DIY Dried Flower Napkin Rings

This is an easy project that creates stunning results. If you’re looking to dress up a tablescape in a pretty and handcrafted way, this tutorial is for you.

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Flower Napkin Rings You Can Make:

With a bunch of flowers blooming in my yard, I knew that this project would be an easy and beautiful way to add color and life to my fall tablescape. I think it worked!

DIY Dried Flower Napkin Rings

It adds a handmade touch.

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It provides a pop of color. I wanted to add a sense of joy and life to my fall table; color was one of the ways I planned to do that. As you can see, these napkin rings really pop!

Dried Flowers:

I cut off the blooms about 3 weeks before I used them and just put them in a bowl to dry. This worked well for me.

Vine Covered Wire:

Next, you’ll need a ring to hold your napkin and to glue your flowers to. I found this vine covered wire to be the most natural-looking option.

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