Cottontail Martini 

With it’s delightful coconut flavor and an adorable marshmallow tail, this Cottontail Martini is the perfect Easter cocktail idea.

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Why You Love This Recipe

It’s delicious – As I mentioned above, the coconut flavor really reminds me of Easter, plus there’s a hint of a fresh tropical twist. So good! Really simple to make – Shaking up a delicious martini doesn’t need to be difficult. You’ll be able to put this together in no time allowing you to spend more time hunting Easter eggs.

Cute as a button –  I bet you never had a martini with a marshmallow “cotton tail.”


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Here's What You'll Need

- whipped or vanilla vodka - coconut rum - half and half - cream of coconut - pineapple juice - honey - sweet coconut -marshmellow


For garnish of this Easter cocktail, start by rimming a martini glass with coconut. To help the coconut stick, give it a quick chop before using it. I also prefer to use honey as the “glue.” That seems to work best. Set this aside.


Fill the cocktail shaker with ice. Top with  the whipped vodka, coconut rum, half and half, cream of coconut, and pineapple juice.

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