Oatmeal Cookie Shot

Want a shot recipe that tastes just like a cookie? Then this Oatmeal Cookie Shot is for you! Made with butterscotch schnapps, Irish cream liqueur, and cinnamon whiskey, this recipe is a delightful celebration or after-dinner treat.

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Why You’ll Enjoy This Recipe

It’s delicious. This could be reason enough to love this recipe. For the record, my mom had an oatmeal cookie shot and she loved it too. It’s unique. I love the garnish here. It makes this shot recipe stand out and feel special. It’s made with bar staples. When I went to make this recipe, I thought I would need to run to the liquor store, but it turned out I had everything I needed in my bar cart. Love that.

It tastes just like an oatmeal cookie.


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Here's What You'll Need

- butterscotch schnapps - Irish cream liqueur - cinnamon whiskey - caramel sauce and oatmeal cookie crumbs to garnish


Start by preparing your shot glass. Dip a side or the edge of your shot glass into the caramel sauce, then into the oatmeal cookie crumbs. Set aside.


To a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add the butterscotch schnapps, Irish cream liqueur, and cinnamon whiskey. Shake vigorously.

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