DIY Picture Ledge

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This DIY Picture Ledge tutorial is a quick and inexpensive project anyone can tackle. Picture ledges are an easy way to decorate a wall with ease and style!

Howdy, friends! Today I’m back with a quick and inexpensive DIY project: DIY Picture Ledge.

But first, a bit of its backstory. A while ago, I hung a shelf in my upstairs hallway. I used some old corbels and a piece of wood for the shelf. Here’s what it looked like.

DIY Picture Ledges | Inspired by Charm

Not terrible, right? Still, it never worked for me. Maybe it was because the shelf stuck out too far or it was too high (The placement height was due to the built-in bench below.), but I always found it impossible to style.

It was dark and awkward and has been bothering me for quite some time. (I should also mention that the bench is built-in. It actually used to be a laundry shoot.)

Then about a month ago, I stumbled across the image of these picture ledges below via Pottery Barn.

DIY Picture Ledges | Inspired by Charm

Anyway, I fell in love with this picture ledge idea and thought it was something I could easily DIY.

How to Make a DIY Picture Ledge:

So, I headed out to the home improvement store, picked up 2 – 1x3x8 and 2- 1x6x8 pine boards. I cut them to length and then glued and nailed them together.

I did this project late at night and only snapped one photo with my phone. My apologies. However, it’s literally just gluing and screwing two boards together. Super simple.

DIY Picture Ledges | Inspired by Charm

After that, I pre-drilled some holes and screwed the picture ledge to the wall. I then painted them the same color (Sherwin Williams Gauzy White) as the wall. And that was it.

DIY Picture Ledges | Inspired by Charm

Ta da. New picture ledges! I paid about $25 for the boards. The rest of the materials were things I had on hand. Love these kind of projects.

DIY Picture Ledges | Inspired by Charm

While it’s looking better already, I clearly needed a few accessories to make this space come alive and feel a bit more like home.

How to Style a Picture Ledge:

I didn’t have a plan for what I was going to put on the new pictures ledges. I want them to come together over time so they have a collected look like the inspiration image.

So, I sourced my house for a few items and brought in a couple new things to come up with a cohesive and colorful look for the time being.

DIY Picture Ledges | Inspired by Charm

Pretty cute, right?

DIY Picture Ledges | Inspired by Charm

Picture Ledge:

These vintage amethyst mason jars, which I had just found on eBay, were the jumping off point for the display. (I actually bought them for the little shelf in my basement stairwell, so they might not stay here.) Anyway. Moving on.

DIY Picture Ledges | Inspired by Charm
DIY Picture Ledges | Inspired by Charm

Of course, gold and brass made an appearance as I have WAY too many of these accessories.

DIY Picture Ledges | Inspired by Charm

I also included a touch of fall. Remember those gourds I painted the other day? I’m happy to say they found a home and are adding a fun pop of color.

DIY Picture Ledges | Inspired by Charm

Yes, that’s one of Annie Baily’s photographs (the same artist in my wanderlust gallery wall). I’m obsessed with the colors of this print. Her photographs are amazing.

DIY Picture Ledges | Inspired by Charm

Other than that, most of the frames are from Target. The patterned pillow and “love” heart print came from HomeGoods and the “let it be” pillow and “Let’s go on an adventure” plate are from RedEnvelope.

I bought the wood vase when I was in Ireland this past summer. And the round brass ashtray was purchased at Goodwill.

DIY Picture Ledges | Inspired by Charm
DIY Picture Ledges | Inspired by Charm

I’m also considering a little table or stool in front of the bench. I love these sheepskin stools from Nate Berkus’s new collection, and I think one of those in front would look so perfect.

DIY Picture Ledges | Inspired by Charm

Once I get a few permanent pieces for this space, I’m going to hang some pictures on the wall just above the ledge to allow to me to layer things a bit more like the inspiration picture.

DIY Picture Ledges | Inspired by Charm

While it’s nowhere near complete, I think the whole picture ledge display came together nicely. Now, if I could just make a little progress on my bedroom, I’d be a happy guy.

And for those of you who are curious, here are two labeled images to help explain the layout of my upstairs.

DIY Picture Ledges | Inspired by Charm

There’s one bedroom that you’ve never seen here on the blog. That is one of next projects on my list. Other than the bathrooms, it’s the only room that I haven’t yet repainted.

DIY Picture Ledges | Inspired by Charm

So, that’s my latest DIY / decorating adventure. What do you think of this project? Do you have a place in your home for a DIY Picture Ledge?

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  1. Love this wall! So serene but colourful at the same time if that’s possible…lol. I think it is styled perfectly. But I would nix the stool in front of the bench. As gorgeous as that stool is it will block the flow from the stairs to the bathroom and bedrooms. That’s just my two cents!

  2. Can you please come decorate my partner and I’s new apartment!? We only live in Southern California… Come on, road trip! lol I looooove that bench you have in your pictures; it’s perfect!

  3. Um, hello? Amethyst mason jars??!? How did I not know about these??? Seriously, I read a bajillion blogs, magazines, Pinterest etc. and I have never seen them before…. Now? I need one in my life. (My husband thanks you for another obsession….). Also, those shelves are awesomesauce! I love me a picture ledge. They are so darn easy to make aren’t they? I made one for our family room and I keep trying to find other places to put them. I love how you styled them too. Gorgeous!

      1. Thanks for chiming in Anna!

        So, the amethyst jars are actually the blue jars that have been colored buy over exposure to the sun. (I believe.) So they are rare and can be expensive. If you have time and can watch eBay carefully (and bid at the right time) you can get a deal. My large jar was $25 plus shipping. Which was pretty good considering how much they sell for.

        Hope that helps! (and glad you love the shelves!)

        xo Michael

    1. Erika – I think it depends how heavy the trophies are, but I would think so. You could add some some small L-shaped braces to the two pieces of wood to ensure they stay together, and then just paint over them to hide them. Once the trophies were on the shelves, you wouldn’t even notice them.

      xo Michael

  4. Hi Michael,
    I love your picture ledges. My husband built some for me years ago but he used crown molding & lots of trim. I liked it back then but I’ve been craving something simpler. Yours are perfect.
    When you painted them, did you use the same finish as the wall color or did you go with a higher sheen?


  5. That looks fantastic! I love how your shelves are painted the same color as the wall. That is a great idea and would work really well in a tight space. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I love it! I’m already trying to find a place to put those shelves in my own house. The painted gourds came out great as well. Thank you for the inspiration.

  7. I love it!!!! I have been trying to figure out shelves in a bedroom and wanted something unique. I’m impressed with the Huckleberry cookbook, isn’t it great! I already made the bread on the cover, tomorrow the Lemon Cornmeal Muffins with Lemon Glaze.

  8. Amazing! They match your house so well. Thanks for the inspiration. Also, I’m obsessed with that colorful pillow! Finding it so hard to find pillows I love nowadays.