Arranging Tulips: Tips and Tricks for Gorgeous Arrangements

As you might know, I’m a bit of a flower enthusiast. While I have no formal flower arranging training, I’ve been doing it for years and have even spent some time working in a flower shop.

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Where to Buy Tulips

PetalDriven: The tulips I’m using for this post are from PetalDriven. PetalDriven is a go-to for me when I need a lot of flowers. Grocery Store: If you just need a dozen or two, I recommend picking them up at the grocery store. Local Flower Shop: Your local flower shop is always a great source for beautiful blooms. You may tend to pay a bit more, but it’s always nice to support a local business.

What’s the Best Vase?

For tulips, I really don’t think it matters too much. When I’m doing a flower arrangement I generally think it’s easier to work with a smaller opening.

Try a Tulipiere

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And let’s not forget my all-time favorite: a tulipiere! Have you ever heard of one of these magical “self-arranging” vases? If not, you’re in luck because I have an entire post dedicated to them. Consider it a mini crash course in tulipieres: what they are, how to use them, and my favorite ones.

How to Arrange

Start by removing your tulips from their packaging. Discard and recycle any paper or plastic.

Fill a clean vase about 1/3 full with room temperature water. Tulips tend to do best in shallow water.

Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut off at least 1 inch of the tulip stem and then place it directly into the water.

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