Basement Stairwell Makeover: The Before

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For the past several posts, I probably spoiled you with all of the pretty pictures. Be warned: that ends today (but hopefully only for today).

This month all of us on Lowe’s Creative Blogger Team have been challenged to tackle a basement project. Although I haven’t really started any work, I’ve already made at a few trips to Lowe’s for supplies.

Basement Stairwell Makeover: The Before | Inspired by Charm

The space I’m making over is the little stairway that leads from the main floor of my house to the basement. I’m pretty sure I’ve only showed this space one other time (back when I had my exterior doors replaced). As with most makeovers, things tend to look bad at the beginning and much better at the end.

Basement Stairwell Makeover: The Before | Inspired by Charm

I’ve been wanting to repaint this space for the longest time, and thanks to this particular Lowe’s Challenge, I’m finally going to do it! When my house served as a B&B, the door to this space was always closed. Now, that it’s my home, it’s open all of of the time because the litter box for my cats is in the basement. Not only do I see this space every time I go to the basement, but I see it whenever I walk through this area.

Here’s the plan. Basically everything will be repainted – ceiling, walls, woodwork (currently gray), and even the floor (currently red). Painting isn’t so terrible. However, there is a lot (and I mean a LOT) of prep work that must be done before I can paint. And, as you know, I hate prep work, so it’s going to a bit of a nightmare. Lots of the molding needs fixed, holes filled, tons of sanding, etc.

Basement Stairwell Makeover: The Before | Inspired by Charm

For some reason, the previous owners painted the woodwork and trim gray when the rest of the house is white. They also used a high gloss paint. So, in addition to sanding, I picked up some deglosser to help prep the surface for the white paint. The floor will get deglosser, too. Then, after a coat of primer, I should be set for painting.

Basement Stairwell Makeover: The Before | Inspired by Charm

Basement Stairwell Makeover: The Before | Inspired by Charm

Regarding colors for the space: I picked out two from Valspar. For the walls, I went with Green Highland. For the floors, I chose Cathedral Stone. The trim and wainscoting will be white like the rest of the house. These colors look great together and work well with the rest of the colors in my home. The floor color also blends nicely with the carpeting in the hall.

I have some crown molding left from my master bedroom project so I may put molding in the space as well. I’d like to eventually put it in the main hallway, so I think that will help to tie everything together.

Basement Stairwell Makeover: The Before | Inspired by Charm

In terms of decor, this will probably be pretty low key. I’d like to get some art work and maybe a few hooks to hang coats. And of course, a super cool sconce to replace the one barely hanging on the wall.

Basement Stairwell Makeover: The Before | Inspired by Charm

That’s the plan, friends. As much as I dread all of the work, I’ll be so happy to see it finished. Plus, I’m excited to be taking you along on yet another makeover adventure.

What new projects are you working on in your home?

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Inspired By Charm

This post was created as part of my collaboration with the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Network.  As always, all of the opinions, thoughts, and ideas in this post are my own.

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  2. Isn’t it crazy how we let places like this sit with no attention, even though they are used so often? I guess it is because adding a little beauty here would be for our own enjoyment, since I’m sure you don’t take your guest to the basement for a visit! Plus, it is really just a pass through area….you don’t spend time here because you are on your way to somewhere else in the house. I’m excited to see how it all comes together. Before long it will look like it matches the rest of your home!