Must-Try Valentine’s Day Recipes

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These Must-Try Valentine’s Day recipes are a delicious, festive, and fun way to celebrate the holiday.

Due to a busy January and early February, I’m not planning to go all out for Valentine’s Day this year. However, I do think it’s a wonderful holiday for creating unique and homemade treats to celebrate the ones you love. That’s why I put together this list of Must-Try Valentine’s Day recipes.

In the past, I’ve shared several Valentine’s Day recipes here on IBC. Today, I thought it would be fun to bring all of those recipes together to give you a one-stop-spot for your Valentine’s Day planning.

So, whether you’re celebrating with that special someone, hanging out with friends, or watching your favorite romantic comedy at home on your couch (that’s what I’ll be doing), give one of these delicious ideas a try for a sweet handmade Valentine’s Day.

Must-Try Valentine’s Day Recipes:

Sweater Cookies
If you’re looking to impress, get creative with frosting by whipping up some of these Valentine-themed Sweater Cookies.

Valentine's Day Sweater Cookies - 10 Recipes to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Red Velvet Waffle Cookies
Speaking of creative cookies, try “baking” cookies in your waffle iron with this recipe for Red Velvet Waffle Cookies.

Red Velvet Waffle Cookies - 10 Recipes to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Peanut Butter Cup Rice Krispies Treats
If you’re tight on time, a few Valentine sprinkles go a long way in making these Peanut Butter Cup Rice Krispies Treats a must-have for the holiday.

Peanut Butter Cup Rice Krispies Treats - 10 Recipes to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day “Snack”cuterie

Create a dynamic display of sweet treats for the holiday. The best part about this Valentine’s Day “Snack”cuterie is that you don’t have to make anything. Just assemble and style!

Valentine's Day Snack Ideas #valentinesday #valentine #treat #snack #dessert #decor #entertaining #barcart #snackcuterie

Mixed Berry Pot Pies
Give your heart away this Valentine’s Day in the form of these heart-shaped mini Mixed Berry Pot Pies. Top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for best results.

Mixed Berry Pot Pies with Ice Cream for Valentine's Day - valentine's day dessert recipes

Chocolate Chips
If you’ve never had potato chips drizzled with chocolate, you’re missing out. These Chocolate Chips are so easy and crazy delicious.

Chocolate Drizzle Potato Chips - 10 Recipes to Celebrate Valentine's Day

White Chocolate Chex Mix
This recipe for White Chocolate Chex Mix is so simple and yields a really delicious treat. It’s great for packing up in in little baggies and sharing as a gift for Valentine’s Day. Here, I packed mine with little shovels and a tag that reads “I dig you.” Too cute!

Side note: While this color combination is ideal for Valentine’s Day, you can simply change the color of the M&Ms to match any occasion or holiday.

This Valentine's Day White Chocolate Chex Mix makes the perfect sweet treat to give.

White Texas Sheet Cake
If you need dessert for a crowd, this White Texas Sheet Cake is it! You can also throw it together in a pinch because it’s really quick and simple to make.

White Texas Sheet Cake for Valentine's Day #cake #texassheetcake #valentinesday #dessert #recipe

Skillet Cookie Cake
In my Year of Skillet Series, I had fun creating this large cookie cake complete with Valentine M&Ms for a new spin on a classic treat.

Valentine Skillet Cookie Cake - 10 Recipes to Celebrate Valentine's Day

More Must-Try Valentine’s Day Recipes:

No-Bake Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecakes
Valentine’s Day recipes don’t need to be complicated. Whip up these No-Bake Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecakes for an easy, but delicious way to celebrate the day.


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No-Bake Valentine's Day Cheesecakes - Valentine's Day Recipes

Sour Patch Kids Valentine’s Day Cookies

These Sour Patch Kids Valentine’s Day Cookies are a fun, unique, and tasty treat to bake for Valentine’s Day.

Sour Patch Kids Valentine's Day Cookies #valentinesday #cookies #sourpatchkids #sugarcookie #recipe

Red Velvet Popcorn
Make your own flavored popcorn to enjoy and share with this Red Velvet Popcorn recipe. It’s made with real red velvet cake crumbles!

Red Velvet Popcorn - 10 Recipes to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Snack Cart

Clear off your bar cart to create this beautiful and tasty Valentine’s Day Snack Cart. If baking isn’t your thing, you can pull this entire thing together with store-bought sweets and desserts from a local bakery / grocery store. It’s so easy and will be certain to delight!

Valentine's Day Snack Ideas #valentinesday #valentine #treat #snack #dessert #decor #entertaining #barcart #snackcuterie

Heart Sugar Cookies wth Cotton Candy Frosting
These classic sugar cookies get a flavor upgrade thanks to a delicious cotton candy-flavored frosting. A heart cookie cutter and festive sprinkles complete the look.

Heart Sugar Cookies with Cotton Candy Frosting - 10 Recipes to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Mini Skillet Brownies
If baking isn’t your in your skill-house, you can jazz up boxed brownies like I did here. These Mini Skills Brownies are all about presentation. A little peanut butter frosting and color coated candies don’t hurt either.

Mini Skillet Brownies with Peanut Butter Frosting - Valentine's Day Recipes

Raspberry Brownies
Homemade fudgy brownies are swirled with sweet raspberry jam to create these decadent Raspberry Brownies. The flavor combination is perfection in this easy-to-make dessert recipe. 

Raspberry Brownie on a plate with fork.

Spiked Chocolate Dipped Cherries
It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without something dipped in chocolate, right? I have to recommend these alcohol soaked cherries dipped AND drizzled with chocolate for the ultimate treat.

Spiked Chocolate Covered Cherries - 10 Recipes to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Raspberry Cheesecake Martini
Speaking of libations, how about a martini? This Raspberry Cheesecake Martini complete with a graham cracker rim is one of my favorites. (If you need a nonalcoholic treat, try this Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie!)

Raspberry Cheesecake Martini - 10 Recipes to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Sweetie Martini
If you’re looking to go all out with your Valentine’s Day drink, then look no further than this Sweetie Martini. It’s an original recipe I created a few years ago that has become one of my most popular cocktails on Pinterest!

Sweetie Martini: Valentine's Day Cocktail - 10 Recipes to Celebrate Valentine's Day

BONUS: Valentine’s Treat Bags
Once you have your treats all prepared, you’re probably going to want a beautiful way to present them. Try whipping up a few of these Valentine’s Treat Bags for that extra special touch.

DIY Valentine's Treat Bags - 10 Recipes to Celebrate Valentine's Day

I certainly hope you are feeling inspired to create something sweet and delicious for Valentine’s Day with these must-try Valentine’s Day recipes. No matter how you celebrate, I’m wishing you a happy, sweet, and love-filled day!

Which one of these Valentine’s Day recipe is your favorite?

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