Powder Room Remodel Reveal

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I’m so excited to share my powder room remodel with you today. Although it might be a small space, it has big style with lots of beautiful, intentional details.

For those of you who have been following IBC for a while, you know that this post is long overdue. My apologies, friends. If you’re new here, let me briefly catch you up…

Back in March, I started a major renovation at my house. The goal was a new kitchen, but during the process, it also made sense to make minor (and major) adjustments to my dining room, entryway, and powder room. This past August I gave you a tour of the finished kitchen (and dining room) remodel. You can find that here in case you missed it. And now I’m finally getting around to the powder room reveal.

As mentioned in another post, the biggest holdup in getting this post written was my uncertainty about where to hang the hand towel hook. (And I needed a hand towel!) I suppose this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I had decided to wallpaper the room, and once you put holes in the wall, you’re kind of stuck with holes in the wall. And, spoiler alert, if you look behind anything hung on my walls, there are at least two holes. It’s rare for me to get anything in the perfect spot on the first go.

Needless to say, I figured out the hand towel situation, so I can finally call the powder room complete and show the space to the world.

Before we get to that, let me remind you of the before.

Powder Room Before:

Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country
Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country

You may remember that, previously, I had a full bathroom and a small closet in this area. My new powder room is the former closet space, and the rest of the bathroom was turned into my butler’s pantry. It was kind of a bummer to lose that closet, but I was confident the remodeled space would be worth it.

Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country

So that was the bathroom before, and here is the powder room now!

Powder Room After:

Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country
Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country
Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country
Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country

What a difference, right?!

Let me walk you through the changes and details. (All sources are linked at the end of this post.)

Powder Room Remodel Details:

First off, the layout changed. The sink is in a new location, and so is the toilet, although the latter is very close to where it was.

Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country
Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country

With those changes, I also needed to relocate the window. There used to be only one window in this area, so I added another for the butler’s pantry and moved this one over. It was definitely an extra expense since there was brickwork involved on the exterior, but it was important to me to have natural light in this room.

Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country

As I’ve mentioned, I worked with Katy Popple on the this remodel. (She’s fantastic! If you’re located in the Pittsburgh area and looking for a talented designer, I highly recommend her.) I mentioned to her that I preferred a vintage-meets-new sink. I also REALLY wanted a wall-mounted sink. She came up with this idea for the sink. I think it perfectly captures my style.

I found the wood stand at a local antique store. I stripped it, sanded it, applied a new stain, and added new hardware. My goal in refinishing it was to make it lighter and less red, and this is how it came out. I am so pleased with it. I think the color works well with the floors and the wallpaper.

Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country
Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country

The top is polished Carrara marble. It was custom cut by a local stone fabricator.

The faucet is one of my favorite details. Since this is an exterior wall, it took a little ingenuity to properly insulated the pipes so they wouldn’t freeze.

Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country
Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country

Now we need to talk about this wallpaper. It was a last-minute decision on my part. Originally, I planned to just paint the walls, however, eventually, I realized the space was begging for something special. My first thought was a modern toile pattern, but I couldn’t find anything I liked.

So, I ended up searching the collection at Hygge and West and came across this beauty. I narrowed it down to two patterns and ultimately went with this one. It felt a bit more fun and gave the room a punch of color. I also love the animals hidden in the design of the paper. There’s a fox, bunny, grouse, and bee! Given that my house backs up onto a large wooded area, it only seemed appropriate. I hired the painters to install the paper, and they did an amazing job.

Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country
Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country

The toilet, sink, and faucet were all purchased via Amazon. Yes, I ordered a toilet on Amazon. Everything arrived in perfect condition.

The mirror and light fixture are from Schoolhouse. Things from Schoolhouse are certainly an investment, but I’ve always been impressed with their quality. Most of the fixtures in the room are black, so I couldn’t resist a touch of gold in the mirror. I think the gold pops and ties in with the brass elements in the kitchen.

Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country
Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country

As I mentioned earlier, I struggled with the hand towel placement. I originally purchased a hand towel hook that matched the toilet paper holder (which I purchased from Rejuvenation). The plan was to place it to the left of the sink, above the outlet. However, that made the space feel tight, and the towel was almost hanging into the sink.

Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country
Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country

I did a little searching online and found this brass bunny hook at Rejuvenation. It was perfect! I decided to place it closer to the door so the towel doesn’t crowd the sink. I also found a gray/black Turkish hand towel on Amazon.

With that, the powder was room complete!

Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country
Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country
Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country

I couldn’t be more excited about how this little powder room turned out. This small space is loaded with style and unique elements. That is why I love mixing new and old.

Here’s another look at the before and after.

Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country
Powder Room Remodel Reveal #powderroom #bathroom #remodel #makeover #modern #country

Next week I’ll share a look at my updated entryway (although it’s still completely undecorated) and then you’ll be officially updated on my entire remodel. Thank you for your patience. I hope you’re enjoying looking around my new spaces!

Powder Room Sources:

Wallpaper: Hygge & West Piedmont (Indigo)
Vanity: Vintage Two-Drawer Walnut Stand
Vanity Knobs: Ball Cabinet Knob
Marble: Custom Cut and Polished 3/4-inch Carrara Marble
Faucet: Kingston Brass Matte Black Wall Mount Faucet
Pop-up Drain: Delta Faucet Pop-Up Drain
Toilet: Kohler Memoirs Stately Comfort Height Elongated Toilet
Toilet Handle: Delta Matte Black Handle
Mirror: Leo Mirror
Light Fixture: David Double Sconce and Faceted Turtle Shade
Hand Towel Hook: Rabbit Cast Brass Hook
Hand Towel: Turkish Towel in Antrasit
Toliet Paper Holder: Yaquina Toilet Paper Holder
Gold Door Knob: Schlage Georgian Knob in Satin Brass
Planter: Large Brass Planter
Brass Deer: Vintage
Trim and Door Paint: Sherwin-Williams Pro Classic Semi-Gloss in Extra White

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  1. What a transformation! I’m not a fan of wallpaper, but I really love the blue wallpaper in this bathroom. It gives the room a punch of color and drama without being overwhelming. Nice job!

  2. Love this powder room and everything in it! Beautiful! The spare toilet paper on the brass plate on the back of the toilet looks fabulous too! Would look awful without the wallpaper but with it, it looks really great! Love your style!

  3. Oh my goodness it is just perfect! Charming and vintage and a lil’ sassy. I’m loving the wallpaper….I really like small rooms with a pop of dramatic paper. And the window that juts out over the toilet is just so great. I’m with you on natural light in the bathroom. This was such a clever use of space. Beautiful!

  4. This powder room is gorgeous! I couldn’t love it more and you’ve got my head spinning with inspiration for an upcoming bathroom renovation I hope to start after the new year. Great job!

  5. What a lovely room! Love, love, love the wallpaper and the towel holder… and the window so light and bright with the brass deer on the windowsill and the planter- more touches of nature in the room. All the white and the metallic and the wallpaper complementing each other… Just perfect!

  6. Your powder room is exquisite. I cannot say enough good things about it. Every detail is perfect and adds to another detail. I am in love with the wallpaper and couldn’t help but notice how one fox is centrally positioned under the sink and the one on top of the sink is just peeking out. Very fun and really catches the eye.

  7. The finishes and textures and that WALLPAPER!!!! Just perfect for the space and your home, I absolutely adore it all. You should be proud of yourself, such amazing pieces that go so well together. The bunny hook is a definite win as are those adorable deer on the window ledge:)

  8. Michael- the new powder room is smashing! All of the design elements are brilliant. I love the eclectic mix of elements, and you did a wonderful refinish on that beautiful chest. I LOVE the wallpaper… it reminds me of Japanese prints, which I love. So glad to be able to see the grand reveal.

  9. i love this whole space! the wallpaper and the vanity/sink/faucet are my faves! oh heck! i love the whole doggone room! Glad you picked the indigo for the wallpaper! Just beautiful!