Spring Table Styling Ideas

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A couple months ago, I received a request for ways to style a dining room table when it’s not in use. I believe the specific comment was about what to use during the winter months after the holidays. Clearly, I’m a bit behind, but the ideas I’m going to share with you will work anytime of the year just by changing a few pieces.

I’m sorry I don’t remember who asked this question, but thank you so much. I absolutely love being a “creative” person, but there are times when I get a creative block. Your comments, questions, and suggestions truly help to get my brain turning again. In fact, I’ve been thinking about doing this post ever since I read that comment. I’m finally getting around to it. So if you don’t mind a slight delay (I’ll try to be better in the future,) please feel free to ask questions in the comments. I really do my best to answer them.

Spring Table Styling Ideas | Inspired by Charm

OK, on with the post. Today I want to share four simple spring table styling ideas. These are quick things you can do to create a stylish table using things you might have around your house. In fact, other than the flowers, I pulled all of the accessories from around my house.

I have used each of these ideas (or variations of them) on my own table at one point or another. I realize that not all of the options (or maybe even none of them) will suit you. However, I hope they spark some inspiration if you struggle with what to put on your table. Let’s dive in.

Option 1: Statement Piece

This first idea is super simple. One large piece, right in the center of the table. I like to use something that’s pretty sizable. I also like to use something that’s fairly unique and interesting.

Spring Table Styling Ideas | Inspired by Charm

A fish-shaped container planted with aloe is pretty interesting in my book. Using a natural element (e.g., the aloe plant) is always a great idea for the table. (You’ll actually see that repeated in all of these options.)

Spring Table Styling Ideas | Inspired by Charm

Obviously, this is minimalist decorating. If you wanted something more, a runner could be added under the planter.

Option 2: Flowers

Especially with April just around the corner, flowers are a great option for the table. Because I think one single arrangement in the middle of the table is predictable and boring, I went with three arrangements. I just threw them together with flowers from the grocery store.

Spring Table Styling Ideas | Inspired by Charm

There’s no need for fancy vases, either. I have a small collection of vintage mason jars, and they make great vases. Lined up on the table, they add life, color, and sparkle.

Spring Table Styling Ideas | Inspired by Charm

Here, I’m showing you the vases on a runner.

Spring Table Styling Ideas | Inspired by Charm

dining table decor idea

While they look fine without, I personally prefer the runner because it grounds the arrangements. It also adds a brightness and softness to my wood table.

Option 3: Collection

Last fall I got this collection of brass bowls and they have quickly become some of my favorite decorating accessories. Grouped together, they create a striking display. But have no fear, you don’t need a collection of brass bowls; three cakes stands, three white ceramic bowls, etc will serve the same purpose.

Spring Table Styling Ideas | Inspired by Charm

I like to fill two of the bowls and leave one empty. In this case, an orchid adds height, a touch of nature, and a pop of color. In the smaller bowl, some colorful chocolate eggs are appropriate for the season and a tasty little treat, too.

Spring Table Styling Ideas | Inspired by Charm

Again, you can try this with or without a runner.

Spring Table Styling Ideas | Inspired by Charm

And speaking of runners, you may be wondering about the proper length. I prefer runners to cover almost the full length of the table or hang off 4-6 inches on each end.

Option 4: A Tray

As I showed you a couple years ago when styling fall centerpieces, I’m partial to using a tray to contain a table display. This way, if you use your table daily, it’s easy to take the centerpiece off when needed.

Spring Table Styling Ideas | Inspired by Charm

Here, I actually have a few options to show you. First, to keep things from getting too crazy, I like to stick with three main items.

Spring Table Styling Ideas | Inspired by Charm

Spring Table Styling Ideas | Inspired by Charm

In this case, we have a vase, a bowl, and a pair of salt and pepper shakers. For the vase, I tucked in some silver dollar eucalyptus (which I’m loving these days). For $3, it adds life, height, and movement. A few apples in a bowl add color and make it easy to grab a healthy snack.

Spring Table Styling Ideas | Inspired by Charm

Same tray done another way. A vase of flowers, a set of candles and a different bowl (same apples). Again, you don’t need these specific items. If you like this option, just arrange items you have to achieve a similar look .

Bonus Option: Tray Spillover

Recently, I’ve been trying to cut back a bit on clutter and over-designing. As you can see, all of the options above are simple yet effective. However, if you love your things and are craving a little more, give this bonus option a go.

Spring Table Styling Ideas | Inspired by Charm

Start with the tray, as I mentioned above. Then add a few coordinating accessories just outside of it. As this example shows, a stack of small appetizer plates and a candlestick work well. While I wouldn’t call this cluttered or “too much,” it does give a sense of abundance for those who like a little more.

Spring Table Styling Ideas | Inspired by Charm

I hope these ideas are helpful and inspire you to try something different on your table. What’s on your dining room table this time of year?

If you do try any of these options, I’d love to see your creations. Please share them with me on Instagram using the hashtag #myIBC.

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  1. Thank you for the spring table settings. I love ideas for all seasons. it is just my husband and I and we love seeing it s the center piece of our dining room. It is a large long table that easily seats 10 when we have our children home.
    Keep the ideas coming!1

  2. Any advise for a 60″ round dining table? I also have a round coffee table and, while I really like the tables, I always find them awkward to accessorize.

  3. I love this post!! I always need help with my table centerpiece! I’m really liking the options with the tray, since we use our table every evening.

    Can you tell me where you got the cool s&p set? and I’m so jealous of that hobnail pitcher!!

    1. Thanks so much! 🙂

      And you bet – they were from Williams-Sonoma. Maybe 1.5 years ago? I don’t see them on their site anymore. The brand is Peugeot. Hope that kind of helps.

      xo Michael