6 Quick Tips to Refresh Your Home

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Expecting company at a moment’s notice and feeling like your home is a mess? Remain calm. With help from my friends at Febreze, I’m sharing six quick tips you can use to refresh and “clean” your home in a matter of minutes. You’ll never fear unexpected guests again.

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I don’t know about you, but as we kick off the new year, I’ve been in a major decluttering and simplifying mode. I’ve already packed away the holiday decor, given my home a deep clean, and now I’m ready to tackle all of those hidden spaces like closets, drawers, cabinets, etc.

During this time of year, my home is usually a hot mess. (It gets worse before it gets better, right?) And just when my home is looking less than perfect, that’s when it seems guests want to stop by for a visit with little notice! This got me thinking. Are there ways I can give my home a quick refresh when I just have a few minutes to spare?

You’re in luck because I’ve identified and am ready to share with you six easy ideas that you can use to quickly refresh your home. Whether you use one or all seven of these tips, you’ll be feeling less stressed when you find out short-notice visitors are on their way.

6 Quick Tips to Refresh Your Home

A fresh smelling home will instantly make your space feel comforting, clean and tidy. For this, my go-to is Febreze. I choose Febreze because, unlike its competitors, it is designed to work by neutralizing and eliminating odors at the molecular level. Thus, it doesn’t just mask odors, it eliminates them. Febreze comes in a variety of fragrances. Right now, I’m all about Febreze’s new Scent of the Year – Ember. It smells AMAZING and gives my guests the ultimate scent experience.

7 Quick Tips to Refresh Your Home #cleaning #springclean #homerefresh #quickclean #fresh

In addition to Febreze eliminating odors, I also love Febreze because it takes safety seriously, thus protecting my guests, my furry friends, and ME! The makers of Febreze follow a rigorous safety process that keeps your well-being a top priority. Febreze is a water-based formula with familiar ingredients like citric acid to neutralize bad smells, and cyclodextrin (a starch found in sweet corn and potatoes) to eliminate orders at the source. It also uses a 100% natural and non-flammable nitrogen propellant compared to VOC-containing propellants that are often found in air fresheners.

Bonus Tip: I’m a big fan of two other Febreze products that are constantly working behind the scenes to keep odor at bay. I use Febreze PLUG in my living room and Febreze SMALL SPACES in my bathrooms and kitty litter room. These are staples for me because you don’t have to get ready if you stay ready.

7 Quick Tips to Refresh Your Home #cleaning #springclean #homerefresh #quickclean #fresh

2. Use a Laundry Basket for Quick Pick-Up

Besides using them for their intended purpose, laundry baskets are one of my favorite “cleaning tools.” If you feel there is too much “stuff” lying around, grab a laundry basket, walk around the house, and pick up all the things that are making your space look cluttered and unkept. Then, place the filled laundry basket where your company won’t see it and deal with it later. Presto! I’m always amazed at how much you can fit into a laundry basket and how much tidier your whole house will look.

7 Quick Tips to Refresh Your Home #cleaning #springclean #homerefresh #quickclean #fresh

3. Fluff Pillows and Cushions

Having an inviting place to sit definitely makes a big difference in your home. One thing I like to do is fold up throws and blankets, straighten up the couch cushions, and give the pillows a little fluff. This will give your guests a welcoming, comfortable, and cozy place to sit.

7 Quick Tips to Refresh Your Home #cleaning #springclean #homerefresh #quickclean #fresh
7 Quick Tips to Refresh Your Home #cleaning #springclean #homerefresh #quickclean #fresh

4. Wipe Down Surfaces

I have an all-purpose cleaning spray that works on almost any surface. I’ll spray a rag and start in the kitchen and end in the bathroom. I can wipe things down in a jiffy and everything feels instantly cleaner. It doesn’t replace a deep clean, but it sure helps in a pinch.

dusting a shelf

5. Do A Quick Vacuum

When I’m doing a deep clean, my corded vacuum is a must. Nothing cleans better. However, I love my cordless vacuum for speedy cleaning. I have hardwood floors and an area rug and it works great on both. A quick vacuum will take care of any crumbs and dust balls. When I have a little time to spare, I also like going over my hardwood floors with a mop that has a built-in sprayer. It’s easy to do and no bucket of water is required!

7 Quick Tips to Refresh Your Home #cleaning #springclean #homerefresh #quickclean #fresh

6. Embrace Your Home As It Is

Last, but perhaps most importantly, there is peace and beauty in loving your home exactly as it is — messiness included! Realistically, you should never be embarrassed by how your home looks. We’ve all been there. We’ve all had those days when life trumps a clean home. I think if each of us accepts and embraces this reality, we will have a little more empathy with ourselves and others.

7 Quick Tips to Refresh Your Home #cleaning #springclean #homerefresh #quickclean #fresh

That’s a Wrap!

And those are my six tips to give your home a quick refresh. All things considered, I think you could do most, if not all of these quick tips in under fifteen minutes if you kick it into high gear. Whatever doesn’t get done will have to be good enough. If necessary, you can always distract them with dessert or a cocktail. Ha!

I hope you found these tips helpful.

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  1. I’m loving that your home is beautiful, thoughtfully put together, but also LIVED IN. I’m interior design obsessed, and it’s refreshing to find a voice with an aesthetic I enjoy, that feels like I could sit down and be myself in. Kudos!

    After reading a couple of your posts, I found this one and immediately ordered the Febreeze Small Spaces Pet product – a 4-pack. So if your sponsors wonder whether you’re doing a good job, thumbs up from me.

  2. Oh my goodness I use the laundry basket all the time. So much so I have had to become VERY vigilant about NOT using it for “the quick pick up” and make sure it stays in the laundry room to keep, you know, clean or dirty clothes and towels . . . . . . : )

  3. My quick clean-up is similar – de clutter, vacuum and give the bathrooms (just the public ones if it a day visit) a quick wipe down. I feel if those areas are clean my whole house seems cleaner. Thanks for the tips – and for making me think about my “wpemergency plan”!

  4. Thanks for making me feel a bit better about “good is sometimes just good enough”. I’m learning to be more relaxed about that with each year. Thanks for the tips, but I must admit, I cannot imagine your home EVER looking like the last photo!

  5. So happy to see your home. It looks wonderful (and cozy) as always. Thanks for sharing. And will be checking out Ember! Also loved seeing Leo in the video!