If you’re looking for the merriest of martinis. This Very Merry Ornamentini is it! Who wouldn’t love a Christmas ornament cocktail?

Following some experimentation and decision making, the perfect seasonal martini recipe was born. Thus, I present to you the Very Merry Ornamentini!


vodka orange liqueur cherry juice cranberry juice orange juice sugared cranberries rosemary sprigs

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously.

Using a funnel, pour the mixture into four 3-inch clear glass ornaments that have been rinsed. Replace the topper on each ornament.

Add sugared cranberries and a rosemary sprig to four martini glasses. Set the ornament in the glass to serve. Before drinking, slowly pour the contents of the ornament onto the cranberries.

These martinis do take a little longer to prepare, but they can be made in advance. Mix up the cocktails several hours before your party and portion them into the ornaments. Pop them in the refrigerator and pull them out when it’s serving time.

Give this recipe a try! Tap the link for the full recipe details.