Marshmallow Wreath 

How to Make a Marshmallow Wreath

Dive into the holiday spirit with this easy DIY Marshmallow Wreath!

Why You’ll Love This Project

First off, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably always on the hunt for handmade holiday projects that don’t require a PhD in Crafting.

No fancy tools or skills required.

How to Make a Marshmallow Wreath

– styrofoam wreath form – toothpicks – marshmallows – ribbon


Step 1

Start with your wreath form. You can use any size you like. This is a 10-inch form.

Grab your marshmallows and toothpicks. For this size wreath, I needed almost 3 standard-sized bags of marshmallows and I used standard double-sided toothpicks.

Step 2

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