Kitchen Design for Bayberry House

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Well, friends, the time has finally arrived. Today’s remodel update focuses on the design of my new kitchen! I am so excited to share it with you.

It’s a bit surreal that I’m finally able to post specifics about the kitchen design. This project has been in the works since I first bought my home last summer. Sitting on these plans and ideas for the past few months hasn’t been easy.

In case you’re new to Inspired by Charm, I’m remodeling my kitchen. If you’re interested in how the space looked before, check out the post here. If you’d like to see some of my inspiration for the design, take a peek at this post here.

Now that we’re a few weeks into the project, I thought it made sense to show you the layout of the new kitchen along with some 3D views of the space! I’ve also created another video to give you a renovation update. You’ll find that at the bottom of this post.

Kitchen Design - Bayberry Kitchen Rendering #kitchen #kitchenremodel #renovation #bayberrykitchen

Before we get into those details, I wanted to tell you a bit about my designer and contractor.

Kitchen Design – Desginer and Contractor:

As I mentioned early on, I decided to work with a designer for this project. This might seem strange since I blog about design. However, for me, hiring a designer for this project was a no brainer. Here’s why:

I have a passion for design and decor. And while I can successfully design and style a space. I don’t have the knowledge and experience required for a project of this magnitude. Things like HVAC planning, space planning, and electrical and plumbing considerations are way beyond my skill set.

I will be the first to admit that I tend to second guess myself and sometimes struggle with decision-making. Having a designer for the project gives me someone to talk through ideas with, ask for second opinions, look to for ideas, and get recommendations from. This is a large and expensive project, so there isn’t room for mistakes and redos. The big decisions need to be right the first time.

My designer for this project is Katy Popple, and she is amazing! If you’re local, I definitely recommend checking out her site. You can also find her on Instagram @katypoppledesign. She comes highly recommended by IBC! One of her designs was recently featured in the home issue of Pittsburgh Magazine. (It even made the cover of the issue!)

The look and design for the kitchen have been a collaborative effort. However, Katy has been the rock when it comes to the technical details, creating the beautiful plans in this post, sourcing certain products, being patient with my thousands of questions, and so much more! It’s a joy to collaborate with her and hiring her for this project was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

My contractor is Avanti Construction here in Pittsburgh. Again, I’ve been so pleased with their services and would highly recommend them if you are local. I wanted a great crew that could get the job done right, and this is exactly what Avanti has delivered.

One other thing I would like to mention: I often ask for feedback here, and you’re certainly welcome to share ideas and opinions, but please keep in mind that not a lot can or will change at this point in the project. Many decisions have already been made, and I’m so thrilled with the way things are taking shape.

Okay, with all of that out of the way, onto the designs!

Kitchen Design for Bayberry House:

This was the original layout:

Kitchen Design - Bayberry Kitchen Rendering #kitchen #kitchenremodel #renovation #bayberrykitchen

Pictured from left to right, is a closet, bathroom, kitchen, and dining room.

Now, let’s take a look at the new layout:

Kitchen Design - Bayberry Kitchen Rendering #kitchen #kitchenremodel #renovation #bayberrykitchen

Moving from left to right, there is a powder room, butler’s pantry, kitchen, and dining room.

Those images probably aren’t super helpful or informative to most of you, so now let’s look at the 3D views so you can really get an idea for how the new kitchen will look. (If you need to reference what the kitchen was like before, you can find those images in this post here.)

New Kitchen Design:

This view is what you’d see coming in from the front of the house:

Bayberry Kitchen Rendering #kitchen #kitchenremodel #renovation #bayberrykitchen

A few things to note here:
– I’m eliminating one of the doors to the deck and replacing the other with a Dutch door.
– The range will be on this wall.
– There will be two windows above the sink instead of just one.
– The dishwasher will be next to the stove and concealed with a panel that matches the new cabinetry.
– The entire back wall will be tiled floor to ceiling.

This is looking into the dining room:

Bayberry Kitchen Rendering #kitchen #kitchenremodel #renovation #bayberrykitchen

A few things to note here:
-The wall between the kitchen and the dining room will be removed.
– A peninsula with base cabinets on both sides will separate the two spaces.
– Three windows will be installed in the back dining room wall.
– A narrow work table will be added to the kitchen.

This is the view when you’re standing at the kitchen sink looking back out to the entry hall:
(The door on the far right leads to the basement; the doorway next to it leads to the entry hall.)

Bayberry Kitchen Rendering #kitchen #kitchenremodel #renovation #bayberrykitchen

A few things to note here:
– The cabinet on the left will house the microwave. The cabinet it shown open. There are two doors that fold into either side.
– The refrigerator will be in the middle and be hidden with cabinetry panels.
– The door from the kitchen to the hallway will be removed, and there will just be an open doorway.

