Basement Renovation Update: Painting and Plumbing

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It’s been two months since my last basement renovation update, so I’m taking you back downstairs to show you the progress that I’ve made on this renovation.

Since we last checked in, the space has been painted and the plumber has worked his magic to give me a functioning washer and dryer again along with two sinks.

Let me show you the progress.

Basement Renovation: Painting

Friends, the painting is FINISHED!!

Can you even believe the difference? (Check out the before photos here if you need a reminder.) Overall, it’s a whole new space and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Basement Renovation Update: Painting and Plumbing #basement #makeover #renovation #studio

Basement Renovation Update: Painting and Plumbing #basement #makeover #renovation #studio

Because the scope of this project had a massive amount of prep work, I did hire it out to local painters. They did an amazing job. What took them a couple of weeks to complete would have taken me months.

Many of you were asking about painting the paneling. The painters did give the paneling a coat of primer (details below) before it was painted.

Wondering about the flooring? I shared all the details in this post HERE.

Basement Renovation Update: Painting and Plumbing #basement #makeover #renovation #studio

Here is the breakdown of the paint:

I realize that white is a bit “boring” but I did it with intention. First, I wanted to brighten up this space as much as possible. Second, since this is going to function as my art studio, I suspect that in time it will be filled with art, paint, and other creative endeavors. I wanted those things to shine and knew that white would be the perfect backdrop.

Mission accomplished.

Basement Renovation Update: Painting and Plumbing #basement #makeover #renovation #studio

I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. It’s amazing what paint can do. This space went from dated, dark, orange, and dirty to clean, fresh, bright, and light!

Basement Renovation: Plumbing

As thrilled as I was to see the space painted, I was equally excited to get the plumber here. Between the floors and painting, I went about 2 months without a washer and dryer.

Basement Renovation Update: Painting and Plumbing #basement #makeover #renovation #studio

The plumber reworked and repaired old water lines, installed a new laundry sink, and reinstalled my washer and dryer. Woot! Woot!

If you remember from the “before,” there used to be a built-in bar with a sink in my basement. I decided to take advantage of that area and turn it all into a studio sink. I started with this great vintage cabinet that I found and had the plumber add this vessel sink and faucet to it. It’s already being put to use and it’s been so nice to have a sink for cleaning up paint and brushes as I create art in this space.

Basement Renovation Update: Painting and Plumbing #basement #makeover #renovation #studio

I will say that I’m not sure a vessel sink was the best choice. I found that splashing is more of an issue with a vessel sink which isn’t ideal for cleaning up heavily pigmented paints. I have a feeling that this back wall will eventually be speckled with paint splatters. A more standard drop-in sink might have been a better choice for my needs.

Either way, I’m thrilled to have sinks and functioning appliances again. So what’s next on the basement renovation to-do list?

What’s Next:

The next big task is storage and plenty of it.


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I think it’s been three months since I’ve been able to park in my garage. That is because everything that was in the basement is being stored in the garage for the time being. This past week I went through these items and I spent time cleaning and organizing. I also packed a few of things up to donate. I made just enough space to move my car into the garage before a snowstorm blew into town!

However, the garage is still a crowded disaster area because of all the random junk that had been stored in the basement. While my basement space will primarily be a creative studio, I still need ample storage space for those random items that don’t have a home elsewhere. For me, this would be extra home decor, kitchen accessories (slow cookers, seasonal baking pans, etc.), photography props, and a few other odds and ends.

My plan is to do a mix of built-ins and furniture pieces to create storage areas. Here are some of the details:

Basement Renovation Update: Painting and Plumbing #basement #makeover #renovation #studio

In the photo above, I plan to build a closet in the little nook to the left. It’s the perfect space for a built-in closet and should be something I can build on my own.

Next to the sink (in the same photo), I’m going to use two of THESE cupboard cabinets. They will fit into this area perfectly. In fact, they are already here, set into place, and I’m LOVING them. (I just need to get them leveled and installed before I can use them.)

