Fall Music Playlist

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Fall and folk go together like peanut butter and jelly. Home For Fall: Songs for Autumn is my latest Tuesday Tunes Playlist inspired by my fondness for fall and folk/country music!

Happy Tuesday, dear friends! This past weekend it rained for three days straight. Along with the rain, came cooler temperatures and falling leaves, which instantly stirred the love for autumn in my heart. (I was even tempted to light the first fire in my new home.) That’s why I decided to put together a new playlist of folksy fall songs.

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It’s hard to compete with the Christmas season, but fall is a strong contender for my favorite time of year. For me, the flavors, colors, smells, and sounds of autumn are a treat for the senses. I also love that fall encourages relaxation and cozy nights on the couch next to a fire. That’s exactly why I created this playlist of fall songs.

Whether you’re sitting at home next to a stack of fall issues of your favorite magazines, sitting around an outdoor campfire roasting s’mores, or driving around town in search of the perfect pumpkin, this just may be your new go-to playlist. I know I’ve been listening to it non-stop as I start to plan, bake, and decorate my new home for autumn.

My Favorite Fall Songs:

As with all of my playlists, you can use the media player below to listen to this collection of fall songs. You can also find the playlist on Spotify by clicking here.

I often create new collections of tunes, so feel free to find me on Spotify if you’d like to follow along.

Finally, I’m always looking for new music. What are some of your favorite songs or artists to listen to in the fall? Is there anyone new I should be listening to? Please let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Beautiful table for fall! My favourite time of year.
    Looking forward to trying the cheeseball recipe.
    Thank you again, for a fabulous blog. Always look forward to seeing it.