This is looking from the dining room into the kitchen:

Bayberry Kitchen Rendering #kitchen #kitchenremodel #renovation #bayberrykitchen

Bayberry Kitchen Rendering #kitchen #kitchenremodel #renovation #bayberrykitchen

There isn’t much to note here other than the new door opening on the back wall in the kitchen.

This is the new butler’s pantry:
(This is looking into the room from the new doorway in the kitchen. A wall dividing these spaces is “invisible”.)

Bayberry Kitchen Rendering #kitchen #kitchenremodel #renovation #bayberrykitchen

A few things to note about the butler’s pantry:
– It will feature a bar sink, built-in coffee maker, and small wine/beverage cooler.
– It will serve as a small beverage room and provide lots of additional kitchen storage.

This is a different angle of the butler’s pantry and the powder room:
(The entrance to the kitchen is on the right.The wall dividing these spaces and my family room is “invisible” in this rendering.)

Bayberry Kitchen Rendering #kitchen #kitchenremodel #renovation #bayberrykitchen

And that’s the new kitchen design!

Other Kitchen Design Notes:

As I mentioned previously (I realize it may be hard to tell from the photos.), my kitchen is a modest-size space. We played with several different layouts, and ultimately this is the best solution and one that I’m definitely excited about. The butler’s pantry alone is a dream for me. I’m already crazy about that cute little space.

I’m also thrilled that we were able to fit in a work table. It’s not huge, but I think it will come in handy. It also makes use of that dead space in the middle of the kitchen. You may have noticed that we opted not to do seating at the peninsula. It was a decision based mostly on available space and the need for storage. There will be plenty of seating in the dining room, and I also plan to add two small stools under the work table.

We are still working on the finishing details, such as paint colors, lighting, and other fixtures, so I will save that information for another post. However, I do hope these plans and 3D views give you a feel for how the kitchen is going to look!

Kitchen Design Video:

To help you visualize (and also update you on the demolition), I created another video of the space. You can watch that below.

The video is likewise on my YouTube channel, so you can watch it there. (YouTube has a closed caption feature for anyone who may need it.)

If you’re a regular YouTube viewer, you can subscribe to my channel. If you’ve already subscribed, be sure to click on the bell icon so you’re notified anytime I upload a new video.

And that’s a wrap on my kitchen design.

It’s been loads of fun sharing this adventure with you. I’m so glad you’re interested in the project and the process. I probably won’t have an update for you next week, but stay tuned for future Bayberry House kitchen updates!

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  1. Michael, just found your blog and LOVE your kitchen design. It will be beautiful. Also, I am with you on the butler’s pantry – that it a dream for me too! I also love the narrow table in the middle of the kitchen. I follow Laurel Bern Interiors and she recently posted about classic kitchen designs, and many include the kind of table you are proposing. It is a beautiful, classic look that will add charm to your kitchen. Enjoy the process and I am looking forward to seeing the finished space!

    1. Karen, Thank you so much! I think design is interesting in the fact that people make a lot of choices based on what’s “popular” or “idyllic”. (Re: A huge island, open concept, etc.) However, I’m all about making choices that work for me and my space.

      I’m excited to share more of my process!

      xo Michael

  2. I love the new design! I didn’t read all the comments but one thing I want to mention. Might not mean anything to anyone but me. I don’t know if doors on refrigerators can be changed but I would want my fridge to open so I could put things on that small counter to the right of it or more easily on the work table in the center. Like I said, it might not matter to anyone but me but I think it would be easier if the fridge opened the other way. The way it is now looks like the door would be in the way or have to be open really far back to put things on the work table. Just a thought.

    1. This is a great thought. I went back and forth with this myself. However, there is the peninsula as well. I was thinking this would be were I would put things to move back and forth to the fridge. That’s why I selected the hinge on right. I think either side will work. I really appreciate this insight though! Thank you!

      xo Michael

  3. I waited 5 years before replacing my original 1952 kitchen and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I am especially envious of your butlers pantry! Assuming that the cabinet that faces into the kitchen on the outside wall between kitchen and dining room is there for structural purposes? If not, it seems like it would open the space nicely if it could be removed, and also allow you to see out the dining room doors from the kitchen. Also wondering why you will not have an overhang on the peninsula so you can have a stool or two for casual use? I have a similar layout and the stools are where my friends gather when I am cooking before we still down to dinner at the dining room table, or if they just stop by for tea or to chat…Am sure it will be brilliant! I also use it myself quite a bit for reading the paper or working on laptop while I am cooking…

    1. Monica,

      Great questions! The wall you’re talking about needs to be there for the HVAC vent. I don’t think it should obstruct the view too much. Not having an overhang on the peninsula was a space issue. The kitchen is tight and the peninsula is already partially in the dining room. I will have a couple stools under my work table for in-kitchen sitting, morning coffee, etc. Plus, the dining room offer lots of settings for friends.

      xo Michael

  4. Love, Love!!! I know you are super excited. They are so clean in doing the renovation. Or, are you going behind them and cleaning up? 🙂 Yes..more videos of other projects/design tips.

