Paint by Number Gallery Wall

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Today I’m sharing how I created a Paint by Number Gallery Wall along with my tips and tricks for sourcing beautiful paint by numbers.

How to Create a Vintage Paint By Number Gallery Wall #paintbynumber #vintage #PBN #gallerywall #walldecor #painting #vintagefinds #antique

How to Create a Vintage Paint By Number Gallery Wall #paintbynumber #vintage #PBN #gallerywall #walldecor #painting #vintagefinds #antique

My Love of Paint by Numbers:

After finding a vintage paint by number on a trip to Texas about two years ago, I developed a love for the somewhat forgotten art form. (I hung this one above my sink in my apartment kitchen!) Since then, I collected more vintage paint by number pieces to style a gallery wall in my family room. Many loyal IBC readers will also remember that I hung a large modern paint by number in my dining room for the holidays. You can see that here in case you missed it.

And I used a framed paint by number as inspiration for the design of my master bedroom! Check that out here.

How to Create a Vintage Paint By Number Gallery Wall #paintbynumber #vintage #PBN #gallerywall #walldecor #painting #vintagefinds #antique

Why am I enamored of these paintings? There are many reasons. I love that each one is unique in some way. I love knowing that, even though the painter was following a pattern, a human being spent time creating this artwork. In general, I also just love the style and how the colors and patterns work together.

Recently, I added a couple more pieces to my wall, so I thought I’d share a quick update and talk more about how I created this unusual gallery wall.

Paint by Number Gallery Wall:

Here is how my Paint by Number Gallery Wall looks today:

How to Create a Vintage Paint By Number Gallery Wall #paintbynumber #vintage #PBN #gallerywall #walldecor #painting #vintagefinds #antique

I first hung these in the fall of last year and shared them as part of a tour of my family room for the season.

I kept them on the wall throughout the winter but replaced three of them with more seasonal paint by numbers. I was lucky enough to find ones that featured snowy scenes.

With spring on my mind, I switched them up again and decided to add two more paintings that I found last summer at a local flea market. They are the city scenes at the top and bottom of the grouping. I’d never seen paint by numbers like these, so I thought they were special finds.

How to Create a Vintage Paint By Number Gallery Wall #paintbynumber #vintage #PBN #gallerywall #walldecor #painting #vintagefinds #antique

How to Create a Vintage Paint By Number Gallery Wall #paintbynumber #vintage #PBN #gallerywall #walldecor #painting #vintagefinds #antique

As much as I liked how I had originally hung the grouping, the addition of two pieces gave this gallery wall more impact and made it feel complete.

I am smitten with this particular collection. I passed on many paint by numbers that didn’t quite suit my style or fit with what I was looking for. I realize that this is all highly subjective. You may dislike my choices, but that’s okay. It’s all about collecting what YOU love.

How To Arrange a Gallery Wall:

I didn’t take photos of the process I followed in determining the gallery wall arrangement. I simply laid out the paintings on the floor to figure out the placement and spacing.

This worked well for the most part. I did have to adjust a nail or two because I wasn’t ultra-precise in my measurements, but that doesn’t bother me too much. (Just don’t go looking behind the artwork. Ha!)


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How to Create a Vintage Paint By Number Gallery Wall #paintbynumber #vintage #PBN #gallerywall #walldecor #painting #vintagefinds #antique

How to Create a Vintage Paint By Number Gallery Wall #paintbynumber #vintage #PBN #gallerywall #walldecor #painting #vintagefinds #antique

How to Create a Vintage Paint By Number Gallery Wall #paintbynumber #vintage #PBN #gallerywall #walldecor #painting #vintagefinds #antique

I also want to encourage you (if you are designing a gallery wall) to hang the art higher and lower than you normally would. As you can see, some of my pieces are hung rather high, while others are close to the floor. This won’t work in every instance, but I think it creates a dynamic look in this location.

Where to Find Paint by Numbers?

Whenever I share a picture of my collection, one of the most frequently asked questions is where do I find paint by numbers. Since most of the paintings I buy are vintage, here are my go-to sources:

Family Members:
I can’t tell you how many people have told me that they remember their parents or grandparents doing these paintings or having paintings like these. That’s why I recommend asking older family members if they have things like this. If they’re forgetful, ask them if you can rummage through their attic, basement, and closets.

Vintage pieces are even more special if the artist is a family member.

Antique Stores / Flea Markets:
I also recommend visiting local antique stores and flea markets. You can find paint by number pieces online (We’ll talk about that below.), but I prefer seeing them in person. The colors and quality of the artwork (Some are better than others.) are important to me, and those details aren’t always visible online. Trust me. I’ve been burned.

When you’re looking for something in particular, it pays to visit antique shops and thrift stores regularly rather than sporadically. The more you go, the better your chances are of finding what you’re searching for, especially when something becomes more popular (as is the case with paint by number). I also follow my favorite antique stores on Instagram and Facebook since they typically post when new inventory is available.

Sidenote: If you are local to Pittsburgh and want to check out my favorite antique stores, I have a list with all of my recommendations HERE.

Thrift Stores:
The above principles also apply to thrift stores. I don’t love thrift stores as much, although I do visit them from time to time. If you’re looking for the best prices, thrift stores are the way to go. Just know that your hunt may take longer and be more tedious.

Etsy / eBay:
If you want to shop from home, Etsy and eBay are your new best friends. Again, I find it hard to accurately assess quality and color in some of the online photos, so there are risks. I also think the prices are a bit higher, and in most cases, you have to pay for shipping. (A couple of my pieces are from eBay.)

