach bums to enjoy this little paradise you created for them.

Beach Bum Terrarium |


Beach Bum Terrarium |

Beach Bum Terrarium |

Beach Bum Terrarium |

I told you that you didn’t need a tutorial. (But aren’t you happy I gave you one anyway?)

Beach Bum Terrarium |

Beach Bum Terrarium |

This adorable terrarium is the perfect decor item for this time of year. Use it to welcome the warmer weather and to escape to the beach in your mind. Aah, the surf and the sand!

You’re welcome.

myIBC |

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  • Alexis at

    Very nice. This made me smile!

  • Kristen at

    This is the cutest idea! I think I could even keep something like this alive – as long as my cat didn’t eat it. Love it!

  • Lilja at

    Adorable! Makes me smile – you always have such wonderful ideas!

  • Lisa B. at

    So much fun. I liked the tutorial and will add this to fun projects for the weekends 🙂

  • Julie Blanner at

    This makes me smile! What a fun and unique way to incorporate succulents.

  • Elle at

    Your guests will also enjoy this planter. Great conversation piece!

  • Patricia at

    This made me giggle. You’re always on vacation with this….

    • Laura ~ RYG at

      Totally making this, need a good laugh today! Terrariums are so hot right now. I think this is one of the best projects you’ve done so far, at least it’s my favorite!!!

  • Jessica at

    This is both adorable and hilarious. I just spent 10 min on Amazon going through all the funny little characters! Totally doing this. Or just adding people to my other planters. SO funny! Thanks!

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