Before and After Senior Center Makeover for National Painting Week

This post is sponsored by Sherwin-Williams®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Who doesn’t love a fabulous makeover? This Senior Center makeover is something that I worked on for a couple of months. I actually completed it back in April, so I’m thrilled to finally be able to share it with you.

For the 8th year in a row, Sherwin-Williams is hosting National Painting Week. Each year neighborhood Sherwin-Williams stores and their employees across North America partner with a local organization to find spaces that could use a fresh coat of paint. They volunteer their time, paint, and supplies to give back to their neighborhood. The idea behind this special week is to show the transformative power of paint not only on our walls but in our communities. I am so honored to be partnering with Sherwin-Williams in this year’s effort.

I had the opportunity to help refresh a multifunctional lounge room at the Fox Township Senior Center located in Kersey, PA. (Kersey is near my hometown.)

Before and After Senior Center Makeover

The Senior Center serves hundreds of people in the area. Many seniors visit every weekday for lunch, socialization, and activities. There are also weekly bingo games, musical entertainment, field trips, and more. The center is an important part of the community and the lives of many seniors. I was both proud and delighted to help them update their space.

Before and After Makeover:

Before I show you the after, let’s take a look at the before.

Before and After Senior Center Makeover #swpaintingweek #makeover #mountain #mural #painting

As you can see, the lounge needed a little love. The walls throughout the space were off-white and lacking interest or character. And although this is technically a paint project, I did address those couches, too. My friends over at Pottery Barn graciously donated two new sofas, two leather chairs and a coffee table that not only make the space more beautiful, but more functional too!

My goal for this room was to bring in more life and fun. This lounge area is used for relaxing, light exercise, meetings, and so much more. In fact, this past April, the seniors made over 300 dozen coconut and peanut butter eggs to raise money for the center.

Before and After Senior Center Makeover #swpaintingweek #makeover #mountain #mural #painting

Before and After Senior Center Makeover #swpaintingweek #makeover #mountain #mural #painting

As I sought inspiration for this space, I began looking at colors in the room that couldn’t be changed. Pops of teal green and warm beige were present in the flooring and countertops. Then I referenced the Sherwin-Williams color deck and found a selection of colors I loved.

I also knew that I didn’t want to simply paint the walls. I turned to the mountains that surround this part of the state for more inspiration for the lounge makeover. A lot of the senior activities (visiting the local elk herd, learning about plants/animals as part of continuing education, etc.) take place outdoors, so I wanted a natural element in the space.

With all of that in mind and after a weekend of painting, here’s how I changed the space!

Before and After Senior Center Makeover #swpaintingweek #makeover #mountain #mural #painting

Before and After Senior Center Makeover #swpaintingweek #makeover #mountain #mural #painting

Before and After Senior Center Makeover #swpaintingweek #makeover #mountain #mural #painting

Before and After Senior Center Makeover #swpaintingweek #makeover #mountain #mural #painting

Quite an update, right?

As you can see, I turned the largest blank wall of the space into a major feature by painting the silhouette of a mountain range in light and dark shades from my selected color palette.

It’s a simple technique inspired by a wallpaper design I found online. However, it makes a huge impact in the room.

Before and After Senior Center Makeover #swpaintingweek #makeover #mountain #mural #painting

Before and After Senior Center Makeover #swpaintingweek #makeover #mountain #mural #painting

How to Mountain Wall Mural:

To create the mountain, I started at the top of the wall with the lightest shade of paint and worked my way down to the darkest color. I freehanded the mountain design using a paint brush. I followed no pattern. I just let the brush bring out the design.

Before and After Senior Center Makeover #swpaintingweek #makeover #mountain #mural #painting

In case you’re curious about any of the colors, here they are from lightest to darkest:

Usefual Gray SW 7050
Rainwashed SW 6211
Halcyon Green SW 6213
Gray Area SW 7052
Underseas SW 6214
Rocky River SW 6215
Jasper SW 6216

The rest of the room was painted as well. I used Emerald® Interior paint in Usefual Gray SW 7050 on the walls to give the space a more modern feel.

Before and After Senior Center Makeover #swpaintingweek #makeover #mountain #mural #painting

For another element of interest in the room, I painted this little window alcove with Underseas SW 6214 . It’s a small area, but the pop of color sets it off and, at the same time, ties it in with the new mountain range.

Before and After Senior Center Makeover #swpaintingweek #makeover #mountain #mural #painting

Before and After Senior Center Makeover #swpaintingweek #makeover #mountain #mural #painting

I couldn’t be more pleased with how the project came together. Even though I wasn’t able to see the space in person before selecting the colors, everything matched and coordinated well with the rest of the Senior Center. The revamped lounge fits in yet stands out in a beautiful way.

This was a large space to paint, so I’m extremely grateful to my mom for her assistance. Her help with the painting made the project go faster, however, it was her company and tasty lunches that truly made the weekend special. (I even got to sample some of those coconut eggs the seniors made. They were delish!)