  • Find Vintage Paint by Numbers on Etsy HERE
  • Find Vintage Paint by Numbers on eBay HERE

Resale Apps (Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Chairish, LetGo, etc.):
Last but not least, there are plenty of local online resources and apps for you to check for paint by numbers or other vintage pieces. At this point, there are almost too many. It can easily get overwhelming. I stick to Facebook Marketplace and a local resale group on Facebook. I’m a fan of Facebook Marketplace because it allows me to save items and set up notifications in case a new item with the specified search terms is posted. I recommend doing what works best for you and your search. If you’re desperately seeking something, check them all.

How to Create a Vintage Paint By Number Gallery Wall #paintbynumber #vintage #PBN #gallerywall #walldecor #painting #vintagefinds #antique

How to Create a Vintage Paint By Number Gallery Wall #paintbynumber #vintage #PBN #gallerywall #walldecor #painting #vintagefinds #antique

Phew! That’s a lot of information. I hope it was helpful and that you enjoyed the updated and close-up look at my paint by number gallery wall.

I tried my best to anticipate your questions. However, if there’s something else I might be able to tell you about paint by numbers, please let me know in the comments below. I’m always happy to help.

Happy Hunting!

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  1. Love your gallery wall. I have a number of smallish paintings and can see how to use them in a gallery on the staircase, instead of having them stacked in a corner. Thanks for the inspiration. Always love your posts, you have great ideas.

  2. Michael,
    I just found your blog. You have a beautiful home and great style!
    I guess I know what I’ll be doing for a few hours…;)

    I love paint by numbers as well and didn’t know they were popular again. I love the graphicness of them, and that they are painted. They are nice and crisp looking. And of course, I love the homey and vintage vibes of them.
    I found 4 paint by numbers that my father did when he was a teenager. I have them now displayed in my home.
    Two are of Jesus, and two are of a forest scene with a river and deer. If you put them together it sort of makes one large picture. They are really special to me.

    Thanks for the inspiration.
    New Hampshire

  3. Love these, and they add a fun and unique element to the space. The mountain paintings are my favorite reminds me of home in the PNW. I will need to get on the search for these! Thank you for sharing.

  4. I got here via a Wall Street Journal article about the Paint-by-Number sets and how they are back and customizable.
    You and your website are mentioned in the article!

    My father had a stroke in 1960 and a neighbor gave him a set of paint-by-numbers to help him get his hand coordination back (Smart neighbor! This was before physical and occupational therapies). I would come home from first grade and he would be upstairs in the bedroom, painting on the canvas set up on a tv tray. He had to stay on one floor (or only go up and down once a day). I have those paintings now and when I look at them, I remember how he calmly focused on finishing them.

    Here’s the article link in case someone wants to read it:

    1. Pat! I’m so glad you found your way here. It was a joy to be interviewed for that article. I love that you have those paintings from your father. What a gift! Treasure them.

      xo Michael

  5. Michael…this is wonderful! So many times on blogs you see posting of things that are so over replicated and not so original, BUT that is why. I LOVE your blog and all that you share. You have such great personal style and are so authentic..just amazing! Thank you

    1. You are so sweet! It’s funny because lately I’ve been SOOOOO drawn to antique shopping because I’m SO tired of seeing the same things over and over and over again. I’m glad you appreciate this. It means the world to me!

      xo Michael

  6. Love these. They take me back to when we often received the kits at birthday parties. They came with the brushes and little pots of paint. The deluxe sets had two canvases. You have a great collection. Did you do the frames?
    They go together so well. This is a fun wall.

  7. I LOVE this! And I love how you’ve hung them in a narrow space both high and low. The only thing I wouldn’t do is hang paint by numbers in other rooms. What makes this so special wouldn’t look so special if they were hung throughout the house. Takes away from the wow factor. Just one gal’s opinion tho….

  8. Michael1 Your PBN gallery wall looks wonderful! As my collection grew to over 100, I spent much time studying them and loving them. I envision a young child working on one of the dogs that is so charming. Or an older adult pouring over getting each tiny space just so. I love the character they portray of time long gone.
    Hoping you enjoy yours as much also!
    Oh, and so wish you were here to help me with the giant gallery wall in my tiny home!!!!
    As always, love your style. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  9. Love your gallery wall. Your two new pictures made me think of Thomas Kincaid’s beautiful paintings. A rare glad you have them in your home.

  10. They not only still have them at big stores, but there are specialty online stores that sell them and you can also buy them on Amazon. Facebook has a bunch of paint by number groups as well. One company I’ve bought them from is Max Novelty but they come from China so the shipping is often slow. But they’re very high quality now, and they have tons of patterns. I have a new one coming from Amazon this week!

  11. They still sell these kits at a few large stores like Walmart at Christmas time. Every Christmas I always got these! I would be able to decorate all the walls in my house if I had kept them. Maybe they are hanging in a home somewhere.

  12. Michael,
    I love your vintage paint by number collection and your newer find of the city scape is one I have never seen before. I would dare to say its very rare. I only have one paint by number of swans/lake and park scene. It has some coral in it so I painted the frame a high gloss coral. I really love the way it turned out but I know many people who like leaving the frames untouched such as yours. I am hoping to find one of flamingos or cranes and have seen them on Ebay but they are very pricey. My friends granddaughter is into horses and she has decorated her horse theme bedroom using some horse paint by numbers. Happy hunting!

    1. Thank you so much, Teresa! Yes – I thought the city scenes were a very special find. I do agree that Etsy and eBay are the most expensive options. Check local antique and thrift stores. I love the thrill of the hunt! Good luck!

      xo Michael