5+ DIY Modern Flower Arrangements

I’m sharing my tips, tricks, and ideas for creating easy and beautiful modern flower arrangements for your home. Learn how to arrange tulips, peonies, mini bouquets, monochromatic arrangements, and more!

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With a few floral projects in mind, earlier this week I went shopping. I found gorgeous spring flowers in Pittsburgh where I live: tulips, hyacinths, ranunculus, and hydrangeas the size of my head. Into my cart, all of them went.

5+ DIY Modern Flower Arrangements

I haven’t had any formal floral design training , but I have picked up a few tricks and ideas here and there that might interest you.

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Where to Buy Flowers

- Your Own Backyard - Grocery Store - Local Flower Shop - PetalDriven

The Best Vases

– footed glass vase – white pitcher – cylinder vase – clear round vase – recycled jar vase

Arranging Tulips

For this arrangement, I decided to do something simple but bold. I filled the vase with 48 or so tulips. Just tulips.

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