Basement Renovation Update: Painting and Plumbing #basement #makeover #renovation #studio

On this wall (pictured above) I’m going to install three of THESE lower cabinets and top them with wood countertops. I’ll then run at least one shelf above for added storage. I’d like to do two shelves, but the ceiling is particularly low here so I’ll have to wait until the cabinets are in to decide if I have room for a second shelf.

Basement Renovation Update: Painting and Plumbing #basement #makeover #renovation #studio

On this wall to the right of the door, I’m going to put a large vintage cabinet. I scored the perfect piece that will be ideal for the space. It will be getting a good cleaning, sanding, and a fresh coat of paint before being put it into place.

Basement Renovation Update: Painting and Plumbing #basement #makeover #renovation #studio

In the photo above, the door in the picture leads to my garage. This is how I come and go 95% of the time. To the right of the door is my main water shut-off valve. This was previously built into a cute little cabinet, so I plan to do the same here. In fact, I’m going to run a bench along this wall and create a little area for shoes, coats, etc. It’s a small space, but I want to maximize its functionality.

Basement Renovation Update: Painting and Plumbing #basement #makeover #renovation #studio

In the laundry room, I’m going to put a shelf that runs along the wall above the sink, washer, and dryer. I also may install some sort of upper cabinet to hide the dryer vent. (On a non-storage-related note, I also want to hide the other pipes behind the washer and the black HVAC line running along the ceiling and upgrade the light fixture.)

Basement Renovation Update: Painting and Plumbing #basement #makeover #renovation #studio

Basement Renovation Update: Painting and Plumbing #basement #makeover #renovation #studio

I plan to install some extra shelving wherever I can throughout the space, but I’ll wait to do that; I want to first see how I’m using the space so I can better determine my needs.

Basement Renovation Update: Painting and Plumbing #basement #makeover #renovation #studio

I also need to tackle these stairs. I thought they were going to be an easy project, but I discovered that this is a layer of adhesive under the runner that needs removed. I’m kicking myself for not having the flooring guys tackle it as I assume they would be much quicker than me. Oh well! It will be a good winter project I suppose. You can check out my Pinterest board for this space HERE to see how I want the stairs to look once finished.

Wow. That was a lot of information. I’m not sure you needed or wanted all of that info, but there you have it. I suppose it’s more of a to-do list for myself.

That’s it for now!

Consider yourself officially updated!

Other than trying to get my garage organized, I’m not in a huge rush for any of this to come together. Since the painting is finished and the plumbing is fixed, I’ve started using this space in my house and I’m enjoying it! Remember the abstract art gift tags I made for Christmas? I made them right down here in this area. It was a joy!

I’m so glad I’m revamping my basement; it is becoming such a gift. I can’t wait to share more with you. Stay tuned.

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  1. It’s coming along quite nicely. How exciting to think about how much you will enjoy using it when it’s finished. Seeing the cabinet bases reminded me…we added a cabinet in my basement craft/sewing room and needed a top for it. We found the perfect one at a Habitat Restore. It has a Formica top with a rounded edge. My husband just had to cut off one end to make it the perfect size (around 44″ long). We only paid $15 for it! It’s not a top/design I would choose for a “main space” but for our purposes it is perfect. So for a basement workroom, you might think about checking in resale shops or architectural salvage stores such as Restore.

  2. Thanks for posting this update! I’ve been wondering how the renovation was going! I enjoy your blog so much! You have such a beautiful style.

  3. Happy New Year! I am loving following along with your basement renovation. Would love to update our basement, which also has low ceilings, so I am getting some inspiration from you

  4. Hi. I’m so glad you did not paint the brick, it adds such warmth. I agree that white paint was the way to go. It’s great that you caught the water & termite damage before it worsened. And the floor is cool and practical. I would love to see some of the art you create in this beautiful new space. Happy New Year!