Farrow & Ball Pigeon No. 25

Looking for a pretty shade that is far from ordinary? Take a look at Farrow & Ball Pigeon, a neutral blue-grey (with hints of green) that transforms based on your space. 

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Pigeon is one of Farrow and Ball’s most popular paint colors, and for good reason. This supposed “neutral” adds a touch of color that elevates pretty much any space.

Farrow & Ball Pigeon No. 25

While it’s toted as a “cozy and nostalgic blue-grey,” Pigeon has a shapeshifting color that morphs throughout different spaces and light exposures.

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What color is Farrow and Ball Pigeon No.25?

This is a tough question to answer! While it’s labeled (and used) as a lovely blue-grey or neutral, Farrow and Ball Pigeon looks surprisingly green when swatched.


No color is just “blue-grey” – several colors go into making this special shade.


While LRV is not always considered when choosing a new paint color, it can make a big difference in a space—don’t forget to consider it!

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