Christmas Tree

Frosty Modern Flocked Christmas Tree

Ever wondered how to blend tradition with modern elegance? Check out this frosty flocked Christmas tree adorned with a modern monochromatic theme.

Where to start?

It started with this fun and festive flocked tree, then it made the cover of BHG’s Christmas Idea Magazine!

It was one of my favorite trees (and still is)! I think it needs to make a comeback one of these days.

Frosty Modern Flocked Christmas Tree

The entire inspiration for this tree came from a box of glass ornaments I spotted at TJ Maxx, a mesmerizing mix of golds, greens, and teals.

Design Inspiration

Christmas Tree Decorations

Ribbon There’s something magical about ribbons on a Christmas tree.

Absolutely love. It’s still tucked away with all my treasured Christmas decor.

Felt Ball Garland

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