This Cream Puff Cake is a light and fluffy dessert that just might become your new favorite sweet recipes for spring and summer.

It’s light and simple to make, but don’t let that fool you. It’s oh-so-good!


water unsalted butter all-purpose flour salt eggs cream cheese vanilla pudding milk whipped topping

The crust bakes up similar to a Dutch baby (German) pancake. It will puff up and rise at the sides.

The filling is a combination of vanilla pudding and cream cheese, and the cake is topped with Cool Whip.

Once you’ve assembled everything, just pop the cake into the fridge and you’re good to go. You can make it one or even two days in advance, and it will taste just as good.

The combination of flavors is yummy, and the crust is killer. You could certainly dress this up with fruit or a drizzle of chocolate, however, I think it’s perfect as is.

Since it’s served cold, it makes a great option for spring and summer. No matter when or how you serve it, enjoy!

Want to try this delicious dessert? Click the link for the full recipe.