Before and After Senior Center Makeover #swpaintingweek #makeover #mountain #mural #painting

As I mentioned above, Pottery Barn was so kind and offered all new furnishings for the space. They donating the two Roll Arm Slipcovered Sofas, two Irving Leather Armchairs, and their Metropolitan Rectangular Coffee Table.

I chose these pieces for their quality and craftsmanship. Not only are they built to withstand use, they are designed for comfort as well. As you can see, the furniture complements the paint colors and makes a big difference in the space.

Before and After Senior Center Makeover #swpaintingweek #makeover #mountain #mural #painting

The previous couches had to be propped up on wood blocks because they were so low and a challenge to get out of. These lovely new furnishings are a better height and will make standing up easier. I also love that the sofas are slipcovered so that they can easily be laundered whenever needed. The leather armchairs will also stand the test of time in this space as the leather will age / patine beautifully with use.

The seniors now have a much more user-friendly and comfortable space to gather. This wouldn’t have been possible without Pottery Barn’s generous donation! Thank you so much, Pottery Barn!

Before and After Senior Center Makeover #swpaintingweek #makeover #mountain #mural #painting

Before and After Senior Center Makeover #swpaintingweek #makeover #mountain #mural #painting

For the perfect finishing touches, I brought in a few pillows and used plants from the center’s mini-greenhouse.

And with that, this National Painting Week makeover was complete!

Before and After Senior Center Makeover #swpaintingweek #makeover #mountain #mural #painting

Before and After Senior Center Makeover #swpaintingweek #makeover #mountain #mural #painting

Before and After Senior Center Makeover #swpaintingweek #makeover #mountain #mural #painting

What do you think?

It was an honor to work on this space for such deserving folks. It’s my hope that the lounge will be enjoyed for years to come.

What places in your community could use a new coat of paint? More information on National Painting Week can be found at

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  • Geni Barnes at


    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thank you so much! There really isn’t much of a tutorial. It was simply just layering 0n the colors starting at the top and working my way down.

      xo Michael

  • Nancy Gable at

    Stunning!! The space looks like a cozy home now. Beautiful job!

  • Gwen at

    This really made a difference in the room. I had to go back because I thought there was a new tv and stand. You made it all look refreshed. What a great idea to paint the mountain scene. I like how you chose peaceful yet vibrant colors that you used around the room. Thank you to Pottery Barn too for the couch and chair set up looks great. Wonderful job.

  • Kim Harkey at

    WOW so much more calming!! The space is so much more cohesive now.

  • Talia at

    WOW! You are endlessly talented. The colors you selected are warm and welcoming. Love that you incorporated mountains and the new furniture is lovely. I am quite sure that all who use the newly renovated space will love being in such a beautiful room. GREAT JOB!

  • Victoria at

    Michael – what a lovely transformation. I’m certain the residents will enjoy your (and you mom’s!) efforts. How kind of you to give back to the community like this. Thank you for this post. Lovely – keep being awesome!

  • Patricia Godek at

    Just beautiful. And how nice that it is for seniors. Isn’t it amazing how people come together for these sorts of things. At a time when all we hear are terrible things going on in the world, we forget that there is so much good out there. People helping people-love it!

  • [email protected] at

    I live in CO and this scene is stunning. And, to have done it freehand beautiful Michael. Thank you for the inspiration. There is an old parish in Denver that needs so much love for the spaces. This is my dream to give them a beautiful space for receptions etc. Thank you for the nudge.. Karianne sent me one too ;0) laura

  • Margie at

    I’m curious as to why the extensive built in cabinetry looks so much better. What was done to it to make it look lighter and cleaner. It was unattractive before, now it looks good. What happened?

  • Sue at

    If I could only have you for one day!

  • Karen H. at

    Beautiful makeover Michael! The wall, the colors and furnishings make it so cozy and welcoming. You should feel proud of this transformation. I’m sure the senior community feels very blessed with your work. Your mom gets kudos too!

  • Lisa at

    Your talent and generosity of spirit being such joy to so many! What a beautiful job you did on this project! And bravo to Pottery Barn and Sherwin-Williams Williams for their sponsorship that helped you transform this space.

  • Susan Atkinson at

    Michael, you really transformed this space! It’s absolutely beautiful and so much more welcoming than the before pictures. You possess a wonderful gift for space and design, and the fact that you invested in this space for others says a lot about you and your caring heart for others!! Thanks for sharing. I feel blessed to follow you!!

  • Effie at

    What a great job! A much more relaxed & calming environment.

  • Shellie at

    LOVE the mountains!

  • Kim R at

    What a beautiful space!! The mural is a wonderful focal point and something I would like to steal some time in the future. I love the color selections. I’m very impressed that Pottery Barn contributed so generously. The seniors are blessed to have this place to gather. Bless you and your mom for being so generous with your time.

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