What’s the Tea: Fall Update


Happy Almost-November, my friends! I don’t know about you, but I have NO idea where September and October went. It’s as if I blinked, and they were gone. Anyone else feeling the same?

It’s been a hot minute since I last checked in and chatted so I thought I’d do that today. And while I’m thinking about it, I’m also curious if you like these occasional personal posts, or if I should just stick to content. I’m always on the fence about writing these, so if you have a feeling either way, please let me know in the comments below.

And while you’re in the comments, I would LOVE to know if there is any specific thing you’d like me to blog about during the upcoming holiday season. I know it might seem a tad early, but my wheels are already turning. If you have any Christmas blog post requests, now is the time to let me know!

The “New” House
I think after this post I’m going to stop referring to Bayberry House as my “new” house. Lol. I’ve been here a little over four months now, and it’s been great. I still have moments when it doesn’t seem as if it’s “official” or actually my house, but I suppose that’s natural and that the house will feel more like mine as I continue to settle in and put my stamp on it.

Making progress with the decor has been much slower than I expected. I’m not sure why – fear of screwing something up, not being settled on a design direction, or my lack of inspiration? Nonetheless, I have pulled the trigger on a few things, including the purchase of new living room furniture and family room/den furniture. My hope is that the furniture will kick-start progress. With the holidays quickly approaching, I want things to begin feeling more like home.

In other news, I did have a larger electrical box installed. While the electricians were here, they also put in boxes for sconces in the family room and ran the cable line through the wall. (It had been strung across the floor near the baseboard.) I’ll probably write a separate post about that in the coming weeks.

What's the Tea: Fall Update

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I also had a bit of landscaping done in front of the house. It was a rather frustrating adventure so I haven’t shared much, but I’ll be working on a post about it ASAP.

What's the Tea: Fall Update

This past weekend I had my first indoor fire in the big fireplace. It was magical but smokier than I thought it should be. I’m having a chimney sweep come by next week to clean everything, make sure the fireplace is functioning properly, and give me a lesson on operating it correctly. I am so excited to have a wood-burning fireplace and will definitely be taking advantage of it on chilly evenings.

I’m still filled with great excitement and joy about this new home and what it will become. It’s just coming together a bit differently than I anticipated.

Kitchen Remodel
Since purchasing the house I have talked about wanting to start work on the kitchen, and in some ways I have. Because I have limited experience in kitchen planning, l decided to consult a designer. She has been fabulous, and I will be sharing more details about all of that soon. The new kitchen layout is designed, and we found a cabinet maker so progress is being made.

However, finding a general contractor has been more challenging. There is someone I’d like to work with, but he’s been very busy with another project. (I’m also not sure I can afford him since I’m still waiting on his bid.) My hope is that I’ll know more in a couple weeks. Once things are close to being finalized, I’ll share the process and details here on the blog. My guess is that if things do work out, nothing will start until December or January.

Watercolor Class
I also decided to sign up for a Watercolor Class this fall through my neighborhood’s adult education series. The class has met twice so far, and it’s been such fun. I took art and drawing classes in high school and college, but I haven’t done very much in that arena since then. It’s been great to flex those muscles again.

What's the Tea: Fall Update

What's the Tea: Fall Update

(The images above are just practice pieces, so please don’t judge me two harshly. And yes, the martini glass was inspired by my Halloween Recipe Card Printable!)

I’m not sure how or if it will translate to the blog. Maybe I’ll create a few printables for the blog. We’ll see! I’ve also signed up to take a general painting technique class at a local studio shortly after the watercolor class ends. Painting is definitely something I would like to continue to do.

How to Start a Blog
Every now and then folks ask me questions about how to start a blog, how to earn money from a blog, and so on. These are tough questions to answer as there is a lot involved. However, I finally have what I think is a good answer. My friend and fellow blogger Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone recently launched a blog course. In it, she starts a new blog and walks you through the process step-by-step. Lisa is an incredibly hard worker and dedicated blogger so I’m confident this course will rock. There is an initial investment, but if you are serious about starting a blog as a business and want to put in the time, this course may be for you. You can read more about the course here.

Current Favorites:

That wraps up the major updates, although I’m sure I’m missing something. I recently did a Q&A on my Instagram stories. You can follow along here. I’ll add the Q&A to my Instagram Highlights. Just in case you missed it, you’ll be able to find them there.

Before I go, here are a few of my current favorite things:

So excited to welcome these books to my collection:
Cook Like a Pro by Ina Garten
Make Something Good Today by Erin and Ben Napier
Living the Simply Luxurious Life – Shannon Ables
Cozy Minimalist Home – Myquillyn Smith (aka The Nester)

I’m also a big fan of new Christmas music. I’ve ordered Martina McBride and Ingrid Michaelson’s new Holiday albums.

This leaf blower is my favorite new tool. It’s light and powerful. I’ve used it almost every day this fall.

I’m obsessed with this collaboration between Brandi Carlile and Sam Smith. It’s so good! She’s one of my favorites.

You have to check out these adorable pillow decorations. What a fun way to change your throw pillows for the seasons!

Fellow Wicked fans, there is a TV special airing on Monday, October 29th on NBC celebrating the 15th anniversary of the musical. You can read more about it here.

Well, that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed this short update. Have a fabulous week, everyone!

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    Hi! Just came across your blog and am loving it! As a Pittsburgh native, I totally appreciate all of your insight! Congrats on your beautiful home! Do you mind saying what community of the city this is? I’ve never seen anything like it!

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