Halloween Cocktail Recipes

The perfect cocktail sets the mood for any party you host. For Halloween parties, you need something with a festive color, design, flair, and flavor! These spooktacular cocktail recipes are all that and more.

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Easy Halloween Cocktails

Bellinis, ciders, vodka drinks, and mules – even basic mixologists can serve and prepare these seasonal Halloween cocktail recipes. Most of the drinks on this list only have a few ingredients.

All of them are the perfect things to serve (and drink) in the fall and autumn months.

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Cider and Maple Old Fashioned

This cocktail is perfect for anyone that thinks typical old fashioned drinks are too strong.

Peach Raspberry Bellini

These lovely fall drinks are ideal for a fall brunch. The deep orange and red colors mimic the foliage that’s turning colors outside.

Apple Pie Sangria

Diced red and white apples float in the copper mugs along with whole cinnamon sticks.

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