New Home Accessories from Friends!

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Today I’m sharing several new home accessories that I received from several friends who are artists/makers. Let me show you the art prints, candles, tasty treat, and antique treasures that I got!

New Home Accessories from Friends

Yesterday, I was reading one of my favorite blogs – Miss Mustard Seed. She was telling about some of the goodies she recently got from friends, artists, and makers. Since I’ve also received a few similar things, I thought I’d do the same kind of post. (Thanks for the inspiration, Marian!)

I LOVE to shop so not being in a store for 5+ weeks has been a real bummer. Not only do I enjoy finding interesting items, but seeing what new things are for sale is a huge source of inspiration for me. Although I realize there are much bigger problems in the world right now, I can’t wait to get back to shopping and antiquing. Who’s with me?

Despite not being able to visit brick-and-mortar stores, I’ve been doing everything I can to support local businesses, online artists, and fellow creatives and makers. That’s why today I wanted to take time to share these places with you. There are dozens of stores I support locally and online. These are just a few I’ve used most recently. (I’ve also shared a few coupon codes below, so look out for those!)

Let’s get into it!

Finding Home Farms

I could devote an entire post to Finding Home Farms. They are THAT good! If you’ve been following IBC for a while, you’ve probably heard me mention them any time I’ve used maple syrup. Why? Well, they make the BEST maple syrup! I am not exaggerating.

Home Accessories from Friends: Finding Home Farms - Maple Syrup and Candles #maplesyrup #candles #findinghomefarms #syrup

They have been making maple syrup since 2015, and since then, it’s the only brand I’ll buy.

They sell other maple goodies as well, including their Rye Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, Maple Sugar, Maple Mustard, and Maple Candy.

Home Accessories from Friends: Finding Home Farms - Maple Syrup and Candles #maplesyrup #candles #findinghomefarms #syrup

Finding Home Farms also sells candles, and they recently launched a new collection called Cedar Lakes Estate. This collection has three scents (Woods, Cabin, and Lake), which are reminiscent of summer camp and retreats at the lake. Woods and Cabin are my favorites!

Home Accessories from Friends: Finding Home Farms - Maple Syrup and Candles #maplesyrup #candles #findinghomefarms #syrup
Home Accessories from Friends: Finding Home Farms - Maple Syrup and Candles #maplesyrup #candles #findinghomefarms #syrup

I also love their Reserve Collection of candles, with Black Current and Thyme being a favorite. You can also check out their other new collection “Shine”. (This collection would make a great Mother’s Day gift!) I’m loving the Grapefruit scent!

Home Accessories from Friends: Finding Home Farms - Maple Syrup and Candles #maplesyrup #candles #findinghomefarms #syrup

Laura of Finding Home Farms graciously sent me a few of the candles to sample after I placed an order for maple syrup and a candle.

For more about Finding Home Farms and all their goodies, be sure to visit their website. You can find them on Instagram @findinghomefarms to get the latest news.

Home Accessories from Friends: Finding Home Farms - Maple Syrup and Candles #maplesyrup #candles #findinghomefarms #syrup


Laurel-Dawn Corner Studio

The artwork of Laurel-Dawn Latshaw was new to me, but as soon as I saw it, I fell in love. What I enjoy most about her work is how she under paints in bold reds and pinks. It is unique and beautiful. To me, it’s like a mix of new and old which you know I love.

Home Accessories from Friends: Laurel-Dawn Corner Studio #artwork #art #prints #modern #homedecor

I found Laurel-Dawn via Instagram and shortly after I obsessively liked a ton of her photos, she was kind enough to send me two prints at no charge. I was thrilled!

Once they arrived, I ordered two frames (These are the ones.) and hung them in my dining room. They are perfect!

Home Accessories from Friends: Laurel-Dawn Corner Studio #artwork #art #prints #modern #homedecor

I now closely follow Laurel-Dawn on Instagram because she often sells her original work. This past weekend, I was able to purchase a piece from her latest collection. Her originals sell out in minutes so I felt very lucky. The painting hasn’t arrived yet, but I’ll be sure to share it when it does.

Laurel-Dawn Corner Studio COUPON CODE:

I also asked Laurel-Dawn if she would provide IBC readers with a coupon code, and she graciously obliged. She’s offering 20% her prints!

Enter code: INSPIREDBYCHARM20 at checkout to save 20% off prints. This coupon expires 4/27/2020. It applies to prints only. 

Be sure to heck out all of her work (and shop) on her website. She has many prints for sale. You can also find her work on Instagram @lauraldawn.cornerstudio. Be sure to follow her there if you’re looking to snag an original. She typically mentions when new pieces are live on her site.

Home Accessories from Friends: Laurel-Dawn Corner Studio


Pisarcik Flower Farm (Local to Pittsburgh)

Although I know this particular recommendation probably doesn’t apply to anyone who lives outside the Pittsburgh area, it would be remiss of me not to mention Pisarcik Flower Farm.

(HOWEVER, if you are looking for dahlia tubers or ranunculus corms, I believe they will ship those nationwide.)

Home Accessories from Friends: Pisarcik Flower Farm #flowers #farmflowers #farmersmarket #pittsburgh #pgh
Home Accessories from Friends: Pisarcik Flower Farm #flowers #farmflowers #farmersmarket #pittsburgh #pgh

Anywho, if you are local to Pittsburgh, a few weeks ago Pisarcik launched an Online Farmer’s Market with flower bouquets, greens, eggs, honey, perennials, indoor plants, and more. The offerings are updated on Thursdays, and items can be scheduled for pickup on Friday and Saturday. Local delivery (within 25 miles of their farm) is available on Saturday.

