Mixed with Honeycrisp apples, pecorino Romano cheese, pine nuts, and dried currants, this Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad has become one of my favorite side salad recipes. I think you’re going to love it too!

The combination of flavors is just spot on. Here’s why: – The brussels sprouts lend a fresh earthiness. – The apples and currants add a tart sweetness. – The pecorino Romano cheese is creamy and salty. – The pine nuts add crunch and toastiness.

This is a salad recipe that can be served all year long, but I especially love it in the fall when you can get delicious, in-season apples.


Brussels sprouts pine nuts dried currants pecorino Romano cheese Honeycrisp apple Dressing: virgin olive oil lemon juice pure maple syrup dijon mustard garlic powder kosher salt black pepper

In a large bowl, add the sliced Brussels sprouts, pine nuts, dried currants, cubed pecorino Romano cheese, and chopped Honeycrisp apples.


In a small bowl, prepare the dressing by whisking together the extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, maple syrup, dijon mustard, garlic powder, salt, and pepper.


Pour the dressing onto the salad and toss gently. Combine until well mixed and everything is coated with the dressing.


If you’re looking for a delicious seasonal side or fall salad recipe, you need to give this Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad recipe a try! You won’t be disappointed.

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