No-Fail Tips for Styling a Beautiful Bookcase

Do you have a bookcase or shelving unit in your home that just never seems to look “right”? Well, you’re in luck today because I’m walking you through my no-fail tips for styling a bookcase. Through this process, I’m also going to show you how I decorated one of my bookcases.

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No-Fail Tips for Styling a Bookcase

I do follow a few “rules” when it comes to getting the look I want in a bookcase/shelving unit. Here are the elements I keep in mind: function, color, shape, texture, spacing, botanical, bling, and personal.

My Go-To Styling Tips

- Function - Color  - Shape  - Texture / Pattern  - Spacing  - Botanical - Bling


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I wanted to use this bookcase for storing books and miscellany. It’s close to my kitchen so it needs to double as a wine rack. My overall goal is to balance storage and décor.


Here I used greens, teals, and blues. These are the colors I have in the rest of the room. I pulled in neutrals as well (black, white, and wood) because they coordinate with details in the space.


A bookcase full of square items is probably going to be a bit boring. To break up the sharp lines of my bookcase, I added elements with different shapes – my bunch of grapes, tree sculpture, and round pots and vases. This keeps things interesting!

Texture / Pattern

Things like plants, baskets, and wood are great for adding texture. Incorporate them throughout your bookcase to create different surfaces.

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