Printable Recipe Cards for Christmas

These printable recipe cards for Christmas are an easy way to jot down new holiday favorites or share classic recipes with friends and family.

Yes, my friends, I’m back with another set of free printable recipe cards. This time, they’re for Christmas!

Free Download: Printable Recipe Cards for Christmas #christmas #recipecards #recipe #card #printable #holiday

As you may know, I’ve been creating printable recipe cards for a few years now. I think I might take a break after this year, but I’m super excited to share my latest creation with you. (I’ll also have one more card to wrap up this year’s collection so stay tuned for that.)

I’m crazy about the design on these printable recipe cards because they feature a couple of vintage cars complete with a tree tied to the roof. Such a timeless holiday motif that lots of us recognize and love.

Free Download: Printable Recipe Cards for Christmas #christmas #recipecards #recipe #card #printable #holiday

Free Download: Printable Recipe Cards for Christmas #christmas #recipecards #recipe #card #printable #holiday

Free Download: Printable Recipe Cards for Christmas #christmas #recipecards #recipe #card #printable #holiday

There is likewise plenty of space on the card to jot down all of your ingredients with room on the back for those longer recipes.

As always, I recommend printing them on cardstock for a sturdy recipe card. You can use a paper cutter like this one to ensure straight, clean edges.

Free Download: Printable Recipe Cards for Christmas #christmas #recipecards #recipe #card #printable #holiday

If for some reason you want a bunch of these cards, you could also get a local printer (or an office supply store like Staples) to print a bunch for you.

Details on how to download these cards can be found below.

Free Download: Printable Recipe Cards for Christmas #christmas #recipecards #recipe #card #printable #holiday

Download my latest Printable Recipe Cards for Christmas here.

You can also access the download in the IBC Printable Library, which can be found HERE.

If you’re new to Inspired by Charm, you can get instant access to this library by SUBSCRIBING HERE. Once you’ve subscribed, you will instantly receive an email that contains a link to this download.

Already on the IBC Mailing list? You can find the password to access the library at the bottom of the latest email from Inspired by Charm.

And if you use any of my printables, I would so enjoy seeing what you do! Be sure to share your photos on Instagram and tag @inspiredbycharm.

Want More Holiday Printables? Try these:

Free Download: Printable Recipe Cards for Christmas #christmas #recipecards #recipe #card #printable #holiday

Free Download: Printable Recipe Cards for Christmas #christmas #recipecards #recipe #card #printable #holiday

I hope you love these printable recipe cards as much as I do and have a chance to use them throughout the holiday season.

Happy Sharing!

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  • shelby seabrook at

    i love the recipe cards but i cant get them to line up right. I have the same settings when i print both pages. someone please help

  • Cici at

    Subscribed and got the password, but when I clicked on “Here” to the link to download the printable recipe cards, there is nothing really on the site and there is nowhere to click to download anything. Can you pls check to make sure the links are still there?

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      You need to enter the password on this page. (The password is case sensitive.) Once you enter the password and hit “SUBMIT” you’ll be direct to the entire printable library.

      (I just tried this process on two different internet browsers and the site is still working for me.)

      xo Michael

  • annette at

    lovely idea for the printable cards if only the site would take you there, I entered the password from the email after signing up clicked on the picture for the cards and just keep getting to this page, don’t see a download button

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at


      Hey there! So sorry you’re having troubles. Once you enter the password, the page should open up to the full IBC Printable Library with access to all of my recipe cards, gift tags, etc. I just double checked that it was working on two different internet browsers and it seems to be working for me. Are you entering the password correctly? It is case-sensitive.

      Hope that helps!
      xo Michael

  • Debbie Allen at

    I love using your printable recipe cards! Thanks so much! I have been trying to download the Christmas recipe card with the vintage truck but am unable to download. When I go to the printable library, it only shows the bee one. I have entered the password, but it only shows the bee recipe card. Help!!! Thank you

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Once you enter the correct password and hit “submit” you will be redirected to the full printable library. My guess is you are not entering the password correctly. That’s usually what stops the full library from loading.

      xo Michael

  • Karen at

    I always look forward to your recipe card printables. Merry Christmas to me! Thanks Michael.

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