What Is A Tulipiere?

If you’re looking for a beautiful, easy, and interesting way to arrange flowers, look no further than a Tulipiere. In this post, I’m explaining what it is, where to get one, and how to use it.

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So you’re probably wondering, what is a tulipiere? In simplest terms, it’s a vase for tulips. They were invented back in Holland back in the 1600s. At that point in time tulips were considered very precious and thus expensive and valuable.

They became a status symbol. The tulipiere was created with numerous holes or short spouts and a central water source and was used to display flowers. Experts vary in opinion on how they were originally used.

Originally, tulipieres varied in size from petite to tall pyramids that would actually sit on the floor. While you can still purchase a variety of shapes and sizes, most of the ones that I have seen are smaller, tabletop varieties.

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Where to Buy

If you’re looking for the most traditional variety, you’ll want Delftware or Delft pottery (also known as Delft Blue). These are made in Delft, Holland.

My first recommendation is to visit the Heinen Delfts Blauw store on Etsy.  These tulipieres are my personal favorites. While I prefer the solid white varieties, the traditional blue and white ones are available too.

What Flowers Can I Use in a Tulipiere?

While tulipieres were obviously designed for tulips, they can be used with other flower varieties as well. I personally prefer the look of a single bloom variety flower, but you can certainly have fun with it and use what you love.

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