Fall Pasta Salad is a thing! And boy is it delicious. This Fall Harvest Pasta Salad combines all the flavors of fall for one epic and easy fall entertaining recipe.

My inspiration for this Fall Harvest Pasta Salad was this bag of colorful pasta from HomeGoods. The variety of colors made me think of autumn. I also love this type of pasta, known as Cellentani (corkscrew), because the curls and hollow centers hold lots of yummy sauce.


sweet potatoes olive oil Salt and black pepper multi-colored pasta broccoli dried cranberries pine nuts red onion poppy seed dressing goat cheese

If you can’t find this specific type of pasta, don’t worry. Any tricolored or multi-colored pasta will work just fine.

All of the other ingredients in this salad are fall-inspired ones that work well together. The dried cranberries are great for adding just a touch of tart sweetness.

I also love any excuse to use toasted pine nuts. They add a nutty crunch which is so good in any pasta salad.

For the dressing, I opted for a store-bought poppy seed. You can use your favorite brand or mix up your own. With its slightly creamy quality, this dressing worked extremely well and tasted delicious.

Speaking of goat cheese, since it’s a softer cheese, you’ll want to mix it in last to keep the crumbles intact.

Give this recipe a try! Tap the link for the full recipe details.