My Charming Home Decor Collections 

I don’t know about you, but I’m a visual learner. In order for me to grasp the fullness of a concept/idea, it is helpful for me to be able to see it firsthand. While I’ve shared a few of my collections throughout this series, I wanted to gather them all in one place to make it easy for you when you’re hunting down inspiration.

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Sources and Where To Buy

I also added a line to each post to help guide you on where to find some of the items. While a lot of the sources are similar, under each collection I did link to the specific search terms that I used when searching for these items to make it really easy for you. As I was gathering all of these links it was REALLY HARD not to shop because I found plenty of things I wanted to add to my cart. My love of collections is real.


Let’s start by talking about some of my collections that are mostly just for decorative purposes. (Though, some of them double as functional items too.) These collections are throughout my home and they bring me joy when I see them.

Paint By Numbers

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I don’t know what it is about vintage Paint By Numbers (PBN) artwork, but I just LOVE it. This collection started with one piece that I purchased while on a trip to Round Top, Texas. Long-time IBC followers might remember that this piece originally hung above the kitchen sink in my Pittsburgh apartment.


If Paint By Numbers isn’t your jam, a collection of any style of artwork you love could be a great option. I collect two different styles of art in addition to the PBN.

Salt & Pepper Shakers

This was another accidental collection. When I finished my kitchen renovation, I was looking for some quirky items to add to the shelves in my pantry. I happened upon a set of football player shakers and since the fall season was just around the corner, I knew they would be the perfect fit.


While most of these are merely decorative, I have used some of them for storage. In fact, all of my out-of-season salt and pepper shakers are stored within them. I’ve also used some of these tins for storing my art supplies and have even made some into little artist palettes.

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