The Little Entryway That Could

I’m back today with a quick and easy, yet super functional DIY project. You might remember that about a year ago I gave my small entryway a dose of color and style. Today, I’m returning to the space to add a bit more style, plus a dose of utility.

The Little Coat Rack that Could | Inspired by Charm

As you probably know, I’m part of the Lowe’s Creative Blogging Team. (I’ve been a pretty terrible blogger lately, and I’m behind on a few posts. In other words, you can expect more DIY posts in the near future. However, feeling my mojo slowly returning, I’m excited and inspired to take on some much-needed home projects.) This month we were given free range to tackle any project we wanted, so I decided to focus on the organizational side of things.

As you can see in the picture above, I added a super fancy coat rack to my space. And by super fancy, I mean that I attached wood to the wall and then coat hooks to the wood.

The Little Coat Rack that Could | Inspired by Charm

So simple, but the project turned out really chic, and it’s exactly what I wanted and needed for this space. Let me show you how it came together.

The Little Coat Rack that Could | Inspired by Charm

First,I went to Lowe’s and picked up several 1×4″ pine boards. Then, I searched and searched for the perfect coat hook. When I came across the Sumner Street Garment Hook, I knew I had a winner. I love the brass finish, and the overall style works well with the rest of my house.

The Little Coat Rack that Could | Inspired by Charm

Next, I used a miter saw to cut the wood to fit the space. Then, I attached the wood pieces to the wall. To do this, I used six screws on each board. I also pre-drilled the holes to prevent the wood from splitting.

The Little Coat Rack that Could | Inspired by Charm

Once that was complete, I filled the holes with spackling and painted the board the same color and sheen as my trim work.

The Little Coat Rack that Could | Inspired by Charm

When the paint was dry, I was ready to add the hooks. After some careful measuring and leveling, I marked all the holes for the screws, pre-drilled them, and attached the hooks.

The Little Coat Rack that Could | Inspired by Charm

The Little Coat Rack that Could | Inspired by Charm

My quick, easy, and super functional project was now complete

The Little Coat Rack that Could | Inspired by Charm

Clearly, as a single guy, I don’t need twelve hooks. But I wanted something to visually fill the space without having to put up a bunch of decorations. Plus, I love brass, so the more the merrier!

The Little Coat Rack that Could | Inspired by Charm

Overall, I’m thrilled with the way things turned out. I’m always amazed at how such a simple project, that takes very little hands-on time, can finish off a space. These small details are certainly helping to transform my house into a home. And best of all, now when people come to visit, instead of just throwing their coats on a chair, they have a place to hang them. I love this project for that reason alone.

The Little Coat Rack that Could | Inspired by Charm

Well, that wraps up another fun DIY project here on IBC. What do you think of this small change to my entryway? Have you done something similar?

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  • Rebecca G in SC at

    I love this! And it even looks like something I could do! I might just give it a go. I’ve got a similar space beside my front door where I think it would work very well. Thanks for sharing!

  • emily at

    simple and lovely! my favorite kind of diy.

  • Erika at

    Looks Great! I am in the process of doing that right now! We have one row of hooks but I want another for bookbags and misc stuff!

  • ananda at

    hi michael! i love how spontaneous and smart this diy is!! it’s really functional, but also great for composing some decorative elements to celebrate special occasions!

  • Amanda at

    Absolutely love the style and simplicity of this project! Huge impact without the clutter or distraction that décor can bring to a tiny spot, and to top it off… it’s functional! *clouds parting and angels singing* It looks like it has been there all along. Bravo! Now off to wander around our house and see where I could emulate this project! 😀

  • Krystal at

    Absolutely love it! Bummed though that the Lowe’s in Canada doesn’t carry the hooks. Please enjoy them for me 😉

  • Debra W at

    I do like this. A big difference in look for such a small space. Simple enough for even me to do. I have found that about all your projects. You make them where we all can do it. And we get to have a stylish home without the big price tag. Thanks so much. Absolutely love your decorating taste.

  • Megan at

    I LOVE this. So simple but SO chic. It looks natural, decorative and functional all at the same time. I really wish I had a space for a similar project in my own home!

  • Cynthia at

    Michael, If that were my project I would be tickled “Pink”. It looks fab~ and I love the pull that the gold bowl on the table has with the hooks~ I agree with Cecile, I see a bench or something in it’s future~ Nice job!!

  • Reenie at

    I love that. Lately, I’ve been all about that brass, about that brass…. no silver!! ha!! 🙂

    • Cecile at

      Now you need a shoe rack under.

  • Laura at

    Looks great! And I LOVE that blue rug! Where is it from?

  • Michelle Vincent at

    Those look great! Your house is so beauitful!

  • Elise at

    BEAUTIFUL! It fits the space perfectly!

  • Peggy at

    So need something like this at our back door. Simple but classic. And there is just the two of us but we could fill all the hooks. LOL

  • Sara at

    Wow, that looks fabulous! Such a simple project, but so much impact. Love it!

  • Charleen at

    I love that Michael! I’m already brainstorming where I can put one of my own. Those hooks are the best. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Linda B at

    Looks great! You make something so simple look so stylist! I’ve been looking for inspiration for my laundry/mud hall. I lost two coat closets to a renovation which involved moving the furnace…better for the flow of the house but we literally have no coat or utility closet. This is a perfect solution. Thank you! On a side note, as we continue to renovate, DH keeps wanting to expand rooms at the expense of more closets. He says I am obsessed with storage. I am!!! Please tell me that I am not alone!

  • Sue at

    I agree, it looks like it was meant to be there. I could totally see myself (a DIY-challenged person) doing this too; it would be perfect for my kids’ bookbags, etc. I love the brass hooks too. It looks awesome!

  • Debbie at

    It looks great… though it should have always been that way.

  • Beth of designPOST interiors at

    These kind of projects are my favorite. I bet you have walked by and stopped to look at those hooks several times since hanging them and just smiled. I would 🙂

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Haha. Several times? Talk about EVERY time. Haha!

      xo Michael

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