  5. Well thought out plan. Love all the details. The butler’s pantry is to die for! Got to love the Dutch door and the double window too! It’s going to be amazing. . . Soooo excited for you!

  6. Love your plan! So jealous of that pantry! Suggestion – add a pot filler faucet over your stove. You won’t regret it! So nice to fill big pots without lowering into the sink. Of course, you are probably stronger than I am so may be easier for you. Just thought I’d mention it!
    Love all your great ideas and recipes!

    Best wishes and kisses,

    1. I thought / asked about this as part of the design process, but it isn’t typical to have a pot filler when the sink / faucet is right next to the range. Thank you so much for your ideas!

      xo Michael

  7. Micheal, I’m so happy for you! This kitchen is going to be perfect for you!! Can’t wait to see it finished! Congratulations on a beautiful design!

  8. Absolutely beautiful! Love all your ideas. My husband is a builder and I usually design the kitchens & bathrooms for our clients, I know how important these spaces are! Love the whole house, what a great choice this was! Will stay glued to your redo!

  9. Love the kitchen design! You probably already considered it but a small dishwasher in the butler’s pantry would be great. I am always wishing for a 2nd dishwasher when entertaining. They fill up so fast especially with glassware.

    1. A second dishwasher would be fabulous! But I’m working with a tight space; the extra cabinet space is more important. Great thought though! Thank you!

      xo Michael

  10. Michael, Absolutely beautiful! I really love the size – some of the kitchens today are huge – I like the cozy feel, and the butler’s pantry will be fantastic. Happy for you. Enjoy the process!

  11. This looks amazing! We waited a year after buying our house to start the kitchen reno and I’m so glad we took our time. I’ve been trying to find a source for a Dutch door. Do you happen to know where yours is coming from?

  12. Your new kitchen will be amazing and I am so jealous of your Butler’s pantry. We remodeled our kitchen about five years ago and it was the best decision we’ve made for our 78 year old home. Now both my husband and I love to cook and hang out in our kitchen as do most of our guests.

    Have fun with the journey!

    1. Yes! I think that will be the best part. I’ve never had a kitchen that I’ve “loved” and that worked for my life and work! This will all change in a few months!

      And contras on your kitchen! It sounds lovely!

      xo Michael

  13. Oh my gosh M… it’s absolutely beautiful!

    I was so looking forward to seeing what you had in mind and from a blogger’s perspective as well. I know how much you require epic lighting and such. So nice to custom-create it all!

    I’m guessing your main prep area for photos will be the counter where there are no stools? If so, I don’t know what direction your house faces, however having a window added beside that counter for photography purposes could quite possibly be your very best friend.

    I’m also love that you have chosen a design that will stand the test of time long after ‘farmhouse’ may be a done deal… everything is so refreshing yet still so very ‘today’. Lovely!

    1. D!! Thank you so much! I’m sooooo pumped for this kitchen!! And yes – the peninsula and dining room will be my main photo areas. I’m hoping to fun a rustic table so I can have a clean white surface (the countertops) and rustic surface (the table) for photos. With all that light it should be pretty epic!

      And thank you – it’s definitely not farmhouse. Classic with a touch of rustic I suppose. 🙂

      xo Michael

  14. So many exciting changes. I especially love the new pantry and beverage station! The new windows in dining room is perfect – like you I live for light. Great job.

  15. Really, really great design! I am super picky about design details so please bear with me and my question! In the drawing “looking into the dining room” the range is on the left side, and on the right side is an upper cabinet. There are brackets or trim pieces beneath each and I was wondering why the ones beneath the range hood are curved, and the ones beneath the upper cabinet on the right are a straight angle? That would bother me….but as I said, I am uber picky. Just a question…maybe there’s a reason for it!

    1. Beverly, you have such a sharp eye! The brackets will match each other. I assume it’s just how it was put into the software. I didn’t even notice that.

      xo Michael

      1. Thanks, Michael! It’s one of those things someone might notice after a job is completed, and when it’s too late to do anything about it. I’m glad to know there’s that level of planning on your project. I know you will be so happy with the outcome!

  16. Good lord this is perfect. I especially love the butler’s pantry and the little work table in the kitchen. Big honking built-in islands are just too much. I can’t wait to see this all come together. It’s going to be gorgeous!