I discovered Pisarcik Flower Farm about two years ago and have been in love with them ever since. They come weekly to a local farmers market in my neighborhood, and I go there almost every week to buy their fresh flower bouquets and other goodies. Last summer I even made a few trips to their farm and greenhouse for annual and perennial flowers.

It’s also worth mentioning that they hold flower workshops (I’m hoping to attend one this year.), and they have a Flower Studio if you need flowers for a wedding! You can find more details on their website or find them on Instagram @pisarcik_flowers.

Home Accessories from Friends: Pisarcik Flower Farm #flowers #farmflowers #farmersmarket #pittsburgh #pgh


Antiquing via Instagram Stories

And finally, if you’re missing antique shopping as much as I am, you might use Instagram stories to check out virtual antique/thrift sales.

I’m sure dozens are happening, but unfortunately, there’s no good way to find them all. However, I wanted to share two that I recently purchased from.

Megan of Goods Resurrected has been doing a ton of sales via Instagram stories. We chat back and forth on Instagram, so I asked if she could do a sale for Paint-by-Numbers. (As you may recall, I have a collection of them in my family room.) She did, and I found a painting I love! (I’m glad I was able to support her and do a little antique shopping from home.)

Home Accessories from Friends: Vintage Finds on Etsy #paintbynumber #vintage #art #homedecor #homeaccessories
Home Accessories from Friends: Vintage Finds on Etsy #paintbynumber #vintage #art #homedecor #homeaccessories

If you’re wanting to do virtual antique shopping, be sure to follow @goodresurrected. You can also find Megan via her Etsy shop. Check out her antique finds!

Christina of The White Pepper Vintage also recently did several sales via Instagram Stories. I snagged more art, including this small framed collage of vintage postage stamps as well as a vintage yard long (panoramic) portrait. If you remember, I had a pair of these vintage yard longs in my family room. I’m excited about finding this third one!

Home Accessories from Friends: Vintage Finds on Etsy #paintbynumber #vintage #art #homedecor #homeaccessories
Home Accessories from Friends: Vintage Finds on Etsy #paintbynumber #vintage #art #homedecor #homeaccessories

For even more virtual antique shopping, follow @thewhitepepper vintage. You can also find Christina through her Etsy shop. She sells lots of vintage items.

Well, that’s all I have for you today. I hope you’ll take some time to visit these artists, makers, and sellers. I’m certain you’ll find an irresistible treasure or two.

This is a new type of post for me, so if you’ve enjoyed it, please let me know in the comments below. I love discovering new items and places to shop and thought you might, too.

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  1. You always seem to know just what to do with a recent find or treasure! Everything looks so beautiful. Love that boat paint by number on your blue wall!

    And you can send that tin collection AND little wall cabinet my way when you’re done with it! Swoon!

  2. Thank you Michael for this post. I love collecting vintage art. I have many (needlepoint, paint-by-number, photos, hand painted scenes, etc that I have found at Thrift stores among other places. I love the work that people have put into their craft. Didn’t realize that many are available to purchase online. Enjoyed your many finds.

  3. These are great! Thanks, Michael! I love checking out new sites and recommendations. I, too, am missing shopping, so I like having new ones to check out. Plus, supporting smaller and local businesses is a great way to help them out during these difficult times. I love this post idea!
    Stay safe, and thanks for your blog posts. It helps to have a little sunshine in my inbox nowadays!

  4. Yes, I am missing going to our antique mall where we sell our items. It has been closed, so no sales which is fine, but it means less shopping for me too! We just got invited to an estate sale that looks wonderful, but it is on hold for now. It gives us something fun to look forward to.
    It does seem trivial to yearn for these things with all the sadness going on, but when you love it and it is your passion in life, it effects how we feel. I guess it is the same feeling as people who Love sports, etc.
    Keep praying we will be out of this soon. We will emerge stronger and wiser.
    Next time I get to Pittsburg to see my niece who is doing her masters at Carnegie Mellon, I would love for you to do a must see for antique and home decor shopping. We have the same taste, so i know you have some great haunts,

  5. Love this post! Please continue, okay? Nice to read what’s going on in other parts of the US.
    These are sure crazy times, so I’m trying to keep upbeat.
    Stay safe, Michael.

  6. I just loved the long vintage picture that you showed on your blog this morning. My Mother & Father are 5th cousins and I have a long vintage picture of their family reunion in 1929. It shows both sets of grandparents, great grandparents & great great grandparents on both sides of their family. This is one of my most prized items in my home. Love reading your blog and the great recipes & decorating ideas you write about. BTW I am a fellow Pennsylvania native but from the eastern side of the state in Lancaster County. Have a great weekend & stay safe!

  7. Piscarcik’s is less than 10 minutes from my house. They are a wonderful place for flowers. Last year I purchased their subscription for fresh bouquets and this year purchased their punchcard for the bouquets. We also get our summer baskets from them. They are gorgeous too. For Easter last weekend, I got 2 of their Easter bouquets. They were gorgeous and are just now showing signs of being near the end of their cut flower life. I love Pisarcik’s, and wanted to add an extra two cents worth of praise and support for them. I couldn’t agree more with what you have said about them.

  8. Great post! Thanks for sharing the inspiration, codes and shops. Check out Alias Koch as she also underpaints with reds and has been holding classes. The Gilded Sparrow has been having online sales of vintage and antique items.