Cozy Fall Mantel Decor Ideas

Welcome to my home! I’m inviting you back into my living room to share with you some cozy fall mantel decor ideas. These simple ideas will help you get your home ready for stepping into the autumn season.

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Why You’ll Love These Ideas

Sustainable & Budget-Friendly: By focusing on using items you already own, these ideas prioritize sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

The Warmth of Nostalgia

Cozy Fall Mantel Decor Ideas

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Incorporating Fall Colors

The existing colors in this room are navy and green so I kept those colors and added in some warmer, cozier amber tones.

For the bookcases, I kept things mostly the same with a few minor changes. First, I swapped out some of the brighter teal and green books for brown and orange books.

From there I added in a few small pumpkins, a large bowl of pinecones/potpourri, and some more amber bottles.

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